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  1. Like a reading assignment for the week and then group discussion with other kids and a teacher. Maybe even assessments thrown in. Anything like this out there? Thanks
  2. I wait until they can read well and then have then do Apologia with the notebook journals and Notgrass history. They can do these independently. My kids love both of these curriculum.
  3. Thank you ladies. You're right, public school is a bad idea. I could tailor his education and get him where I want to be academically. I don't like the homeschool coop options in my town but I guess I'll have to make do. Thanks for talking me off the cliff.
  4. Yes, obviously... I just need to roll ideas around in my head. Even though I have no idea what your school district is like, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you consider your local school district in this situation? Why or why not?. That's all I'm asking for. Experiences, opinions, advice... I've always carried a disdain for public school education, but here I am considering it. And I know schools vary wildly. My local one is not great, just average, maybe slightly below average.
  5. I've always homeschooled all my kids, but next year they are all going to an academically advanced charter school but one: my 3rd grader is behind in reading, so they wouldn't accept him. I was all set to homeschool him with Barton this year, but I'm thinking that with his siblings going to school and having that social experience, and him home with only me, that he'll be very unhappy and bored. So I'm thinking about putting him in the local school district and tutoring him after school, or even during school if they'd let me. Would that be disastrous? My primary goal is to get him caught
  6. R&S 3 was more grammar than I got in public school, so I'm sure she's well prepared by now.
  7. Yes, we'd take third grade, but I'm really hoping for 4th for his self-esteem. ?
  8. It depends how quickly she picks up reading in the next two months. If she makes leaps and bounds, then she is going to a fantastic charter school with her sisters! If she's still struggling like she is now, I'll keep her home with her struggling brother and do: Barton Reading and Spelling Saxon math 1 or 2, whatever she tests into Copy work in cursive Read alouds with oral narration.
  9. No, not formally. I've been teaching him reading from regular phonics books, waiting for it to click. He's my fourth child I've taught to read, so I know how an average reader progresses. I've also tutored a unrelated 12 year old girl with Barton for 18 months and saw it worked wonders with her, but I didn't want to use it unless absolutely necessary on my son because it's tedious. But after the charter school said he didn't even test into 2nd grade, it was a wake up call to me to get him reading now. He's feeling dumb because his peers can read already.
  10. My upcoming third grader is reading at a first grade level. His siblings all made it into a rigorous charter school, but they wouldn't take him. So I get to focus just on him this year and get him tested into 4th grade next year at the charter school. Can we do it? I sure hope so. Barton reading and spelling, plus vision therapy CLE LA 3 Saxon math 3 & 5/4, double pace if he's up to it. Copy work in cursive Lots of reading and read alouds with oral narration.
  11. After 9 years of homeschooling, I'm throwing in my hat (for now) and enrolling my 5 school-age kids into a really good charter school next year.  At this point I feel like they will get a better education there than what I am able to give them.  We'll see!  I'm sad and excited.

    1. Soror


      Hugs, I hope all goes well.

    2. TKDmom


      I did the same this year (after 8 years of homeschool). Lot of mixed feelings. They're (mostly) doing well. Homeschooling prepared them better than I thought at the time.

    3. Tsuga


      Hugs. You did amazing things for your kids and you are willing to change as they grow. Major respect for you in that--many, many people are too lazy or rigid to do either.

  12. At my previous house I set up in my storage room. I put felt on my deep freezer as my background.
  13. Oops, sorry y'all. It reminds me of a modern version old fashioned CM LA books with picture study and all. I guess I'm way out of touch with cm now. It's been a long time.
  14. The Good and the Beautiful http://www.jennyphillips.com/good-beautiful/
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