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  1. When I was in youth politics one of the provincial politicians, a formidable figure in the party and later a cabinet minister, lived in a double wide. I don't know if he still does.
  2. I think the ads are probably the best solution and I have no issue whatsoever with them.
  3. A good percentage of the houses on my rural road are trailers. I don't know anyone who's trash. A neighbor and I were talking about it because she moved here from a place where there were very few trailers. Her son piped up that he thought it was great because it meant younger people like himself could get a for into the property market, something they couldn't do where they'd lived previously. We looked at a trailer in a park when we first got married. It was by far the nicest place we looked at and if it had been in a more rural location I think we would have bought it.
  4. Jensen's Grammar. It's one book, cheap, and thorough.
  5. Criticism is a good thing when it helps us evaluate claims and review how we make decisions. Homeopathy works because it's a placebo. That's the science behind it. It will temporarily suppress symptoms for certain people. It will not cute or treat any underlying issues. What's claimed in regards to homeopathy is that like cures like and the smaller the dose, the more powerful the effect. So coffee makes a healthy person jittery? Then it will cure someone suffering from the jitters. Only it must be diluted first. So the coffee is diluted but it is absolutely standard to dilute to such a degree that not even a molecule of the coffee is in the eventual solution or pill the is prescribed to the patient. I am not exaggerating. People were joking about what city water might do if homeopathy were real but the city water generally contains minute quantities of the birth control hormones pills and anti depressants that people flush down the toilets and yet that water contains much more of those then any homeopathic remedy would because the dilution would be so much greater. Try it. Beer can make a normal person drunk so the homeopathic remedy for drunkenness or any symptoms of it (slurred speech, depression) would be to dilute beer until there is no molecular trace of it in the remedy and then ingest that. Would that make sense?
  6. Okay! I went to look that up. It was apparently brought to India by a couple of Germans so it does circle back to the west and likely to the same doctor that first proposed it.
  7. My point is that homeopathy isn't natural or holistic. Those two terms mean something beyond, "not conventional medicine" and that meaning is devalued when things like homeopathy are lumped in with them. Whether people might move on to different treatments or not is, for me, beside the point. Initially someone is still being referred to, passing money for and wasting time on something that will not work beyond, best case, some temporary relief of symptoms.
  8. Dovrar - here's a link :-)
  9. I think I'll still point out that it came from the west and was proposed by a western physician operating under mistaken assumptions in a western system. :) It's been my experience that people seem to think it's got a long and honored history of practice somewhere and that tends to add a sheen of respectability that homeopathy doesn't deserve. It's wholly a product of all things western and deserves to be understood and measured in that context. ETA: That homeopathy fails utterly when measured by the standards of western medicine doesn't mean it gets to be shuffled off to another category so it can get off lightly.
  10. I don't doubt your stories. Saying homeopathy is a placebo is not saying it doesn't work. I once had a woman take away the pain of a bad burn by waving her hands over my injury. I didn't truly believe she was channeling entries our whatever she thought she was doing, but it had a placebo effect regardless and spread the pain. Placebos can be very effective for temporarily suppressing symptoms. They just can't offer real treatments or cures and that's something people should be away of, especially if there's money involved. You also don't need to know about the placebo effect for it to work. My most powerful painkiller when it comes to my toddler's injuries is a kiss. He knows nothing about placebos but the kiss works every time. I don't doubt what you said about oil of oregano either. Like a lot of plants, it has antibiotic properties. I was very sceptical of the "cellular level" line. I find that when people are very sketchy on the science behind something cells, molecules and quantum physics are terms that pop up like dandelions in order to make something sound "sciencey". I think it's great that you're asking. I'm just giving you some of the information you may need. Keep asking! :-)
  11. Homeopathy is western. It was proposed by a German at the end of the 1800s. It was based on some now-outdated and mistaken thinking by one physician. It is not part of any cultures longer tradition of healing and medicines and should not be confused with things like naturopathy or conflated with natural or holistic medicine.
  12. Homeopathic remedies are placebos. Any active ingredients are diluted to such a degree that they effectively no longer present. This is because of some beliefs that have no basis in science at all. Any one with a biochemical background will confirm this. I don't know about essential oils but the explanation you were given sounds funny. Is be looking for evidence that they work in the first place.
  13. Here are some new (to me) options from a UK site, Courses are free unless you want to be free of the ads. Basic Chemistry Advanced Chemistry 1 Advanced Chemistry 2 Alison seems to be a reputable site that focuses on providing people with basic workplace skills. This is what they say about the publisher and materials:
  14. I have just decided to worship you as the Goddes of Homeschool Science. :D
  15. LOVE the photo in your new avatar! :)

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