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  1. I am considering using Open Tent or The Well Trained Mind Academy for Chemistry. Has anyone used either of these? I would love to hear any feedback that you have. If you have used another online Chemistry that you love, please share! My daughter is familiar with WTM Academy and other online courses.
  2. I am currently using Explode the Code and the I am Sam readers with my two dyslexics, and it is going very well. I am wanting to add in spelling, and I am wondering if All About Spelling or Spelling You See would be better for a dyslexic?
  3. What do you recommend using for a high school art elective?
  4. My daughter did the online WTM French 1 last year, and had an A in the class. I am considering switching to Breaking the Barrier French for this school year. Do you think we could go straight into Breaking the Barrier French 2?
  5. I think I heard that Masterbook's Principles of Mathematics is a two year pre-algebra program (7th and 8th). I guess if someone was going to continue on with POM it wouldn't be a problem, but I know not everyone will want to move on to if after MLFALE.
  6. I was trying to choose between MLFALE, CLE, or Singapore for my 2nd and 3rd graders. Did you not like MLFALE?
  7. Did you use and would you recommend the Abecedarian reader for B, Aesop?
  8. My two dyslexics (7&8) have done AbeCeDarian A, and are now halfway through B. Abecedarian is working really great for them, but we are needing some more fluency practice than their program offers. What books/resources would you suggest for building fluency?
  9. Does anyone use and like this math curriculum? Do you think it is a complete curriculum?
  10. I would love to hear your experience with either Horizons Math or CLE. I am trying to decide between these two for my 7 year old. Thanks!
  11. I am trying to decide between The Good and the Beautiful year 1, or Beautiful Feet Around the World with Picture Books. Which one do you think would be more interesting for a second and third grader. Thanks!
  12. They came out with a new elementary Dimensions series. http://www.singaporemath.com/Dimensions_Math_s/219.htm It's been all over their facebook page too. Samples can be found here...http://dimensionsmath.com/sample-pages/. I realize no one has probably used it yet, but just looking at the samples I wondered if anyone thought it might be a better option.
  13. Why do you like Math in Focus more? I actually have MIF 1a here, but I thought Singapore Standards or their new elementary Dimensions might be more homeschool friendly to teach.
  14. I got on the Singapore website this morning to order Singapore Standards, but I see they now have a new Dimensions Math available. Which one do you think is better, and do you think one looks easier to teach?
  15. Thanks! I will definitely get the HIG. What manipulatives do we need to teach with the HIG? I have liking cubes, a base 10 set, and an abacus here.
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