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  1. Anyone use Lively Latin? We have used it for about 9 years and suddenly the site is down this week. I'm wondering if they went out of business or are just having technical difficulties. Taryn
  2. We have tried to follow TWTM pretty closely for the last 12 years. My fourth child will be doing 3rd grade next year, so I am planning now. Here is what 3rd grade looks like at our house for next year: Lang. Arts: The Good and The Beautiful 3 and HWOT Cursive (My older two used Writing with Ease and Spelling Workout. My older one used Voyages in English for Grammar. My second used Shurley English. We switched to TGTB with the third kid. She used Level 4 in 3rd grade. Everyone uses HWOT - starting cursive in 2nd grade and then progressing at their pace. Literature is usually planned individually by me in the summer. I pick books based on that kid's reading level/interests and then find activities to go with the books.) Math: Singapore 3 Standards (Everyone has used the same thing.) History: SOTW 3 (Everyone has used different levels at this age depending on who else they were combined with for school. We use the AG. I make a binder for my kiddos over the summer with the maps and any add'l activities I want to use. I get add'l books from the library during the school year). Science: Elemental Science (Again, different topics depending on who is combined for the year. Oldest did Chemistry in 3rd. For next year, my 5th and 3rd grader will combine for Physics.) Latin: Lively Latin (Everyone starts with this and then switches to Memoria Press's Form Series in middle school.) Logic: Mind Benders Geography: Maps, Charts, and Graphs (Usually C or D in 3rd grade) Fine Arts: We have used a few different things: Harmony Fine Arts, COAH World's Greatest Composers and World's Greatest Artists We usually do Lang. Arts, Math, and Latin 4-5 days a week. We do Science and History 2 days a week on alternating days. (So M/W is History and T/Th is Science.) Geography is 2 days a week. Fine Art is 2 days a week. And Logic is 1-2 days a week. A few caveats here... We do start using a hybrid school in middle school. We are planning for everyone to attend college. My oldest will start dual-enrollment for 1-2 classes next year in the 11th grade. We have always homeschooled starting when oldest was in pre-k. I am definitely a type-A list checker, but I only have one kid who is like that. 😉 Hope this helps!
  3. Possibly, I don’t understand what you’re asking... But, the only way I know of to take an AP exam is to register with a school who is offering the exam. Therefore, you must have a college board account setup with access to the AP classroom. My dd has access to a college board AP classroom even though she is taking the exam as a homeschooler at a local high school. This will be her second year taking an exam like this at a local high school. You would have setup the account when you registered for the exam. Perhaps someone with more experience than I have can elaborate.
  4. Thank you so much! We have spent the last two years doing COAH's musicians and artists lapbooks. Not sure how I missed that she had an inventor's pack as well. I also love Hands of a Child and Beautiful Feet Books. This is perfect.
  5. I'm looking for a curriculum that teaches about Inventors. I'd like something that is geared to elementary for my 3rd and 5th grader to do together. I don't mind buying books or borrowing from the library. But, I would like things spelled out for me and something else besides a booklist - i.e. videos, worksheets/activities, etc. I know I could make something but my time is spread thin already, so I'm hoping to find something already put together. 🙂
  6. Elemental Science It is pretty much what you are describing. We have used SOTW and Elemental Science for 12 years. We use the Classic series. It is made by the same people as Sassafras mentioned above. Sassafras is more like a story, though. The Classics series uses a spine like Usborne Science Encyclopedia. There are always optional books, videos, coloring pages, lapbook components, etc. So, you can do as much or as little as you like. We always combine kids, as well, so that makes it easier. Check it out. https://elementalscience.com/collections/classical-science
  7. Thank you for the quick replies! Just to clarify, we have always homeschooled (mostly following TWTM), so my kids have always had grammar as its own subject. I've used several of the programs mentioned above previously. I'll check out the others. Again, thanks for the suggestions. Taryn
  8. Hi all, My 4 kiddos are in a classical hybrid school (2 days a week). They are using mostly Memoria Press. My issue is that they don't appear to be using anything specific for Grammar. I'd like to go ahead and supplement them with something quick and easy. I'll use FLL for my 2nd grader. What should I do for my 5th grader and 8th grader?
  9. My nephew has Atypical HUS (not from e-coli, from something genetic possibly). He receives care at Children's Healthcare of Alanta. He takes some miracle drug that keeps in remission. He went through dialysis, and we thought he would need kidney and liver transplants at one time. The medicine is called Soliris. Good luck!
