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  1. The online text is difficult to navigate. I don’t think they even use it in class. I’m looking for something we can physically flip through.
  2. My son is in the accelerated math class in 8th grade public school. It is algebra 1 and analytic geometry. They are currently working on quadratics. They do not have actual textbooks in hand but there is one offered online but they don’t use it. Everything is done orally and with the use of online games and videos. I tried to ask the teacher if she could recommend a text for my son to use at home but she took this as a personal affront to her teaching style? and sent me a long email about how she explains everything so well and gives adequate resources that he doesn’t need a text. My son
  3. There are nutritionists/dietitians that specialize in eating disorders. I assume you would be seeing one that is and not only will you discuss the nutritional aspect but also the emotional and life component of your eating habits. Hopefully this will help steer you away from disordered eating. You may check out the intuitive eating website.
  4. I had similar issues for ten years and finally made an appointment with a urogynecologist, after being told by obgyn repeatedly to basically live with it because it happens to all women. Well, since the appointment was 3 months out, I finally decided to do some research. My symptoms somewhat fit interstitial cystitis so I followed the diet recommendations for it. I completely cut out coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages (I drank 2 la croix a day). It took about a week but I started noticing a change in my urgency and now after 6 months I would say I am 90% better. I sleep through the night!
  5. Depending on what he is like: a nice scarf, ball cap ( under armour or north face), Or have your dd pick something out that she knows he would appreciate
  6. The thread with ambien stories. Didn't someone give themselves a Brazilian wax while "asleep"?
  7. Oh my goodness! This is so frustrating. I have been dealing with this for over a decade. The urologist was suggesting multiple sclerosis on my first visit, which seemed a bit alarmist considering I have no other symptoms! I have a feeling it's prolapse and now I hope it is. It would answer so many questions. Now to decide if I want to go back to this guy or go to my female primary dr
  8. Is it possible to have had 3 vaginal births and yearly exams and the dr never notice you have a prolapse? I have had difficulty urinating since my first child was born and the gyno said that's normal. However I just happened to mention it to my primary and she immediately referred me to an urologist. He put me on flomax and I promptly took myself off it after the first night because of side effects. I will return to urologist and he will do a pelvic exam. He asked if I had a prolapse but said I don't think so because I assume the gyno would have noticed. Now that I think about, sometimes it fe
  9. I'm thinking of getting my parents a gift basket for Christmas rather than a gift. They are so hard to buy for because we don't spend over $40 per person. I don't want to get a crappy cheap gift just to say I got one kwim. Any favorite or unique baskets out there?
  10. Ahh six year olds! They know everything. Mine will ask questions and if he doesn't agree with your answer he will tell the "correct" answer. Lately he asks "is infinity a number?" No, I say. He responds with "yes it is". Then why do you ask me if you already "know" the answer! At least we get a laugh out of it.
  11. My dd was in 3rd grade ps last year and used common core. We had been using Singapore math. We found she was ahead in math. Yes the school used common core but my dd picked it up quickly and never had a problem.
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