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  1. When I was in youth politics one of the provincial politicians, a formidable figure in the party and later a cabinet minister, lived in a double wide. I don't know if he still does.
  2. I think the ads are probably the best solution and I have no issue whatsoever with them.
  3. A good percentage of the houses on my rural road are trailers. I don't know anyone who's trash. A neighbor and I were talking about it because she moved here from a place where there were very few trailers. Her son piped up that he thought it was great because it meant younger people like himself could get a for into the property market, something they couldn't do where they'd lived previously. We looked at a trailer in a park when we first got married. It was by far the nicest place we looked at and if it had been in a more rural location I think we would have bought it.
  4. Jensen's Grammar. It's one book, cheap, and thorough.
  5. That sounds like a great idea. I might have to experiment. See, I find appeals to ease and timings so much better then appeals that mention cancer fighting properties and weight loss. :)
  6. Then what, I ask, is wrong with just licking it off the spoon? :D
  7. Same here. Sounds like a magical claim, a trend, good marketing, cultural exploitation, all of that. Very nice that on one occasion it gave him a boost (hmmm...caffeine and fat giving a tired hungry person a boost? Who'da thunk it?) but to extrapolate miraculous effects for everyone from that is...hucksterish. It's butter coffee. If you live in a chilly climate and need a quick hit of caffeine and fat because you have to work before you can make big breakfast it's ideal. For the average North American there's no mystical reason why spreading the fat on your toast rather then putting it in your coffee wouldn't do the same thing. That said, I love lots of cream in my coffee and am now thinking I might try butter coffee for the pure deliciousness of it.
  8. Who suggested that? I think I was the one that mentioned credit cards but it was me joking about last minute ice scrapers, not suggestion to anyone here. ETA: Yeah, it was my post because you quoted it later. However you also posted the smiley face. I was really, honestly, truly not suggesting that anyone climb on top of their car with a credit card to clear the ice.
  9. I think 1) they either don't realize the hazard our 2) are so familiar with it that they're complacent about it.
  10. One thought about this thread is people are pointing out that one kind of snow, like the dry blow away stuff our lightly packed snow isn't a safety issue... But even if the clump of snow or chunk of ice doesn't hit your car it's a serious shock and distraction to you at a time of the year when you might be dealing with gusts of wind, icy or slushy roads or limited visibility. It's driving that is harder to begin with in all respects and that person in front of you is adding one more variable to the mess?
  11. A credit card is the classic substitution. :D But as I mentioned, Amazon has some beautiful ones for under 20 dollars. People should look for a long one with a scraper on one end and a brunch on the other. A foam grip to protect your hands from the cold metal is a must as well.
  12. I don't. I'm just not sure why that would excuse anyone. I can see that person, in an emergency, not clearing the roof. That happens on occasion to all of us. But generally the circumstances surrounding that person driving are not going to be exceptions. They're going to be planned and/or non-essential. In that case they can either choose not to go or find an alternate solution to the problem. I think most of us are discussing what should be the general rule and expectation, not the rare exceptions.
  13. The point is a hazard is a hazard is a hazard and if one can't personally clear it that doesn't mean they have the right to expose others to harm. It means they have to find another solution to deal with it.
  14. I can understand that. Although all those who've read this thread can no longer claim ignorance of that. :D
  15. I remember an ice storm around that time. I delivered mail on a rural route and someone had put inflated balloons out on a mailbox to welcome some family member home. They were coated in a layer of ice and it was ridiculously cool to see. It was around the same time that Quebec had a devastating ice storm that knocked out power to big parts of Montreal. In order to power a hospital CN Rail took an engine off the tracks, picked grooves in the ice on the roads to act as makeshift rails and drove the engine to the hospital to act as a generator. My geek meter just about exploded when I heard about that. Wish I could have watched that happen!
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