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  1. Hello, Hello! I haven't visited much this year and I miss you all. I've managed to read a few books this month; I just finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Wow, what a great book! I really need to go back and re-read it again - much more slowly this time. I also finished What is A Girl Worth? by Rachael Denhollander and Why Meadow Died by Andrew Pollack (about the Parkland shooting). These books were all heavy topics so I'm ready for something a little lighter. I just started Untamed: the Wildest Woman in America and the Fight for Cumberland Island by Will Harlan. I read The Bird Box a few months ago, so I will count that for my spooky read for the year. I hope everyone is well. Blessings, Shawne
  2. I have done some research but I hadn't seen these particular reviews. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Looking at these for my 11th grader (probable liberal arts major). I want her to enjoy Chemistry without having to struggle with too much math yet I want a legit high school credit. Thoughts?
  4. I'm looking for something to catch up my math phobic 7th grade daughter. She is dyslexic and doing well in her reading. Now it's time to work on math again.
  5. Thank you! These sound great! It's always fun to start the year with a new challenge!
  6. I keep seeing posts about "10 book Challenges". When did that begin??? Are there any normal challenges for less prolific readers? Y'all are leaving me in the dust.
  7. Hello Book-a-weekers! Just popping in to check on everyone. I've been busy, busy this year so we won't discuss my book numbers but I did finish two this month: Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty and The Reckoning by John Grisham. I don't know if these are on anyone's radar but I enjoyed them. It's been soooo looong since I last read any of your would take me a month to catch up. Maybe I'll be up for some serious reading time again in 2019. Til then...happy reading.
  8. Please sign me up for the BAW 2020 CRUISE!!! I'm there.
  9. I'm enjoying SWB's new book: Rethinking School. I've been home educating for 18 years and this book has me looking at all my educational assumptions in a whole new way. I have much to chew on. I also enjoyed her recent podcast with Andrew Kern at Circe Forma.
  10. I may try BINGO this year. I just looked at it and I can't quite figure out how the "mystery" squares work. Can anyone explain it to me?
  11. Several of you have posted links to Goodreads but when I click on them it only takes me to my personal page. Is there another way to see the links? Do we have to be friends on Goodreads first?
  12. Merry Christmas everyone! This was a slow year for me book wise but I took on several big life projects and I'm finding that my need for sleep is cutting into what was formerly my reading time. I started teaching for VIPKID in April and I love, love, love this job. However it does require me to get up several hours earlier in the A.M. I am learning to be a morning person much to my husband's surprise. I also learned to crochet this year and have taken on several larger projects. The ADHD in me loves this new hobby. I think all boys should learn crochet to give them something to do so they can sit still. I do try to listen to audio books while I work but I find I'm just as likely to listen to the radio or, shockingly, listen to nothing and just have quiet time so my 50+ year old brain can recover and think a complete thought. My current read is Never Let Me Go by Ishiguro. I know I'm not a prolific poster but I feel privileged to be a long-time member of this group. Blessings, Shawne
  13. I am finishing up the audio version of The Handmaid's Tale (narration by Claire Danes) while crocheting a Christmas afghan for my oldest daughter. I'm taking sneak peaks at the Hulu version of the story but I don't want to get too far until I finish the actual book. I read this when it first came out and of course it's a much different read now that I'm much older and have a wider view of the world.
  14. Just finished Scythe by Neil Shusterman and now I must wait until January for the sequel Thunderhead. Great story - seems to be a cross between The Hunger Games and The Giver. Shusterman's dystopian world where man has achieved immortality and the only death comes through random "gleaning" by the Scythedom who are charged with determining how and when someone has permanent death left me with much to ponder. I thought the ending was well played out - not a cliffhanger, but enough drama left in the story for a meaty sequel. Now I might try his Unwind series which got a lot of accolades in the YA genre.
  15. I felt pretty much the same way about The Goldfinch. I kept waiting for redemption but it never quite happened. I remember slogging my way through the last few chapters just to get done.
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