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  1. I bought a Eureka at Sam's Club for $99 last year under duress (company arriving the next day!). Their promo in the store claimed they "sucked" better than the leading one for 4 times the price. I've always had "good" vacuums buying based on the Consumer Reports testing, but this one is the best I have EVER used. I had spilled some red embossing powder on my tan carpet years ago.... at least 5? I've vacuumed it over and over and it just was always a red stain remaining. ONE PASS with this thing, and it is GONE. GONE i tell you!!! On my HS group recently someone was needing to replace a dyson
  2. Bumping because I had to find something and it was in this list!

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    I have the following for sale, from a non-smoking home. Most of the items are new, some are used partially. I would prefer to sell this as a whole lot, $60 ppd (media mail, unless flat rate is cheaper). Insurance is not included, you can pay for it if you want though! 2006 WP Ready to Learn *schedule, 2 weeks have small notations of page numbers * Science Play by Jill Frankel Hauser, **brand new condition * Math Play by Diane McGowan and Mark Schrooten. **brand new condition * Sing! Play! Create! by Lisa Boston, **brand new condition * WOW! I'm Reading! by Jill Frankel Hauser, **brand new condition * Art Starts for Little Hands! by Judy Press, **brand new condition * Young Learner's Bible Storybook by Dr. Mary Manz Simon, **brand new condition Rod & Staff PreK books (**brand new condition) * Bible Pictures to Color * Do It Carefully * Everywhere We Go * Finding the Answers **** I have the Bible storybook here somewhere - I saw it in my 8yo's hands last week. Which might mean I can't put my hands on it until she gets home... or never! LOL!! Study Time Publishers PreK booklets (**brand new condition) * Color, Count, and Cut - An Activity Colorbook for four year olds * Doing My Best - A Preschool Activity Book Kumon My Book of Coloring (Ages 2*3*4), brand new, except binding but off the edge C-Rod Picture books, these use the rods to build pictures. Purchased from ROCK Solid for $10.97 each. I will put the binding back on the On the Farm book - the combs are actually too small and put on backwards so when you turn the pages they come out - so says the person that used to get paid to bind things at Kinko's back in the day! :) ) * Around the Town, 34 fun pictures * On the Farm, 34 fun pictures Abeka PreK - all these are missing pages, some more than others. But, if you have a craft loving Prek'er, you know anything you can throw at them will be useable! * Letters & Sounds 45268009, appears to be missing pages 1-6 * Number & Skills with Button Bear 45241009, appears to be missing pages 1-26 (141 pages total) * Arts & Crafts with Amber Lamb 45276009, appears to be missing pages 1-53 (138 pages total) * Child Art 44946009, appears to be missing pages 1-38 (65 pages total) Bonus - while looking one last time for the R&S Bible book, I came across the Sonlight 2003 Read to Me Guide.


  4. yahoo!!!! I didn't know you were buying it for her :P
  5. A lot of can't be "cured" - you can't rewire the brain in a lot of ways. But, there are methods that help, and some items have shown better results the next time a person is tested. It just depends. Right now we are working mainly on retrieval of info, trying to get it more automatic. I posted this week on the Special Needs forum a few things we are doing in Speech (Language) Therapy. The other part is that you have a diagnosis and can get accommodations when/if needed. Like i said for my oldest it's not a major deal (especially at home - would be huge at a school as she suffers w
  6. I fought this for years with the ENTs - i said she had a problem, even they didn't want to go there. I requested the testing - you can only know with a test by an Audiologist - and ha, i was right. A good book on it is, "When the Brain Can't Hear". http://pages.cthome.net/cbristol/capd-idx.html Is another good site with links - some are broken, but the listing of audiologists by state should/might help. My DD with sever CAPD - was "diagnosed" with ADD by a Behavioral & Developmental Ped. IT was a bunk diagnosis... he 100% relied on his checklist and refused to read th
  7. Looks like something Miss M would like! (if it's the one linked). She is still playing with the Dance and Twirl castle she got last year. They put playmobile people with it too - but i'd be apt to buy something playmobile over more little people at this point. Maybe. I love little people though! LOL!!
  8. I will tell you you are fine! Although, i would say year 1 with a baby would be an easier time to start something - instead of after they are more mobile. Ie, "newborn" was easier than "toddler". So you might want to ponder that too.
  9. Wait, i thought you hadn't gotten the DVD yet? Or was it just that you had the wrong disk in? I'm anxious to hear how it's going - it's on my list to get (not near the top at the moment, the oldest needs her history books first).
  10. I spew it a lot it seems, but Auditory Processing Disorder is being shown to "mimic" ADD in a lot of cases (as in, many kids don't really have ADD/ADHD but have CAPD instead). If you haven't read on that you might to see if it fits. I've thought for years my oldest was ADD, but since getting a diagnosis of APD for the middle one, i realize that a lot of it is that in her. So i had her tested, and sure enough - she has a problem area. Here is one places to start reading: http://kidshealth.org/parent/medical/ears/central_auditory.html :grouphug:
  11. I've only been on low doses, but even on that.... i don't sleep after the first night. UGH. But it works awesome on my bug bite reactions!! :grouphug:
  12. Bwahahahahaha..... you so just explained some emails from a friend of mine! LOL! Thanks!!
  13. My STBXH has a similar feeling - but more, the school can "fix her" instead of private therapy. Missing the point totally what the school does. I'm pretty sure that getting her to TRY a grape today, and eating it - is so NOT what the school would be doing. He then said, "maybe it would have been caught sooner". Nope, i've known for years... we just didn't have insurance that would TREAT IT. So i've done the best i could. i'm sorry you are dealing with this, about your sons age I was able to figure out how to react to her better. As in NOT reacting. It's done a huge amount of good - but it
  14. I'd ask for a SPD/SID eval by an OT. Her reaction is a symptom of that in some areas, and she would go into "overload" totally. It's nothing to do with you at all, or her spending time with you. It's just her reaction. IS this the same ST she saw last year? :grouphug:
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