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  1. All Michigan k-12 closed for 3 weeks.
  2. This would be sil to him also, not sister. His sister would never.
  3. There was a portion ($80) that was attributed to dn23. I gave her that because I'm not sure she was aware that she was footing that big a take and I also know she was the heart & soul decorator. I didn't want her drug into any chaos that might spring up. Now I'm left to handle the rest & principal with sil.
  4. She gave her dd's shower which I thought odd. But no. This kind of thing hasn't happened before. I don't know if she requested $ help from anyone else or even shower help at all. It was planned at a time family would be in town but did not take into consideration that my close friends and dd's closest friends would be out of town for holidays.
  5. Well, it won't happen again because I will cause major discussions to happen when the next event comes up. I truly don't want to deal with fall out between this particular sil & dh. We are finally on good ground again after something totally not related to this over 10years ago.😞
  6. Yes. I paid for room. Thinking someone might reimburse me but was totally ok if not.
  7. I was so stunned at the moment and I think my dd would be mortified. Moving out of country sounds good.
  8. Yeah! DH was SO blown away by the thought, decor, food, etc. To the point he sent texts and was so grateful for show of love. I CAN NOT tell him abt this without it causing "stuff." This is his side of family.
  9. Nothing was EVER said to me about expense. They did tell me how they were decorating & asked if I had stuff around house that would fit that style.
  10. ***please don't quote as I will probably delete***
  11. Just in case you or yours has been prescribed this. Pharma USA%2C Inc. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Mirtazapine Tablets&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua
  12. Exactly what i said after watching it. I loved what it said about him as a man. Inspiring!
  13. I figured it out by myself, if that tells you anything😃. I'm not techy by nature.
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