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  1. Last year for 9th grade, my daughter did a 1-2 page history essay every week or two. She did Excellence in Literature so she studied one book for 4 weeks and did one short paper and one longer paper per book. I found it to be a good amount of writing for her.
  2. My favorite math is Math Mammoth.
  3. I like it, but I prefer Living Memory if you're looking for memory work selections.
  4. My dd is going to do her choice of science next year (equine) and then do chemistry at the cc the next year.
  5. My oldest is using SS this year. I like it a lot. The text is very good, and we like the lab manual & DVD. I would definitely recommend it!
  6. MUS with some Math Mammoth to supplement some topics Analytical Grammar Vocabulary From Classical Roots The Natural Speller CHC life science Biblioplan for history, bible, lit, geography Creating a Masterpiece for Art I haven't decided about writing just yet. I have Jump In, Thinking in Threes, Writing and Rhetoric, and The Lively Art of Writing so I'll pick something from those choices.
  7. www.myhomeschoolmathclass.com My dd is taking geometry with Jann this year and will continue with algebra 2 in the fall. I can't say enough good things about Jann and the class!
  8. Jann in TX is awesome! My dd is taking geometry with Jann this year, and we've signed her up for algebra 2 for the fall.
  9. My current 9th grader is doing: Geometry online with Jann in TX Excellence in Literature Early modern history the WTM way Science Shepherd Biology Holt Government (will finish this next year with modern history) Bible: she is reading through selected scripture and working through The Bible and Its Influence PE: horseback riding Art: Khan Academy plus several other art resources
  10. That is very helpful!! Thank you! And thank you for creating such a wonderful resource! TC made a HUGE difference for my dd. I'm looking forward to using it for my youngest in a year or two. Praying your little one is well soon.
  11. This might be a weird or dumb question, lol. My middle dd just finished TC, and we both LOVED it. I have some other writing resources (many, actually), but I would really like to continue doing some writing the way TC teaches: read short passage, take notes, outline, write paragraph from outline. Does anyone have recommendations for somewhere I can get similar short little passages for her to read? I've thought about using her science or history books, and I will do that if I need to, but I wondered if any of you had ideas for shorter more focused passages. Does that make sense?
  12. I use some pages from Math Mammoth to supplement MUS.
  13. I'm looking at CLE for my rising 4th and 7th graders. This will be the 4th grader's first time doing formal grammar, and I'm having a difficult time deciding between FLL and CLE for her. Thoughts? My rising 7th grader has done Winston Grammar, two levels of ILL, plus a quick run through the grammar in TC. She's a very different learner than my middle. I've been trying to decide between Analytical Grammar and CLE for her. Thanks for any guidance you can give me. My oldest dd used R&S all the way through, but I can't see it working for my next two daughters.
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