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  1. We homeschooled for sooooo many reasons. It started out that my oldest was a bit advanced. Then it was that my 2nd had some struggles. But quickly, we added spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, academic, and family reasons. It still was, primarily, my daughter's advanced academics that stood out though. I always put together our own curricula with numerous recommended (on this site) resources. One weird thing we did was to do each math with two different programs rather than just doing each once. My daughter started dual and concurrent enrollment as a young teen (she had done some college classes unofficially earlier though). The year she was going to graduate, she got an illness that held her back a year. She ended up graduating high school in 2009 at 16. She did college immediately, an IT major. She currently works for Apple. She is considering going back to school for accounting. She is 26. My second child struggled through schooling and I really wish we had been in the position to consider public school for him for high school. That wasn't the case though. We ended up using a correspondence program just so he could check off boxes and say he was done. 😕 He started community college for a trade at 17. He did well with it, but didn't stick with it. He had trouble keeping a job due to his struggles though he is a good worker; but he has worked fairly consistently. For the last 13 months, he has been working for a construction company and doing very well. He is considering what direction to go with it (job pays for education and training). He just turned 24.
  2. Ok...I can't read 7 pages of messages. I scanned part of page 1 and 7. No curfews here. EVERYONE is responsible to be respectful. Respectful means letting people know when you'll be around and when you won't. :shrug: When the oldest two were teens, that meant calling/texting by 6:30 and then again "as necessary" (changing locations, people you're with, etc) letting us know what is up. They now have their own home and don't do that. Well, except the 24yo is here during the week so we do ask him to as I'm planning on him being here for supper unless I know otherwise. As for the worrying because he could be upside down in a ditch? Yeah, I get that. And that is why they should let us know what's up. "Hey mom, not gonna be home til closer to midnight." But it isn't their problem if that means we choose to stay up til midnight to make sure they got home. It might make more sense to set an alarm for midnight to make sure he made it home so you can sleep two hours in between. You *will* be able to learn to. I mean, you'd have to if he moved out, right? I mean, I was anxious when the kids moved out. I was even more anxious when my daughter ended up living alone 95% of the time. But I did learn to chill. It is a choice. You can do this. Its not wise to treat him like he is 15 when he is an adult. But it absolutely makes sense that he has to be respectful. Each household member lets each other know when they'll be home. And each is quiet when other family members are sleeping. If you can't do that, there is a problem. For an adult, that may mean needing to find other living arrangements. But it probably won't come down to that. Probably, he just needs to be more respectful and you have to let him grow up 🙂
  3. Well, I know all about FASD. UGH Glad they are doing better in some ways. We have had some huge changes (not putting publicly); but it has resulted in HUGE changes and progress for my middle boys 🙂
  4. Entire program is available free at the website. He has a lot of YouTube videos also. You can also watch Forks Over Knives, follow on FB, etc. LOTS of success stories. This can be turned around pretty quickly and easily if he so chooses.
  5. I can't vote! I say it both ways depending on the context! Lived in Texas almost all my life 🙂
  6. Melissa, how are the twins doing? Scarlett, but I thought they were like 8 and 10? They grew up? Did you give them permission for that?!?!?!
  7. It's not particularly old; but my hair isn't that long currently. I'll try to find a newer pic :)
  8. I never hear about my Sweet Little Monkey. She went to fictive kin in NC. I hope she eventually settled and is doing well. Hopefully the other 50 kids that came through here are also :)
  9. So I'm back :) One child started homeschooling in Sept Another started several weeks ago Another this week Another is too young but we're hoping she can homeschool throughout One child is still in school. This is best for everyone. I feel "real" again. I was a homeschooling mom (first two homeschooled all but 8 weeks ever, graduating in 2009 and 2012) and I am a homeschool mom (hopefully for the next 16ish years). Missed y'all.
  10. I was looking at this just last week. My son turns 4 in July. I found calendar journal pages (mostly looking at ones with minimal writing). For example, I liked this one: (scroll down because she does the wall thing too). Anyway, I love the idea of a big wall, but I really am past having my whole decor be about homeschooling (right or wrong). ETA: I looked up the Confessions of a Homeschooler and like that one also (though it has much more writing).
  11. I heard Laurel and so did my 10yo. My hubby, 12, 11, and 3 year olds all hear "Yarry" which seems to be a common third thing to hear. Also, the Laurel just sounds like a low computer man's voice; but my hubby make it sound like Yarry sounds creepy.
  12. Well, some of mine have FASD. Generally, the rule with that is to subtract 4-5 years. Pretty sure one of mine needs more than that subtracted. But one doesn't need even half of that subtracted. Different degrees of the issue as well as just being different kids. Generally, ideally, I think, we need to treat our kids as individuals and meet them where they are. That is *much* easier said than done at times.
  13. Hopefully this is one of the missing two and the last child is found soon. Hopefully they can all be laid to rest. I didn't read y'all's thread on the incident (haven't been very active on the WTM boards in awhile); but I'm terribly saddened that these children were so failed by so many adults who could have made a difference in their lives.
