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  1. Vinegar works to remove scents here. To prevent the problem I send all sweaty people into the shower WITH their clothes. They rinse everything off, wring it out, and hang it to dry on the towel bar. They later toss it into the laundry when it is dry. With this system I can wash exercise clothing on cold with normal detergent.
  2. Look into scat mats. It doesn't "shock" kitty, but makes it uncomfortable for them to stand on the mat. If you place one in front of each door before bed kitty won't be able to scratch or enter.
  3. We are very loose with our salaried employees. They have set hours which they are responsible to work, but due to many factors those hours are not set in stone. As long as we are kept in the loop (we use a group calendar system, so we know where everyone is at all times) then everything is fine. It sounds like this employee may need to be switched to hourly. They may not like it, but it is within your rights as an employer to adjust their contract as needed. They would have a very high hourly rate if you just break up their current rate proportionately. Usually the system is to give a lower rate for everything up to 40 hours, and then make up the difference with a significantly higher rate for overtime. If they work the full 50 hours (which is what we usually get from salaried employees) then they should earn the same amount.
  4. Gardner's Art Through the Ages is the absolute best art history text. Yes it is expensive, but it is worth the money by far. The workbook is also good if your child is already experienced at drawing. For someone who needs more experience with artistic concepts, I like Drawing Upon Art because it is so interactive.
  5. I have a tendency to hyper-focus on either doing a single fun hands-on activity or perfecting one writing assignment to the detriment of everything else. The app Multitimer is the amazing. It helps me to remember that I planned to cover more than just one topic in a day. I use it to remind me to switch between students, or between topics.
  6. I should have said up front that I don't think it necessarily sounds like plagiarism (I can't know since I obviously haven't read the paper) - just trying to identify where the disconnect between your DH and the prof might be. Is there really no way to connect with the professor about a contested grade?
  7. I would assume that the professor isn't stating that there are too many quotes in the paper. Taking an stance on a topic requires finding appropriate quotes, and, most importantly, linking them together without just regurgitating the original author's statements. Your DH cited and then explained it in his own words, basically repeating the citation - I think this is where the professor is hung up. I'd make an appointment during the professor's office hours to go over the paper.
  8. Just learned that I apparently have an undergarment hoarding problem. Even if I subtract all of my workout specific garments, I still far exceed the norm here. Not going to feel bad. I like choices.
  9. Not completely nationwide, but they are in many states.
  10. An unlimited membership to Orange Theory. I love that I don't have to think about what exercise to do next, I just show up and the trainer bosses me around for an hour, hitting both cardio and strength, with individualized tweaks so that I don't have to worry about my fused spine. In particular, I love that I didn't need to know anything at all about equipment to get started (that was one of my biggest fears, and now I can't imagine life without my daily gym routine).
  11. What grade are you looking at? I would love to go back to BJU if the lectures were shorter! Their site has lesson times listed for each grade and course.
  12. The best way you can help your parents get out of this awful situation is to allow them to go bankrupt. That will give them the excuse they need to get out of the house, and move into an elder-care facility that brother can't follow them to. I don't know any legal details, but I believe it may even require the sale of the majority of their assets, and would therefore remove the guns from the equation. I am so sorry.
  13. Please don't take it personally. I edit material, and sometimes receive writing samples from friends. It isn't unusual for it to take me a week or more to get around to even opening documents. To be honest, sometimes I don't even open the body of the e-mail if the preview reveals that there is an attachment included that will require more than 5 min to handle.
  14. Hand out sticks of gum for good behavior, correct answers, or just basic showing up to class. It keeps your wigglers/sensory seekers occupied and rewards the behavior you want. Encourage physical interaction that doesn’t involve pencils. Sculpt your notes in clay one week, sketch them in pastels another, and twist them into pipe cleaners etc. The physical interaction increases their brain’s attentiveness to whatever they are hearing, and focusing intently on one image helps commit it to memory. (There are studies backing this method. I’ll try to pop back later with links) Show your enthusiasm, not your annoyance. Kids can read our faces like books. It they feel like you are displeased, they have no motivation for doing well. If things start going south, join the chaos. Announce, “I need everyone to yell Vermeer as loud as possible!†or “Okay, up! Three laps around the table as quick as possible. Go!†The abrupt change gives them a physical release from boredom and/or stress, interrupts any side conversations they may have been having, and gets everyone focused back on you. Split them into groups and give them 5/10 min to work with a partner of their choice - with each group having a separate topic. Then hold your tongue while the timer ticks down and let them get off track if they choose. Their oral reports of their findiings may reveal that some of those kids you thought were in outer space were actually just processing things differently. Consider ditching the table. It sounds constrining in your particular situation.
  15. nope - I contacted them with the same question, and was told that there is no way to navigate directly to the teaching lessons. The review and endless games are required.
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