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  1. jaredluvsjoanie

    Spelling that’s NOT AAS

    Rod and Staff
  2. jaredluvsjoanie

    Spanish or French curriculum for K-2

    Whether you choose French or Spanish, Whistlefritz is fantastic!
  3. jaredluvsjoanie

    Grammar text as a reference

    The Mother Tongue is superior for succinct grammar instruction and concise exercises. ** Not to be confused with Our Mother Tongue ** You can use this with paper and pencil (answers in the back), or you can use the separate workbooks and answer keys which are the same exercises in consumable form.
  4. jaredluvsjoanie

    Has Anyone Used Hunter's Rainbow Curriculum?

    Thank you!
  5. jaredluvsjoanie

    Has Anyone Used Hunter's Rainbow Curriculum?

    Where do I find this?
  6. jaredluvsjoanie

    CLE LA vs R&S English

    Rod and Staff publishes supplementary worksheets for English. Do you make use of those? I find them to be fantastic!
  7. jaredluvsjoanie

    Pioneers/settlers/refugees in hsing

    This is excellent! I appreciate you sharing. As this article was written nearly 17 years ago, it does make me pause and reflect on the even greater accessability and acceptance of homeschooling that has come about since its publication. So grateful!
  8. jaredluvsjoanie

    New math program + Coupon Code

    Thanks! These look great!
  9. The Good and the Beautiful Rod and Staff English and spelling Math Mammoth Jacobs algebra and geometry Notgrass history
  10. jaredluvsjoanie

    Transition from Math Mammoth 7 to Algebra 1, easy?

    MM's author, Maria Miller, lists Jacobs Elementary Algebra among her recommendations on her site. It is excellent! Click on the Resources tab and then on High School. ?
  11. jaredluvsjoanie

    American History for 8th Grader

    I agree. Notgrass's America the Beautiful is excellent. It's not secular like the books you have already used, but I would recommend taking a look. We love it! Their logic stage civics course, Uncle Sam and You, is also very informative and engaging.
  12. jaredluvsjoanie

    How do you add more review to Math Mammoth?

    Here is the link for the new Skills Review workbooks. Levels 1-4 are currently available, and Mrs. Miller is working on 5-7. You can download sample pages andvread through the FAQ.
  13. jaredluvsjoanie

    remedial/review math curriculum for summer

    Math Mammoth had review workbooks for grades 1-7. We like them a lot!
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