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  1. But, to be fair, the thread was NOT "a long thread to make fun of religious beliefs". It was what ppl were previously told was evil and now they believe otherwise. Because most of us have had interaction with xians (because they dominate America and to my knowledge most of the board members are American....) those comprised the majority of responses. I'm still baffled by the new xian desire to cast themselves as the downtrodden martyers when they are STILL the ones attempting to suppress the rights of others in this country!!! Based on their religious book!!!! :confused: It is simply un.believable. I respect the fact that ppl can believe whatever they want, but it is still okay for me to say that men putting their mouths on babies peniss is WRONG. That's not hateful, it's opinion.
  2. I would continue to argue with the people who can change it and I would point out that it is THEIR ERROR that is causing us to be billed incorrectly to the tune of X dollars. I would continue to go over the heads of those telling me NO. If they continued to refuse I would ask how they plan to compensate me for THEIR ERROR.
  3. LOL. No, I doubt that Penn Jillette would agree. He would speak to the fact that we do not fear an imaginary bus. ;)
  4. Exactly. It sounds like some of the worst kind of bigotry and ethnocentrism to invade (and yes, I used that word purposely) another person's culture/country to try to engender them to your religion. :glare: "You are NOT good enough as you are. I MUST convert you to MY way of thinking!" :001_huh:
  5. Stop trying to get him to stop and instead find ways of reducing his stress. I don't know what those ways would be, but you are likey CAUSING him more stress by focusing on his stress-relieving mechanism, kwim? :grouphug:
  6. Cabbage Patch Dolls, Smurfs, rock music, rap music, make-up, trendy clothing, masturbation, bingo, the fact that I can write backwards ("witchcraft"), Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, E.T. ("looks like aborted fetus and is a tool of the pro-choice groups"), etc. ad nauseum. :glare:
  7. Sounds like coach is just an immature girl who didn't think it through. I wouldn't be upset about it, no.
  8. 2 months would seem like a walk in the park after the last deployment. However, I will say this: The last one was the worst one. The kids were older and had LOTS more questions. I was not as good about passing long the communication from their father (dh) to them. He emailed directly with our oldest, but the younger two didn't have email. Our youngest kept saying, "Dad is dead. I think Daddy is dead" over and over again. One day that she said it I just lost it and cried til my toenails hurt. I kept telling her everyday that he wasn't dead, but, truly,....I was guessing and hoping. He could have been and then for the rest of her life it would be, "my mom lied to me about the most important thing ever". I withdrew from my friends. I shouldn't have, but I did. I was depressed and didn't realize it. Keep a good support system and use them! Don't withdraw, even if you want to. I just kinda' tucked inside myself and let no one in. :grouphug:
  9. I wouldn't punish her for that. She was angry/frustrated and she said it. I don't think that we can expect kids to speak exactly as we want when they are angry.
  10. Yep, daily. I burn Prana by HEM. I buy it by the case at Spices of India! :001_smile:
  11. When my oldest was a newborn and I had discovered that she would ONLY sleep on her back my Masters Degree in Nursing friend tsked in disapproval. (She hadn't had her first child yet.) She also spouted the whole "back to sleep" thing. (BTS was a brand-new recommendation then.) I said,"What's the mantra we say about breastfeeding? The most important thing is FEED THE BABY!....Well, right here, right now,.....we need to LET THE BABY SLEEP and if this baby will only sleep on her tummy then that is how she is gonna sleep!" And I let her know that I would not entertain anymore discussion about it. In the end, you have to do what works.
  12. I can tell that this is an emotionally charged issue for you, but the above is not really what this board is about. If we all had to provide our pedigree and back everything we say up with research,.....then that is a totally different dynamic, kwim? When someone posts about a math curriculum we don't ask how they are qualified to respond and ask to see their research. We are simply talking about our experiences, our opinions, etc. While baby safety, yes is more important than math curriculum, we are still only offering our opinions and experiences. I think that perhaps you are looking for too much "hard evidence" from the wrong place. :001_huh:
  13. But, tcb, didn't you write that you breathed a sigh of relief when your child turned 4? SIDS risk should decrease well before the age of 4, iirc. We are all talking about personal anecdotes here. Many of us have researched them, too and have come to a different conclusion than you have. That doesn't make us horrible people, just different. Having a child and parents who can sleep reduces risk, too. An overtired mom with a screaming, overtired baby is at risk for an auto accident, for example. I did what I knew to be best for my babies at the time and I would do it again. They are now 15, 7, and 6. People can be shocked and appalled all they want. :glare:
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