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  1. I totally agree! It doesn't matter what sport I'm watching, I'm seeing high-caliber athletes who can do amazing things!
  2. I think our homeowners insurance requires it, so I just assumed everyone's did...I have one under the kitchen sink.
  3. Lego instruction books we want to keep.
  4. We love walking the trail around Creve Coeur Lake! Laumeier Sculpture Park is good for nature and art. And depending on when you're planning on visiting, there's a really cool large-scale origami exhibition at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
  5. This is the kind of cake we had for my birthday last month...it's excellent. My children were skeptical, but it was a copycat recipe from one of our favorite restaurant chains, so they kept an open mind, and we all agreed...it tasted nothing like mayo. But mayonnaise is basically oil and eggs, and both go in cakes anyway, so it's really not a stretch, and the cake was moist and delicious.
  6. We occasionally see one in our broader area, and my immediate thought is always "dumbass racist hick," which I guess covers at least two of the poll options.
  7. I can't speak for the other denominations, but I agree...Lutherans are definitely not Calvinists.
  8. Photography? Like a really nice camera and some equipment? That's the kind of thing where at least you can start out teaching yourself, so it would be self-directed on his part, and he could photograph things he's interested in?
  9. Mine will continue masking until she can be vaccinated, and we will continue masking in solidarity with her. The only place we go with any regularity as a family is church, and they're going to keep requiring masks for the time being, too, so it's not a big deal.
  10. I already know what I'm getting, and it's something I've wanted for years...a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap, with the logo done in Swarovski crystals.
  11. My 14 and 15 year olds are so excited about this, especially since my two oldest (and myself) received our second dose today. That will just leave my nine-year-old, but I'm trying not to have any expectation about when there might be a vaccine approved for her.
  12. Ferris Bueller's Day Off Apollo 13 The first and third Harry Potter movies White Christmas A League of Their Own
  13. I only have one left in the under-10 category, which is almost unbelievable to me. My oldest two are finishing up 12th grade, and my middle daughter will be starting high school in the fall. My younger son (9th grade) isn't homeschooled, but he has been doing school at home this year...it's been quite an experience having all five of them here all the time for the first time!
  14. I guess it depends on what the purpose of the sermon is. In my church (which is part of the LCMS), the sermons are usually based on the readings for the day from the one-year lectionary, but they're also written directly to our specific congregation, because the pastor knows what we need to hear. I don't think a more generic podcast would have the same purpose, because the audience would be much wider, and the preacher wouldn't know the "congregation" in the same way. I do think that shorter is better when it comes to sermons, though. There's no reason to go on and on and on for 20-30 minutes (or more!), often repeating yourself multiple times, when a 10-12 minute sermon will do.
  15. Leg of lamb, Greek potatoes, roast Brussels sprouts, sautéed asparagus, breaded artichokes, carrot fritters, popovers, and our favorite Jell-O "salad." Oh, and carrot cake Oreo truffles for dessert. It's "just" going to be our family of seven, but Easter is a Big Deal to us, so I'm going all out.
  16. Not seriously enough, which is why we're moving our membership to another congregation within our denomination (LC-MS). COVID-19 won't be forever, but the attitudes that have come out during it helped show us that it really wasn't the best place for us.
  17. I think I'm going to have to replace my stove soon...we've always had Whirlpool, and I can't decide if I should stick with the known, or if I should try something new (better?). Do you have a brand you're particularly loyal to?
  18. I made a French silk pie and a lemon meringue pie...I'm so tempted to break one out tonight!
  19. I can tell you that we have seen changes in our church, and we have already moved our membership to a different congregation. We're still in the same church body, but the idea of changing denominations did come up at one point.
  20. I like cropped, fitted cardigans. The shorter length makes them look less dowdy, at least to me.
  21. I noticed that when I was looking for worchestershire this week...what is that all about?!? Such a bizarre thing not to be able to find!
  22. I really feel everything in this thread, but especially this. The time moving on for everyone else. I just don't even know how to relate to people who act as if nothing ever changed, and I'm so tired of feeling like I've been left behind.
  23. In the winter, we set it to 64 during the day, and 62 at night. In the summer, I try not to set it lower than 73, but most of us like being cold, so it's hard not to give into the temptation. I will turn it down to 70-71 some summer nights, though.
  24. I made pączki for the first time this year. Normally I pick them up at the store, but I'm still limiting outings to once every two weeks due to COVID-19, so I had to bite the bullet and actually make them myself, which I've wanted to do for years anyway. We're watching the Rick Steves' European Easter special this afternoon, too.
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