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  1. My mom, the eternal optimist, is so down and despondent. I've never seen or heard her like this. 😧
  2. FYI We are having mice issues for 1st time. So is my sil, 2.5hrs away. The hardware guy said a lot of people are this year. Doesn't help with your particular mouse issue but helps to know it isn't just at my house.
  3. Thank you for the review. I've often wondered but, since I don't have a great love for baking, hesitated to take the chance. I'll just continue to let it be lovely in Father Tim's eyes.😊
  4. I can see distancing in library, distancing at computers. But they have a product that is loaned out then returned and then loaned out again. How do you see this practically? How quickly will you borrow books/dvd's from your local library? Are concerned or no?
  5. I agree with this assessment. I am personally acquainted with 2 State Reps who agree that Gov. Whitmer has gone too far. I have watched news cast. They are mostly interviewing camera hogs. The ones(larger number) staying in their vehicles are staying true to the real protest.
  6. This is from Michigan gov today 4-9-2020 This includes not being able to buy paint or mulch.😒
  7. Liquor stores and smoke shops are considered essential in Michigan. Garden centers and seeds/supplies are not.😳
  8. All Michigan k-12 closed for 3 weeks.
  9. This would be sil to him also, not sister. His sister would never.
  10. There was a portion ($80) that was attributed to dn23. I gave her that because I'm not sure she was aware that she was footing that big a take and I also know she was the heart & soul decorator. I didn't want her drug into any chaos that might spring up. Now I'm left to handle the rest & principal with sil.
  11. She gave her dd's shower which I thought odd. But no. This kind of thing hasn't happened before. I don't know if she requested $ help from anyone else or even shower help at all. It was planned at a time family would be in town but did not take into consideration that my close friends and dd's closest friends would be out of town for holidays.
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