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  1. #337 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Just posted this on another forum in response to a judgmental bigot.

  2. Did you obtain permission from Satan in order to use his pan?

  3. Thanks for explaining this and OP, thanks for starting this thread. DH is deploying soon (which will be another thread all on it's own) and I've made the decision to attend the local UU church that we have tried in the past.
  4. Yes, I have PhD in BS (not the degree kind of BS).

  5. You're really a Dr, arentcha?

  6. Dang, you're a dog? I thought you were an armadillo disguised as a dog. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a lion I only play one on the internet.

  7. I hope you get pain relief soon, but All I could think when I read your post was, "What's the full story on that armadillo!?" Off to google armadillo, leprosy, and children...

  8. I was looking at your blog and laughed so hard at your Mitten Knittin'! I wasn't sure how to post a comment on your blog so I thought I would here, I am a new blogger so you'll have to excuse me :-) Very funny blog, thanks for the laughs!

  9. You're welcome! I was going to send you the link to the thread about this on, but it's YOUR thread! LOL :lol:
  10. Oh, I just remembered! We considered OU High School for our oldest. Like a pp said, "sign up for what you want THEN add on Italian". You are not likely to find a program that has every single thing you want. ETA: That note from Governor Rendell wasn't a testimonial OR an endorsement. It was a letter written to a graduating student. It seems odd that they would post that as a testimonial.
  11. I read a bit more about that accreditation "board" that they use. There are quite a few online academies as well as some brick and mortar schools, some in my area. It doesn't seem like a very rigorous accreditation process. Have you looked into dual enrollment at a local community college? For instance, you can take English I and have it count for both high school AND college credit. How about Calvert? They have been around for many years and I considered them at one point.
  12. I'm not saying that they lied about accredidation, just that anyone CAN. The fact that they are listed on the accredidation website is good. Like I said, I had never heard of them until today. I read a abit about them and they claim that the student "earns high school and college credit at the same time". How can they say that? The college determines that, not a correspondence high school. Maybe they were talking about AP or CLEP? It seems like you were having reservations, which is why you started this thread. Maybe it's your intuition? And, yes, they would go to this much trouble to scam a person. I'm not saying that Bridgeway is that way, but people in general who want to get something over on someone else WILL put that much time and effort into it.
  13. Read this. Still looking.
  14. I'm still googling. I'd be leary of sending someone $600, though. That's just me. If I were going to spend that kind of money it would be for something that has been around for MANY MANY YEARS, like Calvert or something similar. I had never heard of Bridgeway Academy until this morning. Yes, you can lie about accredidation and having a storefront doesn't mean anything. I know I sound really cynical. I just hate scammers. I did a whois search for the owner of the domain name and found nothing listed. (It lists GoDaddy which is how mine shows up, too simply because I bought my domain name through them.) What I did find through googling is that they offer Adult G.E.D classes which seems like an easy money-maker. Not saying that that is BAD, per se,....just there it is.
  15. It reminds me of those sites operated by that very controversial woman in the homeschooling community, can't remember her name, but I'd know it if I saw it..... I tried to find the name of the owner on google, but havn't had any luck so far.
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