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  1. Ooh, I should have said that I do that too. But I haven't been receiving as many packages/books lately, and I've had to resort to buying mailers more often than usual. Also, some of the things I receive are already in reused mailers, so I may or may not feel comfortable using it again. In general, though, reusing if you can does make the most sense! ETA: I've also bought manila envelopes at the dollar store for this purpose. I'll wrap the book in a plastic bag and slide in a piece of cardboard for sturdiness (so the whole envelope can't be squashed). The manila envelopes are usually c
  2. I'm too anal to use the plastic bag/two sheets of paper thing (I never mind if I receive them that way though!), so I buy smaller mailers at our dollar stores. I can usually find 3 for $1 or something like that. They're just the right size, and I don't have to mess with so much tape. It's a bit more expensive, but it saves me some headache :D
  3. This is an old thread, bumped up by a spam post. I'm in the same state as Karen, and I really hope she's not opening her pool yet! (Though it IS supposed to be over 60 degrees here today :svengo:) (And ants, of all things, caused the multiple holes in our pool liner. We treated the sand underneath and everything has been fine since then :D)
  4. I have that Crofton laminator and it has served me well for years. I don't laminate a ton (maybe every two or three months?), but I've never had any problems with it when I have needed it.
  5. Aw man! I wanted these last year but decided we weren't ready for them. Now we are, but I reeeeaaaaaally shouldn't spend the money! Does anyone know if there are samples of the student/teacher guides anywhere to be found?
  6. Aw, thanks! :D I've been off the board most of the week, so I just realized your Friend request was showing up in the corner :tongue_smilie:

  7. :lol: Actually, I'm still conversing on it! The girls just came in from 2.5 hours outside, and they complained when I called them in. That has NEVER happened. They climbed things and made fairy shelters and pretended to be camping and had snacks and ran races. Mission accomplished! Thanks for the input, everyone!
  8. I totally hear you. When I was a kid (as in, younger 11, before we moved), I had free range of the entire town, and it wasn't teeny tiny! I remember digging up daffodils in empty lots, riding my bike across town on a daily basis to the public pool, where we had no supervision aside from two lifeguards, jogging on the elevated and secluded train tracks in the early morning hours when I decided to take up jogging at age 9 (my parents had no clue! my mom almost had a heart attack when I mentioned that a few months ago--she was like, "Where the he!! were we???"). So much freedom... *sigh*
  9. No worries, it's an ongoing internal struggle for me, especially with spring coming :D I know all the statistics etc., but I still worry. It's hard not to when they're in your sight all the time typically! But yes, it's a safe neighborhood in terms of drugs/dogs/cars/access to water etc.
  10. I'm still reading though! :lol: As a matter of fact, they're headed out right now to take advantage of the sun and 50-degree temps. We've had lots of discussions, and I decided that, for the most part, the exercise and their desire to actually go OUT and play (which they aren't normally interested in) matter more than my fears. I leave the garage door open and the inside door cracked, and the front door open and storm door cracked so they have easy access to the house. I leave front and side windows open so I can hear them easily and I check on them frequently. I'll admit that I do st
  11. I'm only doing it for 1.5 kids too, but I still love it. I've tweaked some things, and realize some things I want to differently, but overall, it's working so well for us. I started out just putting math in a manila folder and everything else in the main folder. By about 6 weeks in, I realized I needed a manila folder for every subject, even if it's just a page or two, because it allows me to refile very quickly if we get off track in a subject. I also like having a postcard clipped to the front for certain things (like math, with lots of manipulatives and sheets for each week). We school
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