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  1. Thank you all for the many responses and helpful questions to consider! My PCP did do C-Reactive and Sed Rate and other things a year ago. She basically just told me to do the naproxen for a few months and if it didn't help, then she would re-do my bloodwork and I should go back to the Rheumatologist. She literally told me not to go see him yet. Pshhh. I have not used the Naproxen! But, one of you said if I am taking something more than twice a week, that is something. I have taken so much ibuprofen and tylenol in the past year. Oye. Last check (a year ago), my C-reactive and sed rate were both normal. Sed Rate was only 7. I haven't had those re-checked yet? Pen, you asked about organ damage signs? I don't know? I'm not sure how we would know that. I don't think I have had the classic lupus rash. My face is more sensitive to sun, but not that rash like I would see when googling images. Prairiewindmomma, I agree completely! Thank you for the reply. :) Attolia, I was tested for celiac a year ago. Gliadin IGG was 3, Tissue Transglutaminase IGG was 10, Gliadin IGA Antibody 10, IGA Gammaglobulin 225, and Tissue Transglutaminase IGA was 13. I was told all was negative. My PCP did do Food Intolerance Testing (blood test). I came back extremely high for all eggs, all dairy, and medium response to gluten and wheat. But my body's reactions to gluten are enough I would never eat it just to be retested. :) It was a lab in Ann Arbor, Michigan that processed some of my results. Seasider too - I have not been checked for SIBO. Would my PCP order that or maybe my chiropractor could? Ellie - when they call me back I will ask about those other thyroid tests. I have a friend here who told me the same thing! She said it's hard to get a dr to order those. ? Katy - Yes! I think more dietary changes are going to be my saving grace here. :)
  2. Symptoms - On/off strange pains for years. Sometimes in joints, sometimes in muscles. Headaches. Digestive issues. Definite sensitivity to wheat/gluten (been GF over 6 months). Almost daily hives since last October. Brain fog. Fatigue. First tests were done years ago after hip pain so bad I could barely move. ANA was 1:320 at that time. Dr put me on 5,000IU d3 a day and after a few months, it resolved. As time went on other symptoms, as noted, popped up and continued to bother me more as time went on. August 2016 I went back to dr for issues. She did a whole gamet of tests. ANA was positive ANA speckled 1:160. Went to Rheumatologist. Things must have been better enough by then that he was satisfied with my tests and said to come back if things got worse. Fast forward again to this year. Symptoms are bad enough if it interrupting my life at times. I know many are so much worse, so sometimes I tend to downplay things, but I know that if I feel bad enough that I just need to lay down for hours, it's not normal. So I am trying to address things. She did CBC w/ diff and CBC. I was originally in for a follow-up on cholesterol issues. I left with her being unconcerned with cholesterol and wanting to put me on naproxen for RA. Sigh. Sent me to an allergist who did skin test to see if hives are from allergy. Only thing that showed up was trees. But, he ordered all the following tests. I think I am missing a few results. I know he ordered TS4 and TSH and vitamin D. I don't see those in my health portal? ANA speckled 1:160 DNA ANtibody Double Strand 159 (said negative reference range was anything under 200?) Thyroglobulin Antibody was less than 20 Thyroperoxidase Antibody was less than 10 ENA Sjogren B = 4 ENA RNP = 3 Anti JO1 = 2 Anti Scleroderma = 5 ENA Sjogren A = 13 Smith Antibody = 4 With these results could we surely say lupus is negative? I don't want to have anything "wrong", but it sure would be nice to have an explanation. :)
  3. melissamomof5

    3rd grade planning thread 2018-2019

    I plan to use Math: Teaching Textbook, I think he will do level 4 Grammar: Thinking he will do MasterBooks Language Lessons for a Living Education Spelling: Thinking he will finish his Spelling You See we started this year Science: MasterBooks God's Design Life Science History: Beautiful Feet Early American History Primary Bible: Thinking MasterBooks Elementary Apologetics
  4. Hard to find any reviews on this and I am curious if any of you have opinions about it.
  5. melissamomof5

