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  1. Celiac panel, for sure. I went gf the second I took the test (I do have CD). Fairly quickly most of my depression was remediated. I highly recommend that and thyroid testing.
  2. My kids: M (29): had hysterectomy, no interest in mate or adoption J (26): looking for Ms Right, is pretty iffy about wanting kids V (15): probably will marry and have kids A (14): wants to adopt from fostercare if he has kids at all T (13): not planning on kids W (7): wants to adopt 4 kids R (4): definitely wants babies I am fine with their choices as I feel they are theirs to make. I'm really thinking it'll be fine if they don't have kids even though I'd like grandbabies eventually.
  3. It was so fun on the old board. I miss those days and the days I was more active on this board. We will miss you. Hope you have time to post occasionally 🙂
  4. I am so feeling this thread right now. I'm almost in tears...again. Can't someone just have the perfect answer that works perfectly? Please? I know. I know. I'm just so disappointed and hurt and scared. (not trying to hijack, just in a situation too)
  5. I would use the bathroom regardless of what that meant. Rushing to trash can might work also. But for my little or special needs kids, I'd give a container if they were less likely to make it to the restroom (with the encouragement to make it to trash or restroom if they can). ETA: for double ended issues, a trash bin with a liner bag will work
  6. Almost $7000 but kid had 3 appliances also, not just braces. Took 33 months. Its not expected to take nearly as long or as much money for the others.
  7. School started today (north of Dallas). Almost no one is wearing a mask. The schools only require a student to stay home if they have a fever (meaning no fever on day 3 means you can go back to school). The schools won't be letting parents know if a classmate or staff member tests positive. :sigh:
  8. Well, when my kids were 16 and 18, we started fostering to the tune of 50 kids. We adopted 5 who are now 15, 14, 13, 7, and 4. My oldest two are now 26 and 28. Sooooo, I couldn't imagine, and can't imagine, not having kids. One day....
  9. I don't own a raincoat or umbrella. It seriously doesn't rain enough to warrant it 99% of the time. and I won't melt, pretty sure.
  10. Only one of mine will attend public school. He is vaccinated and will be in jr high; but I *hate* he will potentially be exposing my littles to whatever from school (covid, stomach bugs, etc). And as delta keeps picking up, I hate this even more. But this son has been home since Spring Break 2020 and that has been way long enough. His particular needs and such make it very challenging to homeschool him. I didn't enjoy it the first time and I don't now! I need to be able to focus on the kids still home, especially my 2nd grader. I'm sure there is a point I would keep him home, but I don't know what that point is right now. I *really* just need him to go to school.
  11. I primarily use the New World Translation. However, on my app, I have it set that I can see the KJV and American Standard versions also. My religion also primarily uses the NWT but you'll regularly see various other versions throughout our publications and website (JW.org)
  12. My daughter was 6 when she had some bloody discharge. We took her in immediately. She also had breast buds and a little hair. The doctor felt it was early puberty, that she probably had a year and a half til she would get her period. Other areas of development seemed fine though. We didn't do anything. She made it to 10 before getting her cycle. She was very developed and grew to a normal adult height.
  13. We grew our family via fostercare. We had fostered 50 kids, 5 stayed (plus 2 older biological kids). We were exhausted in some ways and then we had a very traumatic experience with a girl. It was horrible and changed us significantly. We decided we were done. We still have some issues because of that child. Anyway, so we supposedly quit fostering in January 2017. In April, my youngest's birthmom called to say she had a little girl and CPS was taking her, could we watch her until they could get her back. We agreed. 16 months later, we adopted her, number 7. Though my heart wants to help more, we just are too traumatized by the system and that last child that we haven't jumped back in. And I don't know that I would adopt more though I kinda think I might if the right situation with an older child comes along (we DEFINITELY would not add another very young child).
  14. Thanks Carol. That is where we are struggling. I don't want to leave money on the table, but I don't want to miss our window of opportunity. And you're right. The difference from January to now has been awe inspiring. We can't really guess what August looks like. I can get another set of numbers from my daughter's realtor. She lives in the subdivision so that may help. But our realtor gave me a few different offer scenarios, examples of what offers might look like. And I know he will hustle, though it seems like the market will do it for him.
