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  1. That’s is a good idea...my kids love card games!
  2. Looking to switch math curriculums for my rising 4th and 7th grader. We have been using a spiral math (abeka and horizons.) They just aren’t thriving at it. They need something more mastery based but something that also has enough built in review. We have tried Singapore and math u see in the past and had issues with not enough review. also have done Saxon (which is spiral) but it was so dry and boring to them. Would love any ideas, thanks!
  3. I want to spend some time focusing on math this summer with my boys who are just finishing up 3rd and 6th grades. I feel like they have areas they struggle in with math and I want to work on making sure their foundation is solid. Can anyone recommend a remedial or review type math program or workbook that would cover the basics? Ideally it would be something with a pretest to assess the areas they need the most work. We have tried several math curriculums (horizons, Saxon, Singapore, math u see) ..the spiral math curriculums seem to jump around too much and the boys are not retaining or able to practice concepts enough, but the mastery type curriculums we have tried didn’t have enough review built in and we had the same issue. This is a huge source of frustration for me. I spend a lot of time and energy on math and yet I still feel like they are not retaining things like they should. I am not sure what to do differently! Thanks for any input!
  4. Thanks- that is good to know about Saxon. So I signed up for Derek Owens pre-algebra this past weekend to try it out and like it is far. I am finding that the content he covers is content we already covered in Saxon 8/7- so that makes sense! I plan to go through his course over the summer to make sure she has a solid handle in it and then move to algebra 1 through him in the fall. So far it is much better already!
  5. I think that might be part of the issue- the incremental approach of Saxon seems confusing to her. What do you know about Derek Owens? Online classes might be a good thing to try!
  6. My 12 year old daughter is completing Saxon 8/7 this year. It has been a struggle. Math is not her subject (she is very language oriented/creative.) However, she has done okay- just retaining all of the concepts introduced has been difficult. I am struggling with what Math to move to next year for 8th grade. I *think* I want to stick with Saxon because it seems thorough, but I am open. I have toyed with the idea of going straight to Algebra 1, as the algebraic concepts seem to be more readily understood by her and it would give us ample time to move slowly through the book. I could always move back to Pre-Algebra if needed. Any advice? Thanks!
  7. I have had him type his stories occasionally, but he does not type well. It takes him about an hour to do one sentence because he gets distracted easily. :) Texasmama Thank you so much for your thoughts. That is encouraging to hear. My daughter who is 11 is a natural writer so I am having to learn knew strategies with my son. It helps to hear your perspective as a writing teacher, too. I am going to look into Writing Tales.
  8. My 9 year old son struggles with wanting to write. He is my oldest boy, so I am not sure if it is a personality thing or a "boy" thing? This is my first experience with teaching a 4th grade boy. We are doing WWE 3 and a variety of other writing assignments. He does okay with WWE, but I don't feel like it is enough. (I don't see enough carry-over into other areas of his life....He can write an okay sentence with correct punctuation, but cannot write a cohesive paragraph on his own without a lot of guidance.) I just feel like he 'should' be capable of more at this stage. I realize that kids develop at different rates, and he has definitely been on his own timetable in a few areas since birth, but overall he is holding his own in every subject except writing and spelling. I just want to make sure I am supporting him and helping him in every way I can, and I am not sure what else to do. Any thoughts or suggestions from moms of boys?
  9. I guess I should clarify. As far as it not being "open and go" I guess what I meant is that it seems like there is so much to wade through in order for me to find content that is challenging enough.The lessons seem way too easy compared to FLL 4 and she is bored because of the easy content, not necessarily the format. I want something that is more challenging and more thorough with lots of review and it just doesn't seem to have that. Maybe I should just go up a grade level? I was just hoping to find something that would be a more seamless transition from FLL. Maybe I should try 6th grade Hake or possibly Analytical Grammar? My daughter LOVES grammar and loves diagramming sentences especially and she was disappointed that the diagramming in R and S were so simplistic. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  10. My daughter finished up FLL 4 last year and I don't know what to do next! I feel lost! I ordered Rod and Staff, grade 5, but I am not loving it. It isn't "open and go" like FLL was, and it seems way too easy. She is bored to death with it. I hate that I wasted money on it! Any suggestions on a good grammar curriculum? She loves diagramming sentences and grammar comes very naturally to her. Any suggestions?
  11. I currently use Horizons Math for my 3rd grader. It works for now. (We are in a very busy season of life and I need something with lots of review that he can do mostly independently. We used Singapore prior to this, but I needed to switch to something less teacher intensive and with more review.) I am looking, however, for something to supplement with Horizons that is more "higher level thinking" type math. I do not want to change curriculums at this point, just add something to what we already do that will make math more "fun" and exercise math thinking skills. Math seems to come naturally to him. Bonus points if it is something he can do independently or mostly independently. Any suggestions? Would Beast Academy fit the bill? I have heard it mentioned here, but am not sure what it entails. Thanks for any advice!
  12. We have used Drops in the Bucket this year and I like it. It seems to cover everything and incrementally gets more difficult. http://www.frog.com/samples.html
  13. My 8 year old daughter has started resisting all things school-related. It is very frustrating! She gets frustrated with most of our work and just refuses to do it. I have tried offering rewards for finishing by a certain time; I have tried reducing the amount of work; I have tried being firm and giving severe consequences- nothing has worked- we are still struggling every day. It is affecting everyone's school day and is a major disruption. I don't know what to do. I have looked at our work and she is very able to do all of it- I don't think it is too hard. I think part of it is stress (our family has been through a couple of huge life changes lately and I know it is affecting her) but she still has to do her work- I know she is having a hard time but I can't just skip the third grade you know? Any advice or anyone who has been there??
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