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    <p>Open to all with veterinary questions. Please include species, breed, age and gender in all questions. This group is meant to discuss animal medical issues. Members with experience in management of chronic diseases, nutrition, behavioral issues are encouraged to respond. No specific diagnoses or treatment protocols will be given, only possibilities or probabilities based on each case presentation. The group is moderated by a licensed veterinarian.</p>
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    <p>Mac users unite! Here's a group for you!</p>
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    <p>All nurses welcome! If you are or have been a nurse, come on in here. </p> <p> There are more of us than you would think. </p> <p> Talk is not limited to "clinical" topics!</p>
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    <p>Do you love running? Do you wish you loved running? Do you want to start running and need some encouragement or advice? If so, come join in!</p>
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