  10. Thanks everyone for responding. Maize, that was very helpful. That is basically just what I was asking. Jean, it's basically what Maize said. I'm overwhelmed with life and mental health issues and having trouble getting through the day. Umsami, I always enjoy your posts. I think you are right.
  11. How do you know when it is time to put on your big girl panties and suck it up, because you are just being lazy, self-indulgent, slothful, too sensitive, etc.... Or when it is time to actually ask someone else for help..... I don't post often, but I read on here a lot. I mean, I remember reading about 30 pages of the cupcake thread and being totally amazed that people had that much time on their hands to argue about whether kids should be allowed to bring cupcakes to school. (I certainly have an opinion, I just can't find the time to write 15 pages about it.) ;-) Also, since I do read here a lot, I have certain people in mind that I hope to hear from. Obviously, I don't want to call them out by name, in case they don't want to respond... But, I'm looking at you Rosie! Thanks!
  12. We are going in September too! We also use the ponchos from the camping section at Target. They are pretty cheap ($1 or $2). I have a Disney backpack from Mori Luggage, but I don't see it on their site anymore. Perhaps try a less structured backpack that doesn't sit right on your back to prevent the sweats.
  13. Has he tried forcing a reboot? Hold down the power button on the top AND the sleep/wake button on the front at the same time. Has he tried syncing to iTunes? Charging it through the computer while syncing to iTunes could help.
  14. Short answer... No!!! Dogs are so much work. If you are not a dog person, you are not going to get a lot out of the situation. Can you "borrow" someone else's dog for a few days? Maybe pet sit for someone to get an idea of the responsibilities?
  15. I have not used cloth diapers in a while, but I do use mama cloth. I have a few different things, but my favorite are a fleece top. I think the key is in having different options for different flow days. I have some panty liner type things as well as thicker things for a heavier flow day. I also like darker fabrics.
  16. I disagree about them being equal choices. Apple has far more apps, and the apps are much better vetted.
  17. It's like an Internet filing label. :-)
  18. I thought you were gonna say, "Homeschool your kids." ;-)
  19. You can sell it. People will buy it and fix the screen themselves.
  20. I like to get away from my kids! (Don't tell them I said that...) The idea of an hour to myself motivates me to leave the house and run at a park.
  21. I like Elemental Science, but I haven't used Logic Stage materials yet. I've used the Earth and Space for Grammar stage, and it was very fun.
  22. Ok, I read your post on your blog. Here are my suggestions. First of all, put a basket of some sort on the desk to catch all of the stuff you said that lands there and isn't school related. Second, it looks like you have 3 shelves above the desk. Give each child a shelf. Oldest can have top shelf. Give kinder child the bottom one and include any manipulatives or puzzles they use. Third, I have no idea what a monolith is, but it's super cool looking. :-) I would store all Art and Science stuff in there. Put the kits you are getting at the bottom. Can you angle it in a corner, so that it is easier to get to? I like to angle big things like that instead of having them flat against a wall. Fourth, I love your built-in shelves! What is in the bottom cabinets? Move all of the adult books and albums to that last shelf that you said would be inconvenient for homeschool stuff. Use the rest of the shelves to store whatever books are going to be used for the current year. Make a shelf for any additional puzzles, etc. Keep the books the kids are currently using above the desk. Use the built-ins for books to be used throughout the year. Hth.
  23. I once adopted a dog who was referred to me by a third person. Apparently, the people who gave up the dog were thoroughly convinced that I had adopted the dog in order to give him to a company that performed cosmetic testing on animals. (I am not making this up.) They started calling and leaving messages. I assumed they were insane and didn't respond. They actually called the police who then called me to set up an appointment to check on the dog. I complied and the police just said to ignore the calls after that. The dog was 5 years old at the time. I kept him until he died 12 years later. Yes, the dog lived to be 17 years old. And, no, he was never used for cosmetic testing. :-) All of this to say that it is possible the woman is normal and just thinks you're crazy for trying to get the cat back. Also, if you are concerned, try googling as someone else mentioned. If something concerning comes up, you could probably get the police to check into it.
  24. I don't know how to make an adorable hugging emoticon on my phone - plus I'm not really a hugging type of person. So... Way to go JFSinIL!!!
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