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  1. Quest has one - https://www.questcourses.com/sample-a/ap-us-history/
  2. Have you considered Earlham? I feel that is a potential match for him and the EPIC program seems like a good draw. In addition they don't require the CSS profile which is helpful in your case. Honestly I do feel that he has some solid matches in his list academically but it is the financial part that is difficult. Most schools that require the CSS profile are always going to want both parents info. I am a single parent and this was the most difficult part of the process when my kids were applying to schools. You really need to know what you are working with financially in order to make u
  3. The UC app does not have a place for a school profile or other counselor info like the common app. Instead the student has to include this info in the additional info section or in one of the PIQ prompts. My son, when he applied a few years ago, used the additional info section to discuss homeschooling and how it personally benefited his as a student. He also gave info on what homeschooling looked like for him. If you are on Facebook there is a wonderful group for CA parents that you may want to join - CA Homeschool College Seekers.
  4. I agree with this suggestion. Another CTCL to look into is Knox College. I know D&D is quite big there.
  5. I run Simplify with Farrar. We will be running a sale starting on Monday for Memorial Day. The sale will run for one week and GPS will be 10% off during the sale.
  6. My twins were both QuestBridge finalists. Neither one matched but my son was accepted during regular decision. My daughter was not accepted to any of the schools but this was mostly due to the fact that she decided to major in music half way through the application process which through a wrench into everything. My son has been very happy with his school and the aid package he recieved (which was very generous and included two extra scholarships awarded in the summer to cover books and a future summer internship). He has also enjoyed the extra support of being a QuestBridge scholar on ca
  7. Many, many homeschoolers get accepted to the UCs every year. If you are applying as a PSA student you do not need to worry about a-g at all. Instead your student would either be admitted by exam or by exception as stated already in the thread. My own son was admitted to UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Merced with his homeschool transcript and his ACT score. No AP scores, no SAT subjects tests so it is possible. My best advice would be to have your student have a strong transcript with some AP courses and/or cc courses, strong test scores, and great essays. If you are
  8. My son is at Hamilton and loves it. With the huge bump in applicants this year that is quite an accomplishment. Congrarts to your son.
  9. Agreeing with this as a single parent. Schools that require the CSS Profile want both parent's financial info which is important to keep in mind. I would run Net Price Calculators before making a list. Some private schools don't use the CSS so keep an eye out for them. Also I would add more safety and match schools to his list to create a balance. Maybe look at more CTCL schools like Earlham or St. Olaf.
  10. If you are on Facebook join this group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/CollegeSeekers/ It is a CA based college group that has such knowledgeable people in it who will be able to help.
  11. I have SVT and PVCs. You need to see the cardiologist and get on a heart monitor for a longer period of time. Usually the 48 hour one is just a starting off point and with the amount you are having they will no doubt follow up with various tests. Normally for PVCs that are bothersome they will treat with beta blockers. With SVT they can do beta blockers or an ablation. I am on medication and find it extremely helpful. For some though they prefer the ablation.
  12. My teens and I just watched The Man Who Invented Christmas on Prime. We all enjoyed it.
  13. Definitely see the cardiologist as soon as possible. It sounds like supraventricular tachycardia to me and possibly PoTS. My SVT started showing up in my teens and everyone thought it was just anxiety. It is really quite frightening to a young adult to have your heart race so I hope she gets a proper diagnosis soon.
  14. Last year the high schools in Irvine were open to homeschoolers. They haven't updated their info for this year yet but you could call and check.
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