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  1. We started school this week. Everyone is on track or ahead! We kept the house clean and I worked some. We will see how it goes adding dance and theater in next week.
  2. I have not used that, but I used there separate subjects. We usually do 2 a year, that’s 20 chapters. Looks like yours is about 22. I would just plan a chapter a week. Then you have lots of time to play with. If you miss a week, no big deal. ?
  3. Are you in a state where you have to report what grade he is in? If not, it doesn't really matter. Go with the 7th grade work, if that's what he's drawn to. But if you don't think he is ready for "high school" work in two years, do an extra year of 8th grade. My son is 11 with a September 23 birthday. We call him 7th grade for all activities because he is very mature and generally does better with older students in social situations. He keeps up with the work right now. But if he can't finish the work this year, we just spread it out over two years and he gets one more year at home. I also don't have to report, so changing his grade in the future is not an issue. He has lots of friends who will be 6th grade this year. So he will not be left alone socially. I hope 7th grade works out for you!
  4. My daughter is almost 8. We don't use any labeling terms. We have talked about how her brain works differently and that means she has to focus more and that reading will just take some time. She has dyslexia and ADHD. We talk about focus and we work on it, but I don't want her to feel there is something wrong, so I don't use the labels. When she is older we will talk more specifically about it; but right now, she has no one to compare herself too. She does not know she is behind. I don't want to discourage her by presenting a label. She just thought the testing was a lot of fun. :)
  5. I don't see any reason for a 6 year old to do math for an hour. My 4th grader has only ever done an average of 20 minutes a day in math. Occasionally, a harder topic with take longer. Some days he begs for more math. Even when we hit a topic we struggled with (long division), we did short lessons. 4 problems a day until he was confident with it. He has still excelled and is very strong on math. More is not always better. Especially with an advanced child.
  6. Do you think we would need AoPS prealgebra after SM 6b?
  7. I looked on eBay and Amazon for used. They are pretty pricey and I can't find everything. If I can figure out that other website, I will try that. If not? I have heard good things about AoPS. Is prealgebra necessary after SM 6b? I found the placement tests, but we haven't started level 6, I am just trying to gauge where we might be in the fall.
  8. How do you even start to order from there? I could not find prices or anything. If I can figure it out, I will probably just order everything at once. But, I still need a good back up plan. I want one program. We don't have the time to do two math programs.
  9. My plan has always been to put Aidan in Discovering Mathematics when he finished SM primary mathematics. It has worked so well for him! I went to look for prices to add to my shopping list - and they discontinued it!! They changed it to Dimensions mathematics, aligned it to common core, made two years worth and now don't plan to finish the other two years. I can't start an integrated program and then stop halfway through. Ugh!! So now I need suggestions. Here is where we are: Aidan is 9.5. He is starting SM 6a this week. He will finish it by the end of the school year. We will start 6b in the fall or work through it over the summer I he wants to. Math comes easy for him. He makes errors because he does not write his work out fully or because he rushes. Rarely because he does not grasp a concept. Right now, he still needs review of dividing with fractions and some work with percents. Both will be covered more in level 6. If he is still weak, we will do "Key to ...." Books on the needed topics. What would be a good program for a 10 year old after SM 6b???
  10. Thanks! I can teach it, I may buy the solutions just to have on hand for difficult problems. :)
  11. I am good with math. I took through calculus and have tutored advanced algebra. So I feel pretty confident in my ability to teach. How much teacher support is built into the program? Are solutions fully worked out? Or just answers? Is it easy to teach like the early levels?
  12. Lilly will be doing: AAR (hopefully 2 & maybe into 3) - this seems to be working for her so we will continue until she is reading fluently. AAS 1 SM 1a (finish) & SM 1b SOTW 1 (she is doing 4 this year with her brother.) RS4K Biology level 1/focus on middle school with lots of supplements, and human anatomy with various living books. Song School Latin 2 Rod and Staff English 2
  13. Aidan is 9 and currently in 4th grade. He just finished SM 5b. 6a is short and he will easily finish it by the end of the school year. After 6b, should we move on to Discovering mathematics? He will be starting that in 5th grade. SM has been workin really well and he gets math quickly and easily.