  14. My daughter had some "old blood" at six. I took her to the doctor immediately. She did have some very early signs of puberty; but she was definitely not about to start her period. The doctor thought we'd have 1 & 1/2 years but possibly with some break-through sometimes. Thankfully, she waited until the month before she turned 10. So we were prepared for it a long time before it actually happened. And yes, just like you were sad inside that this could be it, we definitely were happy that it waited. I think it is perfectly fine to have an opinion about whether it is good or bad as long as you don't make a deal out of it to her. She will develop her own opinion.
  15. 13 years AND 110 pounds (though I could see changing the weight requirement since some of my kids might not make that full grown). These are the same requirements I had for my oldest kids who turned 13 over a decade ago. I haven't seen any different standards to make me reconsider. Since 50% of 10yos should be in a carseat still, I have no problem with pushing back moving to the front seat. Drives me batty to see elementary kids in the front seat of the car when they should still be in boosters (at least! Many times the younger ones should still be in 5 points!). Parents would never forgive themselves for a severe injury or death they could have prevented. Sometimes, maybe it is necessary to bend guidelines, but not usually. Why chance it? As mentioned, we might change the weight requirement at some point. We also let them out of booster seats in middle school. I can be reasonable. But most 8yos belong in booster seats in the backseat (period, imo). I don't share my opinion unless asked though. ?
  16. Congrats!!! I had the sleeve done in April 2014. Due to complications, I converted to the bypass Dec 20, 2017. I've had a number of issues with mine (wish I had stuck with the complications of the sleeve, sadly). Glad yours is going better. You'll definitely see differences in time; but you'll probably always see less difference than other people will.
  17. Wyatt turns 4 in July. Mostly? He is interested in running around crazy, gymnastics, and music. He loves going to the park and library. We follow whatever his little heart desires. That sounds pretty good for preK to me. We are pretty laid back. He is only turning 4. So far he knows letter sounds and can sound out cvc words. We'll just keep moving along at his pace. I do want to get him writing some (he writes maybe 5 letters at this point) as well as doing other fine motor things (cutting, coloring, etc) a bit better. So that leaves something for math? I think he knows most of what he needs for Kindy/1st. So, I might just stick with some kind of calendar/circle time math. I might look at FIAR. I enjoyed it, kids enjoyed it, and its nice and laid back :)
  18. I look forward to reading the responses. My oldest two have lived at home all this time. Well, my daughter bought a house and is taking her brother with her (next week!). I actually don't think it will be awful for my middle three for a number of reasons. In fact, it may be awesome. My adult children plan to have them over regularly and have already started making plans with them. And the break in other ways may be good for everyone. But my youngest son is going to be devastated! He absolutely adores his siblings and, though he'll have the three still, I think it will be an issue :( And I worry if they will still be able to be close with such a huge age difference. And then there is baby girl. Will she ever know her brother and sister AS brother and sister? Anyway, so I do worry about it. But I know that moving on will be good for my adult children also.
  19. 40% of women push to urinate according to the lady that did my "pee test" at the urogyn.
  20. Do you have any prolapse? I have a sacracolpopexy and it solved most of my bladder issues (I still have to go potty before I can jump on the trampoline).
  21. Yes, but both of mine are working full time. One had to use credit briefly.
  22. My kids are 24, 22, 11, 10, 9, 2, and newborn (I need to change my signature!). I would have had more kids all along, but it didn't work out that way. When my oldest two were 15 and 18, we started fostering (about 50 kids now) then adopting. Until now, we've all lived under the same roof and I feel all my kids have a chance to be close despite age differences. The 22 yr old adores the 2 yr old and it doesn't seem to matter that there is a 20yr age difference. No doubt it looks different than if there were a 4year age difference, but it isn't a bad thing. Just for example. And my middle three LOVE playing with their 2yo brother, including him in almost everything. They are so sweet! HOWEVER, my oldest bought a house! And she is taking her brother with her. So...No doubt that will change things up a bit relationship wise. And I'm scared that the two youngest will never know their siblings WELL. But really? My daughter is right when she says that this is a choice. My big kids aren't moving to Timbuktu; they are just getting their own place. The relationships will be different; but again, they don't have to be inferior by any stretch. As I was scrolling through (haven't read whole thread yet), I noticed people saying that the experiences are different for older and younger kids also. I think that is true. However, again, I think it is a matter of different, not inferior. Hubby and I may be a little older and not have the energy we did at 30, but we also have more experience and are better responsible to give these kids different experiences than the oldest two got. Anyway, I wouldn't worry at all about a 5yr age difference. Anymore, I wouldn't worry too much about a 20year one :)
  23. CES, If you homeschool from the get-go, you don't have to tell anyone anything. However, you DO have to pull your kids out of school formally. You can either do their forms or you can write a letter of intent (there is one on the state association website). Schools seem to almost always ask about curriculum, program, etc. It is highly advised not to answer such questions because we don't want the state thinking we're okay with such questions. So I didn't answer with what materials we're using, but with a statement that answered the three parts of the homeschool law we ARE to follow (bonafide, visual, covers certain subjects). Anyway, we tried public school and virtual school, now back to homeschooling :)
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