    Looking towards this fall: Cannot decide on history

    Thank you! I love your ideas.
  6. melissamomof5

    Looking towards this fall: Cannot decide on history

    Oh thank you for the feedback :) What years of Biblioplan have you used? Where do you think we should start? I forgot one other idea, my 3rd daughter, who will be 6th grade this fall would be happy to do Masterbooks World's Story Vol I. She enjoys doing her work alone, which makes me sad, but I also understand.
  7. So we are 1/2 way through Notgrass America the Beautiful right now. I would hope we could finish it by fall, but I just don't know for sure. For background, we did MFW CTG and RTR and then came to Notgrass last year to just do American History. So, my middle kids have never had any early or modern history outside of American History. My grade school kids will be 3rd, 6th, and 8th. I also will have a 10th grader who will probably do Notgrass Am History for high school. My ideas for this fall are: 1. Simply Charlotte Mason doing their Year 6 guide that would cover about 1850-modern American and World History. I love the looks of SCM, but I don't love that it's a 6 year cycle. 2. Simply Charlotte Mason doing their Year 1 guide. I love the Bible being the spine, but again, a 6 year cycle. Eeks. Maybe it's a little late in the game for us to do that. 3. Notgrass Uncle Sam & You with my two middle gals and BF Early American Primary with my 3rd grader. I already have US&Y textbooks and about half of the BF books & guide. But, I'm afraid US&Y will be so dry. I like that Notgrass is a "get-er-done" history, but what will they really remember? Will they enjoy it and be inspired by it? I like Notgrass, but sometimes the facts they include and the barrage of dates is overwhelming and unnecessary, in my opinion. 4. Biblioplan Year 3 with the 3 middles to cover American History in light of World History. I don't mind doing this one, but I don't know about it since my will-be 8th grader would only get year 3 before high school. 5. Biblioplan year 4 with the 3 middles for the same reason as above. I like this idea and think it could be fun and interesting for all 3 of my middle kids. 6. Biblioplan year 1 just to start back at the beginning. Ah, what's not to love about a clean slate. :P However, with this plan, my will-be 8th grader will just have to move on to world history in 9th grade. 7. Totally just go simple and only use Mystery of History. See my dilemma! lol I can't even decide what time period I want to cover let alone which curriculum. Maybe it'd be easier if I could at least narrow that one down. p.s. I know this isn't the high school board, but if I could wrap my brain around how to assign credits, I also would be open to using Biblioplan for my high school students. So that could definitely be a benefit to that one.
  8. melissamomof5

    Curriculum for a Burned Out Mom

    Resurrecting this old post to see what the OP found that helped. There was some great encouragement on here! I have been dealing with some health stuff that has left me quite exhausted...combined with my growing daughters developing independence. I am having a hard time finding the right balance. This is our 11th year homeschooling and I feel like I need a revival in my homeschool.
  9. melissamomof5

    BJU Literature

    This was so helpful! Thank you :)
  10. melissamomof5

    BJU Literature

    How teacher intensive is it? Did your student read whole books in addition to what they have in the textbook or do they just read selections of the books found in the textbook?
  11. melissamomof5

    BJU Literature

    Thank you Liza for the reply :)
  12. melissamomof5

    BJU Literature

    Has anyone used this? Would my daughter need to complete one level before another? She hasn't done a Literature course yet. I am thinking of her doing American Lit for 10th grade alongside her American History.
  13. melissamomof5

    anyone have experience with ear problems?

    I'm not sure if it's a spasm or a flutter or what it is. No pulling on the ears. It's the strangest thing, but that seems to be the story of my life lately. :)
  14. I finally went to the ENT yesterday because I've been having a spasm or fluttering in my left ear for a few weeks. He said everything looked perfect but referred me for a hearing test and some sort of air puff test, not until the end of April. In the meantime, my ear is starting to ache and my mind is left to wander. Is there anyone else who has experience with this sort of thing?
  15. My parents live 2 miles away and my in-laws life about 45 minutes away. My parents go to Florida 3 months a year though so it is a nice balance ;)
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