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  1. Thank you everyone again for your replies. Just to clarify, we do school Tuesday- Saturday. Monday is my husbands day off, so we spend that as a family or do doctors appointments. The unfinished work may be someone that I really wanted to get to Saturday afternoon, but then for example we had a birthday party. My SOn does not use his math time wisely. So if he hasn't complete two pages a day, he has to do math on Mondays.
  2. Thank you for this; you are right. I know the things I don't want; I am not sold on a classical writing program, I do not want my kids memorizing facts without their informing ideas. I want an education based around living books and for my kids to to be able to narrate, discuss, and notebook after reading those books. We do enjoy Latin and I do see the benefit of it. Where we just moved there are a lot Spanish people, so I do see the benefit in learning spanish for conversational purposes, we are doing this as a family. I want good relationships with my children, and right now I feel that going from thing to thing is effecting the atmosphere of our home. What draws me to the Latin Cenetered curriculum is the simplicity of it ( drew also suggests an hour a day of family reading and then working kids up to an hour a day of independent reading.) I love the hoffman academy. We love poetry, art, and music as a family. I do not like the Charlotte Mason way of teaching my kids to read, but prefer phonics ( I actually like 1st start reading). I enjoy talking about scripture each morning and singing a hymn as a family ( although my older two just started clocking out of hymn singing). My kids LOVE nature, it is actually my goal to get them outside two hours a day. With LCC I would not do study guides. I like the rainbow curriculum because I like the idea of tutoring my kids each day in reading and math and then giving them individual book baskets and me possibly picking some read alouds. I guess I don't know what I want. I want children that love Jesus and others and value relationships. I want children that have read deeply and been shaped by what they have read. I want children that can express their ideas well. I love that my daughter loves sewing and can play the piano by ear and has made a quilt by the age of 8.5. I love that my son catches every animal and bug he can get his hands on. I love that my oldest son was reading the Golden Bible to my two year old today and explaining to him about what Jesus did on the cross. I have read the Latin Centered Curriculum many times, I have read Charlotte Masons volume 1 and 6 at least twice a piece. I listen to Charlotte Mason Podcasts, Sally Clarksons Podcasts, and follow Mom Delights. So I guess I have so many messages I constantly doubt what I am doing. Above all I want peace and the fragrance of Christ to reign in our home.....
  3. Just to clarify it is only my almost 9 year old and ten year old studying Latin. I really don't want to debate, but Charlotte Mason had french history and english history going for class II. SHe then had ancient history. The Stories from Rome is an intro to PLutarch.
  4. My son is super interested in reptiles right now. HE just got a gecko. I am trying to take advantage of this.
  5. I give a lot of credit to you for doing your own thing. I have always wanted to, but I feel it would be easier just to follow what someone else has planned. Deep down this would be my plan. Math, copywork, and latin daily. (How do they spend only 15 min on latin? Last year my older two did Latina CHristiana which they enjoyed, but we spend 30-45 min a day). Rod and Staff English and then written narrations for writing. I would then have them notebook and study 1 content area a day on a rotation, for exmaple Modern History, Geography, Science/ Nature Study, Classical History, Classical Literature in depth. We would do Bible and Memory work over breakfast as a family. I would then have 1 hr of family learning a day where we would add in riches, arts, poetry and a read aloud following the same area of content for the day. They would have 15min-1hr of free choice independent reading a day. 30 minutes of piano. I would keep one family read aloud for enjoyment going at night. I would also possibly get mcguffey readers so I could test their fluency and we could use them for dication and spelling. Would this work 7:30Bible over breakfast 8:30 45 min math 30 min Rod and Staff ( I don't have this for the year, I have the Charlotte Mason grammar which is really only two days a week. So I could alternate this with dictation)/ Reading Lesson with 7 year old 45 min Content with written narration, notebooks, maps, timelines, ect. (I would read to my 7 year old) 30 min Latin older two/ Read Picture Book Littles 30 min copywork, mcguffey readers 11:30 Lunch, break, family walk 1:00 1 hr family learning 2:00 1 hr quiet time With independent reading 3:00 Snack Free time and find 30 minutes for piano (I spend time with the littles) 6:00 Dinner Read Aloud + I save deep cleaning for Mondays on my husbands day off. We school tuesday- saturday. We practice hospitality every Saturday night, my kids love this! Can I mention I have 5 boys and 1 girl, so there is a lot of energy and gross motor movements happening.
  6. Thank you ladies for taking time to consider my post. You all gave me things to consider. Lori I am going to take your schedule into consideration. I do think I need more intentional times with my littles. Every year I feel like I should do my own thing, but then I go ahead and follow a curriculum plan.. Maybe this will be my last year. Like I said, I do love the Latin Centered Curriculum model (minus classical writing and possibly just rod and staff with written narrations). I also love Hunters rainbow curriculum and I have always had that bookmarked.
  7. If I don't schedule my kids afternoons, they end up fighting and or isolating themselves in their rooms. My ten year old with play legos or take care of his pet in his room and then he tends to get depressed from being alone; I am trying to figure out how to handle a ten year old boy. If I don't schedule my daughter, she wants to be scheduled and entertained. I guess I struggle, because I don't schedule chaos happens and fighting. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I should add we just moved to a new state and my kids don't have any friends. We did join a pool, so for now I am cutting few things and trying to get to the pool 1-2 hrs on nice days.
  8. You have alot of good points, thank you! The reading is for my son who just turned 7, he still is not reading fluently and has speech articulation issues, so the reading is for him. My older two read independently and then I have them each read me a poem a day so I can address any pronunciation issues. The quiet read is independent silent reading for my older two. It is a lot of reading though.
  9. We also do Bible over breakfast. Thank you everyone for your input! My older two actually love Latin and it is one of the only things my son looks forward to. I do think we need more time for math, although Charlotte Mason would only have 30 minutes spent on math at this age. Piano does take about 1/3 of my attention. I love the idea of doing one subject a day as stated in LCC and then having an hour of family reading and some independent reading. Maybe only have the older two do one content book in depth daily and notebook, but this isn't the Charlotte Mason way. My 1 year old is my last, so I know the chaos of littles won't be forever, although I am not rushing it because I love it!
  10. Yes, that is true about morning lessons, but after Form 1 all the handcrafts, nature work, and leisure reads are added to afternoon hours. She also had things like composer study and playing the piano on her program and other works of literature that did not fit into the morning timetable.
  11. Lori, the Speech is me doing speech therapy with my seven year old. Writing is actually copywork; are not using a writing curriculum. The line between each half hour block is showing what my older two are doing while I work with my 7 year old. I really like your ideas and am going to take them all into consideration!
  12. Here is a link to my current checklist https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XV-ztM1d8j1ToMuq5g-9LeOF1VygCtfngdrzz4rRP9M/edit?usp=sharing
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