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  1. I used their hydration system. And totally broke out. My mom just tried their confidence system. It’s supposed to help regrow thinning hair. It’s been a couple months and she hasn’t seen results. Don’t know how long it’s supposed to take.
  2. I know one person who does but she recruits a lot of people (Has over 15000 on her team) and works a lot. She is big on encouraging her team to buy for themselves - you know live the whole YL essential oil lifestyle. I don't like that model - where you are trying to make money from your team buying for their own personal use.
  3. I use thred up cause it's easy. Full bag, put in mail. Done. I don't get much from my bags but it's worth it to me for the convenience. I love shopping thred up. I've gotten some great nwt workout gear.
  4. Slice them, freeze them on a baking sheet, then put frozen slices in a ziploc bag and keep in freezer. I put these on top of gratins in the winter and its heavenly. Dice them, freeze them on baking sheet and put the frozen diced tomatoes in ziploc. Use in chili or soups or jambalayas. So delish.
  5. When I say "shrimp" you say "grits!" :lol: :lol: :lol: You made my whole morning Umsami!!! Ive lived all over the Deep South and have never experienced this. Ive seen biblical childrens books in pediatricians offices in the Midwest too so I dont think that's regional. Now I have had the pediatrician let me know that if I didnt plan on vaccinating my kids I needed to find a new dr.
  6. I tried it to support a friend. Didn't do anything and it's expensive! Plus it took me multiple calls to get them to stop charging my card and sending me the stuff when I hadn't even signed up for autoship. Seriously their customer service stinks. Imo you can get better products at the store- at a lower cost and with less hassle.
  7. I grow veggies for my family too. I even raise and "harvest" our meat. I work three jobs and homeschool my youngest. Sure all of those things make me feel empowered. None of that has to do with a winged eyeliner. But yes, when I attempt something and accomplish it - even as something as superficial as eyeliner it gives me a boost. I feel better about myself and more confident when I think I look better. I can do my everyday full face in less than three minutes (no winged liner. Sheesh a winged liner would add 20 minutes.) Less time than it takes me to prepare the healthy meals I w
  8. Please share this magical style. I have long curly hair that is wild! I spend most my life with my hair pulled back in a messy high bun. I teach fitness classes and that style works best to keep it out of my way. The four or five times a year my hair looks good I love it. Sadly there seems to be no rhyme or reason to those days. So each morning I shower, put on miracle products that guarantee beautiful frizz free curls and hope. And each morning I have 5 hair ties on my wrist (cause I break them) to throw my hair up when it is 90% frizz. My sister calls my hair hurricane hair. lol!
  9. I didnt used to wear makeup but now I do. I like playing with it. Its a creative outlet for me - and Im not a very creative person. But I can use a diff lipstick or eyeliner and feel like I tried something new. I think of it as self care time too. Im worth investing 10 minutes a day to feel like I look better to me. Not for anyone else. My husband doesnt like makeup. My friends could care less. Im not trying to attract anyone. But dang it - when I get a winged eyeliner right I feel like I can take on the world. LOL!! Silly I know but there ya go. What deep psychological issue doe
  10. Yes! It is heartbreaking. She hasnt been able to communicate with so many of her friends who are stuck there.
  11. Thank you. They are all pretty shell shocked still. And my friend just found out that her breast cancer is back. :( Like she needs anything else to worry about. But she is a strong lady.
  12. Yall are so sweet to ask. She is in GA with her kids! Yay! It was a long and expensive process but she is here. And she is so thankful. As hard as it is for her to start her life here with nothing she knows it is so much better than what she was dealing with. Thank you for asking!
  13. My son is not a poetry fan. But this article sparked very interesting discussion and even further investigation. Voluntary historical and literary research and analysis on a holiday weekend? Score! "The Vietnam War may have reopened with special starkness the question of how to honor our fallen dead, but it is hardly a new problem in our history. As today’s disputes over the legacy of the Civil War and the Confederacy suggest, it has never been enough just to lament the sacrifice and carnage of our wars, whether successful or failed. We feel the need to honor the war dead but also t
  14. I've been in the fitness industry for two decades. (And saying that now I feel really old. Lol). I've seen lots of crazy that scares me. (Don't get me started on those thrive patches that have caused many women to get dizzy and almost pass out in classes and on the fit floor. Grrrr) I don't want insane fad or unhealthy anything. That's why I'd like to talk to someone who can give me some good, solid info source recs.
  15. Oh I wouldn't compete. Way too expensive and I don't have a huge desire which I think you need to commit to that. I'm just looking to up my odds for a job I'm auditioning for. Would your friend possibly share any good links on diet/exercising/supplements? I've checked out Bodybuilding.com and a few other sites but I feel that so many of them are just trying to sell stuff. I'd like boots in the ground info ya know?
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