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  1. Does anyone have developing the early learner on them and a minute to help me out?? My daughter started it today and I can’t figure out the scoring sheet! I’m worried something is off bc I took books 2-4 to the store and cut off the binding and spiral bound them together and I feel like something happened. So book 2 when I start it it has 12 pages for level 1 but the sub skill labeled (left to right, maze, similarities, etc.) doesn’t go in order when I go to score it in the back. So like my first pages ( in book 2) are motor left right 1, visual similarities 1, auditory similarities 1, c
  2. I have 🙂 we used it this year as a supplement to shurley. There are certain things I live about it like it’s lessons on reading beautiful books and good character but other things that didn’t work well for us. It’s not easy to separate a curriculum like that for an advanced reader. We just skipped all the reading and spelling rules pages and I sort of just picked lessons I wanted to do 2-3 times a week. It was truly enjoyable but I downloaded level 3 and I don’t think it’s going to work as my main curriculum. But for kids who are all at one level for LA I think it’s great
  3. I think easy grammar 2 is my top contender if I’m just looking for grammar. But on the other hand, I just watched a 15 minute video of the revised language 3 and I really really liked it. I think I’ve at least decided I’m going to sell the Shurley English and it’s between Abeka language (plus additional writing) or the additional writing and easy grammar. I think I’ve decided not to use the good and the beautiful today. It incorporates so much like art and geography and I just don’t need those things so it’s more pages of my deciding what to print and what to skip. Okay so this is good p
  4. I figured with doing some of the Abeka workbook she could continue to do the grammar on her own. She learns very well on her own and she would be able to read the box at the top and then practice with the grammar portion 🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. Hmm. I guess I don’t really know. I know that I don’t want an all in one curriculum that includes all aspects of LA since I’m happy with my reading and spelling. I could go in the direction of Abeka or I could go with a totally different classical/Charlotte mason style. I know I don’t like first language lessons. It looked incredibly easy and not as thoroughbred. I think I’m leaning towards Abeka bc I think she could do it very independently and I could just cross off what I don’t want her to do. I could focus my teaching time with her on writing skills and literature based writing
  6. I am paralyzed by this decision 😩😩 My daughter is a rising 2nd Grader but very advanced in areas of LA. Grammar and writing is where I’m struggling. Last year she used Shurley English at co-op and she thrived with it! I have the manual for this year and I HATE it(not doing co-op). It’s written to the teacher to cover an hour long lesson 5 days a week.... that’s not happening. And do I really want to sort through that information every single week to pick out the one or two things I want to teach?? But like I said, my daughter thrived and knows more grammar then I do. So now I’
  7. I hadn’t thought about how developing the early learner was a different set of skills.... but that’s some good food for thought. I think it’s possible that’s where my daughters actual weaknesses are so that is great to hear. Or it might just be her attention span??? I know she’s so young but she is just so different then my other two kids who love to sit and play with one toy for an insanely long time and will read or look at books forever. She’s more of a tornado 😆😆😆
  8. I have a daughter starting kinder this fall with a late birthday, she’ll be 6 in the Fall. She’s already partway through Abeka k letters and sounds and she’s learning to read well but her attention and critical thinking skills are... special 😆 I’m looking at Developimg the early learner and I like it but a lot of people seem to have negative things to say about it. I have Kumon prek critical thinking skills (it’s a set of 4 books) that we’ve done a little of and I’m planning on finishing it over the summer. They also have a kinder set so that’s an option. The last option I’m looking at i
  9. Hmm I really like the idea of Spanish and Piano. Why can't these things be free!? My daughter also still loves to read chapter books with pictures in them and big text as well :-) Harry Potter was very motivating for her though, she was really into it! She is not motivated to read other similar texts, thank goodness. I'm thinking about doing Singapore 2 before I start with BA 2 which is just sort of coming out now... I'm hoping that will help her build up her frustration level. Otherwise I can just shelf that until she is ready. And yes, she also plays with her siblings most of the da
  10. My daughter is smart but I know there are many way beyond her. I'm curious, what was your kindergartner like? What did you focus on for school? If you could do something different, what would it be? My daughter just turned 6. She usually is reading 3rd grade books but she just recently read Harry Potter 2 and 3 on her own and loved every second of it. She reads several hours a day. She does some Abeka phonics workbooks because I like their emphasis on special sounds for sounding out new words but she probably doesn't need them. We're working through AAS2 and it is very simple but I like h
  11. I would really consider singapore essential math over Abeka K5. My daughter around that age loved it and since it was black and white she could color it at the table after you do the page with her, my daughter loved that. It is also the perfect transition to 1A later on :-)
  12. Oh my goodness, thank you for the laughs (I'm sorry I'm laughing at the expense of your DD!) That just reminds me so much of my daughter with the gas calculations and anthrax scare. My DD5 brought home a book about germs and bacteria and acted in a similar way for a little bit. It has really helped to hear that other people are struggling with this with their children. It is also helpful to hear that they grow out of it a little bit over time. Thanks for the encouragement!
  13. Thank you! I just looked and my library has "Parenting a child who has intense emotions" so I requested it. I'm currently reading "Making children mind without losing yours" and "How to really love your angry child" because she struggles with anger but I think part of it is that we're just not effectively teaching her how to handle all of her emotions. Thanks for the suggestion
  14. I am looking for a community/forum/facebook group where I can go with questions about my young gifted learner. I am incredibly overwhelmed with her emotional intensity. Everything is a 10 and I'm not responding well. She is 5 and starting K in the fall (we were always planning on homeschooling, so that will be fine) but her emotional intensity is kicking my butt. We recently started seeing a counselor and we are getting a full behavioral evaluation in the near future to see if there is anything else we are missing but I suspect it is just giftedness. In case anyone has experience with thi
  15. Okay... we're loving teach your monster to read! I started at level 2 because it says there are vowel teams in this one. She seems to be enjoying it! Thank you!
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