  15. I really appreciate everyone's thoughts. It gives us things to consider as we go into this.
  16. We filed with the tax office that we only planned to be away from our home two years so it still is considered our principal residence. That was true when we said it. It just seems it can't be true long term due to the needs of our family (disability). But if it came down to it, we'd make it work temporarily. But what if the market isn't so awesome in a year or two? Seems like it has to change sometime (either bust or even out). So the hope is that the market is so hot to make getting out from underneath the house a possibility. Due to bad choices and how the rental market was last year, we are slightly upside down on the rental. Getting out from underneath a house that can't pay for itself, especially if anything goes wrong, and we would find difficult to live in just makes sense, especially since the market is crazy good for sellers right now.
  17. He has been in the business a very long time, does this full time. And yes, he is with a very large agency.
  18. Wouldn't THAT be something. As far as I'm aware, no. When it was on the market previously, he had some crazy idea on what the house was worth without upgrades. However, considering the market and how quickly the house next door sold (first weekend on market), he'd be smart to at least consider it. I'm not telling him that though!
  19. We are just north of a major suburb of DFW if that matters. Its not really rural any more. Obviously summer should be even more hot (haha) because people want to get in a new home before school starts. Homes are selling in an average of 7-10 days. Some are 3, two have been 30 because they were extra greedy in their original ask. I have NO idea about capital gains. I'm gonna have to google that (and then talk to our realtor). I'm sure he would have brought it up if it were an issue, but always better safe than sorry.
  20. So we have a home we bought a few years ago. The market here is beyond hot. Many homes in our subdivision are being listed for $50K plus more than they would have a year ago (our own home is more like $70K more) PLUS they are going for 3-10% more than list price. Additionally, due to family circumstances, we have been renting a bigger home (and bigger payment) this past year and will be here another year, at least. We have rented out our home for a little less than the mortgage (includes taxes, insurance, etc). Additionally, we don't believe we can move back to our home due to family dynamics, we really need one more bedroom. So, our realtor outlined what a couple "what ifs" look like. One gives us about $60K after all is said and done. The other gives us almost $90K net. Both would probably be true if we put the upgrades into the house also. It seems like we should "strike while the iron is hot." The plan would be to bank the proceeds for a year, probably more like two or three until the market evens out, then buy at that time. In the meantime, we'd rent though hopefully a little smaller place as one of our "bounce back kids" leaves again (the other already did) Any opinions or things we should consider? (note: we would give renters the legally required notice. Our realtor is more than willing to help them find another place. Or they could use their own realtor (I know the realtor they used before and he'd gladly help them also. I feel bad about having them move after just a year, but I feel this might be our best chance.)
  21. I feel so bad about what I have put my hubby through. Not abuse or whatever, but significant depression, C-PTSD, anxiety, mood swings, etc. I get so upset that he has had to cope with a marriage to such a broken person. I know he has suffered at times also. He has had his own moments. It sounds like your situation may be just opposite of ours. I do appreciate that we've had some good times, done some amazing things, and have an awesome hope for the future. I lean on those things when times are bad and I know he does also. We've made it through 100% of our tough days for 28 years. We got this. And so do y'all. To answer your original question? I've done hospitalization, intensive outpatient, therapy, medication. I think you do whatever it takes! No shame in any of it. It'll help. Both of you probably need to do individual things (the level of therapies each of you need) and possibly couple's therapy or groups. I know nothing about NAMI groups so I cannot comment on them.
  22. I am estranged from my one parent and am mostly glad to be so. There is no way I would take that parent in. I can think of only one time I'd be okay having a real relationship with this person and it isn't in this world under the current system of things.
  23. Thank you. I definitely don't think tofu is boring (soooo much to do with it!), but its always nice to have another recipe 🙂
  24. I've not responded to one of these before (well, in my defense, I've been away from the boards a LONG time). Today isn't planned to be the most productive days. Mostly, we are looking at: basic morning chores breakfast pack lunch and snacks for the day FASD support group at a local botanical gardens Swimming this afternoon Simple supper Early to bed for Mom!
  25. Thanks! Life has been, and continues to be, crazy.
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