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  1. I think the ads are probably the best solution and I have no issue whatsoever with them.
  2. Here are some new (to me) options from a UK site, Alison.com. Courses are free unless you want to be free of the ads. Basic Chemistry Advanced Chemistry 1 Advanced Chemistry 2 Alison seems to be a reputable site that focuses on providing people with basic workplace skills. This is what they say about the publisher and materials:
  3. I have just decided to worship you as the Goddes of Homeschool Science. :D
  4. LOVE the photo in your new avatar! :)

  5. You stole 186 cookies!


    Rules of the game: if you find this (anyone except the cookie thief themselves) then post here to say "I caught the cookie thief! BUT... someone else took 187 cookies from the cookie jar!" That way we know this player has been caught and we'll look on another profile. Next, copy this entire post and paste it onto someone else's profile (player must have more than 100 posts and must have been active in the last month.) Lastly, change the numbers so each increase by one. It will be easier to track that way. Please post your findings in the thread entitled SOMEONE STOLE A COOKIE! Forum Game. Have Fun!

  6. I was thinking the same thing! :D

  7. How come I haven't friended you yet?! I totally need to friend you!

  8. I prefer to think the windmill is just spinning in a different direction.:)

  9. I think your mind is quite something. Good for you for fighting the science fight. I just think you're tilting at a willfully stupid windmill. lol

  10. Thanks for your comment. :) I missed it because I was away visiting family for a week.

  11. Lovely thoughts about honoring your mother. O love that you didn't seem to twist scripture like some other posts that just struck me wrong. You worded it just right.

  12. :D That's me writing when I've had my ritalin and too much coffee!

  13. Dawn, you're killin' me!!! I'm howling at your scenario!

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