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  1. Too many pieces (AAS/AAR) Cramped layout (Math Mammoth) DVD instruction without adequate teacher manual (Phonics Road) Chatty textbooks (MOH, Apologia)
  2. I need more coffee.

  3. We used the e-version. It's gorgeous and DD's favourite subject. We ordered the hard copy this week. I can't wait.
  4. This is the year I'm drowning in medical/special needs dx.

    1. Jean in Newcastle

      Jean in Newcastle

      ((Hugs)) It's a difficult time but I hope the diagnoses help to get the treatment and support needed.

    2. SnMomof7


      Thanks. I needed that. It feels hard right now.

  5. I'm actually making a list like this for my own kids! Poetry isn't included, that's separate IMO. It's also geared to readin independently in first and up. These aren't read alouds except in Baby/PK/K. Baby Goodnight Moon The Very Hungry Caterpillar Brown Bear, Brown Bear PK Harper Collins picture book treasury The Little Engine That Could The Story About Ping K Robert Munsch Grand Treasury (we are Canadian!!) Caps for Sale James Herriot Children's Treasury Level 1 Seuss Treasury Frog and Toad treasury Treadwell Primer (the Treadwells have great fairy tales/fo
  6. I just pushed the button on a 1958 Collier's Junior Classics set. Special thanks to Lori D. for all the synopses she has posted.
  7. Thank you. Yes, there are some AP testing sites three hours from here.
  8. Do they administer the exams online? No AP testing schools in our neck of the woods. :/
  9. Have you seen this old thread? http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/430576-if-youre-wondering-when-to-jump-from-cle-to-saxon-for-pre-algebra/ The OP finished 606 then moved to Saxon 87 for prealgebra. I'm considering that for when we get there.
  10. Forum feedback is why I went with EIW. DH approved me for the IEW I'd I wanted it...but I decided I didn't ;). It seemed more convoluted and the writing outcomes can apparently be more florid and formulaic. I went for simpler.
  11. I was happy with CLE writing until the 600s. I didn't supplement that year, but I will with DD2. 600s-800s, I think.
  12. We just recently faced this decision for our 7th grader. I chose EIW. Open and go simplicity was important to me with baby twins ;). We use CLE LA also, but I found there wasn't a lot of writing in 6 and 7.
  13. We've been using CLE for 3 years with success. I now have 7 kiddos. I plan to keep using it :). Love it! Spiral, independent, effective.
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