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  1. My 9th grader's plans are here: http://eclectic-homeschool.com/9th-grade-plans/ We haven't started our school year yet, but we are moving to another country this year and may need to juggle when some things are done and what resources we will use. Hopefully, I won't need to change things too much.
  2. I have pretty much stayed away from science curriculum until my children were ready for high school science. Library books, videos, and activities did a good job preparing them for future studies. I organized the resources into unit studies for my kids to use, sometimes they did things independently.
  3. We haven't started yet! I'm hoping that we will start next week. We moved temporarily and have most things in storage and will move again later this school year.
  4. Can you help me out? I did a homeschool philosophies quiz over a year ago. I just redid it with some changes to the classical category based on suggestions from others. If you take the quiz, can you tell me if your classical score came out high? You can find it here: http://eclectic-homeschool.com/homeschool-philosophies-quiz/
  5. We take time in the morning for Bible. It is usually more relaxed and not curriculum-based. Sometime we just watch Christian music videos and meditate. On a typical day my older kids have some private time and then we come together for a little Bible study. We are slowly going through a book of the Bible and studying verse by verse. With my youngest we read a Bible story book. For high school, Bible will still be part of our day, but it won't be for credit or graded.
  6. I used WWW and it was very heavy on memorization. We ended up not finishing the book because memorization wasn't an effective method for my kid.
  7. Can anyone recommend lectures or a text for astronomy? This is for a kid who has lived and breathed astronomy so he doesn't want any kind of introduction. He is looking for something that explores more indepth even if the math is over his head (finished Algebra 1). Planetary science is his favourite topic. I'm looking for a 1/2 credit for him on this. Any ideas?
  8. I'm still getting together plans, but 9th grade will look something like this for my kid who has a high interest in STEM : Math: AOPS Counting and Probability 0.5 and AOPS Geometry 1 History: World War 2 - Present (homegrown: text+documentaries+++) 1 American Government and Politics (homegrown: text? and following the election) 0.5 Literature and Composition (Eclectic mix, still deciding on resources) 1.0 French (finish French 1 with Contacts and Mango and start French 2 with Contacts) Arabic (finish Arabic 2 with Arabic for Life and Introduction to Spoken Standard Arabic A Conversational Course) Java Programming (online course TBD) 1 Chemistry (Chang textbook? and lab) 1 Astronomy (homegrown: text +) 0.5 Other electives: Fine Arts 0.5 and PE 0.5
  9. Thanks! That helps. I took a correspondence course back in the 1990s and it was sooooo dry! It looks like I'll probably end up using an actual text, maybe Chang. And then I'll have to put off the labs until later.
  10. Thanks Dicentra. I've looked at ILC as an option. I can't find any information about what classes are like through ILC. Are they mostly online reading, video lectures, or something else? Do they use a textbook? My son's major request for his chemistry course is that it is interesting and from what I've heard ILC is pretty dry. Is that correct?
  11. Good idea. We'll be living in an old house without clean water for awhile. Hmm, I wonder if there is a chemistry project we can do related to the well water issues. Anyone know?
  12. Thanks! He is more interested in the self-paced version.
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