  14. My 9 year old (4th grade) is doing Memoria Press' Alphabet book right now and loving it! I am trying to decide what to do next year. I am debating between MP's Koine Greek and Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek. Any opinions? Also, if we go with Hey Andrew, do we start on level 2 after doing the Alphabet book?
  15. The illustrations are very similar, just a lot more information!
  16. Next year I will have a 5th an a 2nd grader. They have been doing modern history together this year. I want to keep them somewhat together next year. We will start SOTW over with my 2nd grader. My 5th grader will use the kingfisher and Usborne history encyclopedias as guides for a timeline, but the bulk of his history will be from living books I have collected from library book sales. I plan to have him do a history timeline notebook. What I need are fun project ideas to do together. What are your favorite history projects that would benefit a 5th grader and be fun for a 2nd grader? I have a chicken mummy on the list already. :) We will be on ancients.
  17. Yes, they are the same. They changed the way they named the levels. I did the prelevel books with my kids for 1st/2nd and we are using the level 1/middle school books for 3rd/4th grade.
  18. We learned the 5 paragraph essay in high school. It was one of many formats we learned. It was an important skill for me because so many of my high school (and then college) exams had essay sections. I had spent so much time practicing the method that I could write one in less than 5 minutes. I think it is a good format for spewing information quickly on a test. We also learned outlining, notecards, and many other methods of wiring fiction and non-fiction. I think it is good to have a lot of tools in the toolbox. :)
  19. My son did handstands and cartwheels during school when he was 6. He is 9 and he still needs that sometimes. My daughter is 6. She can sit still for 5 minutes unless it is art. Relax. Do school on the floor or snuggled on the couch. She will learn more.
  20. At 4, my son was ready to read. He focused easily and he learned quickly with 100ez lessons. He still had off days. On those days, we stopped. At 4, my daughter desperately wanted to read so that she could read books to the new baby. She was not ready. When she asked, we tried. But I did not push and definitely did not punish for normal 4 yo focus issues. She is 4. Play games, read to her and back off. She will learn to read and it will be fine.
  21. Do you need two math programs? I would just go with SM and do some history or science instead of two math programs. RS4K science is easy for a busy schedule. The halter a are quick reads and full of good info. I plan one book a semester. That gives me lots of extra time. One chapter and one experiment a week are easy and if we miss a week, no big deal. We have a busty schedule too. I work evenings and the kids come with me some. For my 4th grader, I teach him his lessons and we save the written practice for while he sits at the studio with me. He keeps busy and has more play time at home. When you are ready to add history, get SOTW on cd (or something else on cd) and listen while in the car. Then you can discuss and add extra reading as needed.
  22. Oops! Hit post on accident! We repeat lessons for a couple of days, we take a week to finish a lesson in pieces, we take a break and write in glue for a day. :) once I stopped thinking I her as behind and started to work where she was I was less stressed. In PS, she would be "behind" and we would both feel the pressure of getting her to level. She does not know there is a problem. She wants to read and we are slowly getting there but she has no one to compare to.
  23. I am 100% convinced that homeschooling my DD is muh easier than navigating the PS system would be with her. We go for testing in Dec (4 month wait! Ugh!) but we are making progress. I have read every book on dyslexia and ADHD that I could find. I also talked to other moms with dyslexic children and a friend who's specialty before having kids was LDs. I changed curricula to fit her needs. Everything is multi sensory. We have pictures, manipulatives, games, and worksheets. We have days where we make baby steps everyday and all is great, then we have a day where it seems she has forgotten it all. Once I learned to relax, she will get it when she gets it, everything started to go better.
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