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  1. Hmm. Hop her up a level or two? I also really love Rod and Staff, but Abeka is another really good choice, too.
  2. We enjoyed The Good and the Beautiful. The PDF is free. Download it and give it a try! https://www.thegoodandthebeautiful.com/products/pre-k-8-language-arts-course-set-level-3/
  3. Whether you choose French or Spanish, Whistlefritz is fantastic!
  4. The Mother Tongue is superior for succinct grammar instruction and concise exercises. ** Not to be confused with Our Mother Tongue ** You can use this with paper and pencil (answers in the back), or you can use the separate workbooks and answer keys which are the same exercises in consumable form. https://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/066175
  5. Rod and Staff publishes supplementary worksheets for English. Do you make use of those? I find them to be fantastic!
  6. The Good and the Beautiful Rod and Staff English and spelling Math Mammoth Jacobs algebra and geometry Notgrass history
  7. MM's author, Maria Miller, lists Jacobs Elementary Algebra among her recommendations on her site. It is excellent! Click on the Resources tab and then on High School. ?
  8. I agree. Notgrass's America the Beautiful is excellent. It's not secular like the books you have already used, but I would recommend taking a look. We love it! Their logic stage civics course, Uncle Sam and You, is also very informative and engaging.
  9. Here is the link for the new Skills Review workbooks. Levels 1-4 are currently available, and Mrs. Miller is working on 5-7. You can download sample pages andvread through the FAQ. https://www.mathmammoth.com/skills_review_workbooks/
  10. Math Mammoth had review workbooks for grades 1-7. We like them a lot!
  11. I don't have experience with either of the programs you mentioned, but I can recommend very highly Uncle Sam and You from Notgrass. We found it to be excellent; my 8th grader thoroughly enjoyed it.
  12. I just want to say that one of my daughters did Uncle Sam and You as a 7th grader and loved it. She remembered information well, the material was interesting, the literature was engaging, learning the history of various holidays was enjoyable, and the activities were fun. All in all, thumbs up!
  13. I love all of these suggestions, but (teehee) I got a giggle from your typo. Frank L. Baum wrote the Oz series, not Frank Oz. I know that you know this! It was funny, though; my mind kept picturing the great and powerful Burt from Sesame Street yelling at Fozzie, Miss Piggy, and Grover to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. 😂
  14. I was referring to the levels of Math Mammoth. 😊 Since she has already completed the first 6, going on to the seventh seems only logical. The format/teaching style is familiar, and the content is top notch. I have no experience with either Derek Owens or AOPS, so I can offer no valid comparison.
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