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  1. I am writing this post just as an example of a simplified curriculum; because I always like seeing other people's ideas. I finally feel like I don't need to tweak anymore (well at least until we reach 7th grade, then I will re-evaluate) . We use First Start Reading and Core Skills Phonics along with Memoria Press' recommended readers. You need no handwriting program; this teaches printing. We use Memoria Press Traditional Spelling and then onto Rod and Staff Spelling. Once printing is mastered I have my children copy all their memory work into a Composition Sketchbook; about 1 line a day. At this point we add New American Cursive. Memory work: 3 psalms a year, 3 O.T. passages a year, 3 N.T. passages a year, 3 poems of choice, 3 Hymns ( I also keep Memoria Press recitations on hand, but we do not do it all and I do not use this for copywork.) Once Cursive is mastered they start copying two lines of cursive a day of their memory work into a Composition Sketchbook. In Grade 3 we start with Rod and Staff English along with one written narration a week. In Grade 4 I up it to 1 written narration a day; they get to choose which reading they write about. Grade 4 we start Memoria Press Latin with Latina Christiana. Each child is placed in their own year of A.O. The only thing we add is the Visits to Series from Simply Charlotte Mason. We have 1 hour a day of family learning ( the children read their own poem of choice aloud and this is where I correct my readers in pronunciation or help them with difficult words. This time includes picture study, composer study, nature jounraling, painting, crafting, singing, calendar, we also do 10 minutes of Spanish a day as a family). We also use Hoffman Academy. Our day looks like this. 7:30-8:00 BIble reading and Hymn singing and Scripture recitation over Breakfast 8:15-11 English, Math, Spelling, Handwriting, and 2 A.O. Readings 11-12:00 Lunch and Recess outside 12:00-12:30 Latin with 4th grade (my other kids continue to play) 12:30-1:30 Family Learning (start naps for littles) 1:30-2:30 Quit Hour (my oldest two finish up A.O. readings- I may sit and close my eyes and nurse my baby and use an audiobook if there is a challenging read) * the only thing we have left is piano, which my oldest do for 20-30 minutes.. We have a family read aloud right before bed
  2. I love Rod and Staff. Level 4 has instructions written to the children. I do not make my children to every problem. I glance the teachers manual to see if there is anything I want to go over. We are using level 3 and 4 this year and workbook grade 1 for my 6 year old; with manipulatives. Rod and Staff gets math done and makes sure basic facts are mastered. We don't do flashcards; the problems in the book are enough. I have also tried Right Start and Singapore. I kept coming back to Rod and Staff and have decided to stick with it. I actually ordered and resold right start twice because everyone said how great it was; but we never did the math games and my kids were not mastering facts and the manipulatives were too much for me.
  3. I like Rod and Staff. I am using year 3 and 4 this year. We use no additional writing curriculum; I have my children do Rod and Staff plus 1 written narration a day.
  4. We have used Right Start twice now and I always go back to Rod and Staff... I don't do everything in the lesson. My son is about to enter fourth grade and most of the teaching instruction is in the student book. We do skip counting recitations as a family. I hand my kids manipulatives and an abacus to figure out concepts.
  5. My kids have done some Latin and my fourth grader will be using Latina Christiana this year. I plan on sticking with Memoria Press for Latin.
  6. I really like to streamline. If I am using Rod and Staff English and having my kids do one written narration a day and lots of oral narrations and discussions, do I need a writing curriculum? I keep going back and forth between getting something like Writing and Rhetoric or just allowing Rod and Staff to be enough. My children will be in 3rd and 4th grade. We use a mix of Latin Centered Curriculum and Ambleside Online/ Charlotte Mason. Charlotte Mason didn't believe in teaching composition, Latin Centered Curriculum says your don't need to do grammar. I want to do something... I have 6 children, so I want whatever I choose to be the most effective and efficient. Thank you!
  7. Thank you Rose for those sweet words of encouragement and that reminder! As far as not being able to read as much to my younger kids; I do notice they are still getting read to a lot. My olders love to read picture books to their younger siblings; it's such a sweet thing to watch.
  8. Have you done copywork and do your children read books for themselves. I have noticed my children naturally write correct sentences even though we don't do formal grammar and writing yet, because we have been doing copywork for years and as soon as they could read they had to read books for themselves... Maybe continue with the grammar, but make copywork a priority.
  9. Thank you Rose for all your input. I have looked at the mom delights blog and listened to her youtube videos. I think for us we have been already doing composer study, solfa, handicrafts, folk dances, picture study, spanish.. ect... that it feels sad to have to take things away; but with a child who I think is dyslexic and needs to learn to read and a new baby and having to now teach grammar/ writing; I feel I have my hands full.
  10. Thank you Brenda! This is very helpful! We do scripture reading and hymn singing and scripture memory over breakfast.. Thank-you for your encouragement with Rod and Staff English. I have really prayer about it and decided to forgo Classical Writing and use Rod and Staff for Grammar and writing. My thoughts were if my kids can write well then they can write about what they read. Doing spelling over summer is a good idea. I could use all my A.O. books as independent reading.
  11. Thank you Maize! My son who is in 4th grade does need writing instruction, my daughter needs the spelling....Maybe I will loop Latin... I want my son to get used to writing every day.. Perhaps if I have him do one independent read and then write on it, that would be enough. With Ambleside Online he would have three of his own readings scheduled daily.
  12. I will have a K/first grader, a 3rd grader, and a 4th grader. I will also have a 4 year old, 2 year old, and new baby. I had purchased all of the books to complete Ambleside Online Year 4, 3, and 1; but I feel God is putting it on my heart to simplify. Besides a family morning time what would you add for the 3rd and 4th grader? Currently I have Rod and Staff English, Spelling, and Grammar. I was thinking of doing Latin with them ( I have getting started with and minimus). My first grader needs to learn to read... I also have Visits to North America for my third and fourth grader. What would morning time look like and what else would I need to add. I really don't want to burn out and want to be in homeschooling for the long haul. I also want to be loving to my littles. I think I overbought for this year. I bought things for knitting, brushdrawing, sloyd ect... I don't want to be discouraged if I don't get to everything. Also piano is a priority. My oldest two do Hoffman Academy for 20-30 minutes a day. Thank you.. Here is a link to my current idea for a schedule, but I don't know if it will be realistic with a newborn
  13. Math: R& S 4 Grammar: R&S 4 Spelling: R&S 4 Ambleside Online year 4/ Adding SCM Visits to Europe and North America Music: Continue Hoffman Academy and try Miss Mason's Music Writing: Copy in cursive all memory work (3 NT passages, 3 OT Passages, 3 Poems, 3 Psalms, 3 Hymns, and possibly a scene from shakespeare). Write one narration a day of at least 4 sentences based on an A.O. reading Latin: Latina Christiana Spanish: Getting Started with Spanish/ Cherrydale Press/ and Spanish stories and songs Handicrats: Knitting, Sewing, Painting, Sloyd.. One of these daily
  14. I am thinking of following LCC in the idea of one area of study focus for each day a week... ex: Geography, Literature, History, Nature/ Science
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