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  1. I think you are thinking of IEW which does have videos for the teacher. EIW does look good if you want to check it out.
  2. Miquon Math looks interesting. Does it have its own website?
  3. I did the placement test and she is in between 1st grade and 2nd so I was thinking of doing book 2 of 1st grade to hit some points she didn't cover and then moving on.
  4. I have a grade daughter who will be in 1st grade in the fall. She did K this year in a Montessori school in our district and like her two older brothers she will be coming back home. I think I am good for LA but I am unsure about math. When I look at some books ( ex Horizons) she is already doing 1st grade math now. I was thinking I can do book 2 and then move on. Please give me suggestions on any other Math programs that you LOVE.
  5. My son will be in 7th grade this fall and returning home from PS. I also am asking about this and someone just suggested essentials in Writting to me. The lessons are on video and it looks pretty good. I like that they can watch the video and complete the assignments and it's not overly expensive.
  6. I looked at EIW and it looks good. I like how it's taught on DVDs so I can work with one child while the other does EIW. I also think that I do want to focus more on writing with some grammar but not grammar overload. Do you think there is enough grammar for my 1st grader also or do I need another grammar program for her?
  7. I have two boys that I will be bringing back home next year after 2yrs in public school. My oldest will be in 7th grade and is currently in all honors classes in PS. I am looking for a writing and grammar program that aren't majorly expensive but will get the job done. My 2nd son is currently in 4th grade but I am realizing that his 3rd grade year in PS was a flop so he is behind and we will be playing catch up. I am also looking for a good grammar program and wondering if I should worry about writing now or just wait until we get caught up on reading and math. I loved FLL for my older one when he was in 3rd and we did R&S for 4th but I'm not sure for the younger on. I will use AAS level 2, which can also be used by my 1st grader. I want to start in the summer with the 10yr old since he has to catch up but I don't know where to start. Please help!!!!!!!
  8. We are using horizons and have done so for the past 2 yrs. that is only because ds was home and we used for K but he was in ps for 1st grade. When we brought him back home and younger one started K we went back to Horizons. My oldest is about to start the 5th grade books and the younger one 3rd and when my 4yr old starts K we will also use it for her.
  9. Thanks for the link. I will definitely use FREE first.
  10. I will be using MFW in the fall for my 3rd and 5th graders. I am considering LLATL for my 3rd grader who is just now beginning to like reading. MFW suggest Intermediate Language lessons and Spelling Power. I am wondering if anyone has done LLATL or ILL and SP and if so what would you recommend for a 5th grader. I looked at the purple level of LLATL and although I read somewhere else that the reading is light my 5th grader read 2 of the books in 3rd grade. He is my lover of reading and does it constantly. So do I have him just do the purple because of content and read the books again or go to the next level?
  11. I am also looking at LLATL for my ds8 for the fall. I will be using yellow. Is it necessary for me to buy the teachers manual and if I add ETC will that be to much? My ds is just now starting to like to read.
  12. Does it matter where I start in MFW? I will have 3rd and 5th graders in the fall and I want to know do I have to start with ECC or can I skip it? Also if I add LLATL and ETC will my reluctant reader, 3rd grade, have enough phonics? I question myself each year. All input is helpful.
  13. If I decide to go with LLATL do I still need other readers or does it have it all and any other readers will be for pleasure?
  14. When you say Spalding are you speaking of LLTLA or something else?
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