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  1. We have news! accepted at : UCSB, UCSC, UCMerced, UCIrvine, UCRiverside. waitlisted at UCLA and UCDavis.
  2. Hi Kai - the facebook group was a great help. we sent lots of info off (school profile, textbooks, course descriptions, transcript, etc, etc). we got an acknowledgment back that simply said "thank you. we will get back to you if we have further questions." and so far that is it. will keep you posted. ann
  3. thank you! i have just applied. i hope they are speedy in adding me to the group. thanks again.
  4. we are down to 3.5 days. does anyone have any ideas?!!
  5. dd#4 just received an email from the University of California system asking who certifies our homeschool. we file a private school affidavit, which means we are legal. but not certified per se. all her AP classes are thru pennsylvania homeschoolers and are certified but ??? advice? suggestions? aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh....... they gave her five days or they will cancel processing her application. this never happened with the first three kids.
  6. hi friends - two years ago i did this successfully. can i remember now how? no, i cannot. on the university of california applications there are two additional places for info. in the academic history one, i can upload either the course descriptions or the school profile. which? the second one is for an additional essay i think, but i could use it for the other of the two. suggestions? experience? help?
  7. complete basket case. we dropped dd#3 off yesterday. you would think i would be good at this by now, but apparently not. i am crying at the drop of a hat. youngest is still at home, but now without her buddy. very, very, very hard. and yet its what we all want. getting to live your dream ought not to hurt so much.
  8. i noticed one of our favorite online teachers isn't listed here yet. sheri jackson teaches specific high school science topics (eg. ocean environment, evolution). her email is soapnotes@msn.com she also teaches middle school english courses. she was a great introduction to online classes for our dd#3. dd#4 is registered in both science classes for this autumn, and we'd love people we "know" to be there with us ;). best, ann eta: her website is http://sherrisonlineclasses.weebly.com/
  9. wow, what a great update! i am so glad he is able to see that God can work thru doctors to cure him, as well as helping him do as well (or even better!) as he can in the meantime. hoping wednesday goes really well! blessings, ann
  10. :grouphug: it depends on the person. with some folks, there is no winning for losing, kwim? flip side, there may be things that help. eg. i messaged our families with links every time there was a local school lockdown/violence/drug bust/shooting i didn't comment about homeschooling, but would comment about how awful it was. i sent emails when there were important milestones, as long as they were timely or earlier than in the public school system. and i told the children that it wasn't a healthy relationship move for them to answer questions that were knowledge quizzes. they c
  11. oh no!!! he's a figher; i am just so sorry and angry for him that he has to fight again.... :grouphug: ann
  12. praying for all of you - for safe travels, and wonderful news! ann
  13. oh my goodness that's good news! we'll keep praying! ann
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