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    I have Essentials in Writing 12 available for the cost of shipping. The materials are in excellent condition. Please pm me if interested. 1togo



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    I have The Write Foundation Paragraph Writing and Essay Writing available for cost of shipping. The texts and worksheets are in excellent condition from a non-smoking home. Please pm if interested. 1togo



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    I have Math Relief Algebra 1 & 2 for sale for $65. The sets include all of the DVDs and printed worksheets/worksheet answers - a storage box full of materials. The price includes shipping. Please pm if interested. I only accept Paypal. Thank you for looking. 1togo


  4. Thank you everyone! Angie, yes, that is exactly what I want to do! A dear friend told me that she wept as she packed up her home school materials after her last dc was finished because home schooling is such a personal time with our precious children. When we home school our children, we are choosing them. As they move into the adult world and independence, we hope they choose us by asking us to be part of their lives. We have about 8 weeks before dd is off to a retreat for college fiddling group, and then, even though she will be living at home the first year of college, she will be on campus five days per week, often for long hours due to rehearsals. She is travelling for fall break, so it will be Christmas before she can sit a spell.

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    I have Novare Introductory Physics available for cost of shipping. The materials are in excellent condition. Please pm if interested. 1togo



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    I have Beyond the Book Report - Seasons 1,2,3 available for cost of shipping. The materials are in excellent condition. Please pm if interested. 1togo


  7. Colleen, I haven't been on the boards in a while because of graduation and end-of-the-year music, but I read the post about your son, and I am so happy to hear the news about his scholarships and plans. Wonderful! Wonderful! 1togo
  8. Adding an update. Dd will be going to University of Mobile for a Bachelor's of Music - Vocal Performance with a Concentration in Musical Theater. She was accepted into UM's fiddling group, Welsh Revival, which means traveling and performance during the school year, recording an album with the group, and then a mission trip to Romania next May. She also plans to take production classes and work on a 2nd degree in business marketing. She did get a start with dual enrollment last semester, but this looks like a 5-year plan plus summer school to me. We are excited for her and the opportunities that we did not have. P.S. Thank you to everyone for the support along the way. Dd has had to work hard for every.single.thing. There have been many hurdles, especially in the music world, and nothing has come easily.
  9. Grades are between student and college in our neck of the woods. We're paying a big chunk of the bill, so we expect disclosure from dc.
  10. Listed below are ways grades were compiled last semester for dd's college classes: Multiple choice tests on lecture materials - not memorize & dump, written to require reasoning, comprehension & evaluation Tests with several 1- 2 page essays using multiple resources Online posts to prof. prompts with responses to classmate posts Test prep check for bonus points Mid-length essays using multiple resources; i.e. assigned book + lecture material (From history prof - so good but lots of work.) Other writing assignments for bonus points. Movie analysis for psychology - (Also good.) Class discussions So many ways to assess. 1togo
  11. J&J, I have had success with the Classifieds on WTM. I post each item or set separately, and I include Priority Mail in the price, so I don't need to find boxes. I haven't made a lot of money, and sometimes I've posted items for just cost of shipping, but I've kept what last dc wants and found homes for everything else. 1togo
  12. We used TC for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, and Geometry. TC, combined with tutoring from Mr. Zimmerman, brought youngest dc out of math darkness. I worked through all of the lessons side-by-side with dc and love TC. Mr. Z is working on a Pre-Calculus course. If TC is working, I would stay the course.
  13. Yes, we had a very difficult time fitting everything in. Youngest dc wanted to do 4 years of Latin but had to let Latin go for theater and voice during the senior year. There just weren't enough hours in the day to practice violin, voice, learn lines, and attend rehearsals/productions in addition to academics. Working out is important to us as well, so we began the day with that - walking or gym or personal trainer. Also, many upper-level high school courses took more than an hour per day. For various reasons, none of our children had a lot of down time during high school.
  14. I did not work during our home school years (just graduated youngest dc) because all of our children needed me in some way - academic help, emotional support, accountability, social interaction. In addition, all of our children participated in performing arts and/or worked. We have a big age spread, so even though we had drivers, I usually had to take the olders to activities because I needed the car to drive the youngest. So, the reality of home schooling high school in our family was lots of driving and hard work. I've been on this board for a few years and read posts about high achieving, independent children with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I was always inspired by what other families are doing, but at the same time, it wasn't my world. We had high school students who needed help - severe learning disabilities to struggles in specific academic areas. Our successes came through plugging away. Each family is unique.
  15. We are finished with home schooling. I am selling or giving away most of our curriculum, and I do not have to look for curriculum for the new year. I thought I would be thrilled, but here I am, sitting in my craft room; i.e. the former school room, and I feel like crying. Many of the courses went through the hands of all of our children. Memories are being put into Priority Mail boxes and sent away. Wah! 1togo
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