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  1. I'm proud of myself for quitting a career I started to loathe, getting accepted into college (again, after 25 years) to major in a new career I think I'll love, getting a good job in that field so my foot is already in that door, and getting a 4.0 my first semester back in school. I'm also proud of my kids and especially my son, who I think actually really figured out what he wants his future career to be. This includes his going to college. I hope I inspired him with all the excitement I had in going back, lol.
  2. I plan on doing Keto. High fat, moderate protein, low carb. I lost 20 lbs last year and quit when I plateaued. I'm trying it again with no processed food or excessive salt.
  3. I'm in my late 40s and just went back to school, too. I quit a career I hated and got a new job in my new field (a step up from entry-level and about 35 hours a week). I go to school part-time (2 classes per semester) - I can still work and still get a financial aid loan. It might take a bit longer, but so what. I'll be in my early 50s when I'm done. Still have about 20 years left of working. Might as well love what I'm doing. I say go for it. Your partner should be working, too. And maybe you should go slowly so you can work - maybe something in your new field. Good luck.
  4. Pigeons, sparrows, mourning doves, starlings, robins, cardinals, blue jays, crows, and the occasional red-tailed hawk.
  5. My oldest commuted from home (she went to community college, then beauty school). My middle dormed near her dance conservatory - she would have commuted from home but she got a big scholarship, so it kind of offset the dorm cost. And living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan was awesome for her. My youngest also plans on staying local and will most likely commute from home.
  6. I did the ancestry.com DNA and I am 79% European (51% England and Scotland, 14% Ireland, 9% Portugal, 5% miscellaneous) and... EIGHTEEN PERCENT AFRICAN I know I had paternal relatives originally from England who ended up in the British West Indies (Jamaica) and one from the Dominican Republic. My ancestry Africa breakdown consisted of all West Africa (Senegal, Benin/Togo, & Mali mainly). I'm not in touch with my father's side of the family, but a few years ago my sister reached out to him, his son, and his sister - who wrote a family memoir dating back to the 1800s that confir
  7. Ds (newly 16), 10th grade Tue-Fri: a few hours of homeschooling on his own (Khan Academy, SAT prep stuff, and a bunch of 10th-12th grade books in all major subjects) Mon: a few hours of homeschooling with me (mostly math, science, history, and test prep) and/or some outing Mon, Wed, & Fri: Muay Thai boxing 75-minute classes Sat: 30-minute drum lesson No schoolwork on the weekends for us.
  8. My 10th grader decided to go down a slightly different path than was originally planned. He will be doing 10th-12th grades over the next year and a half and finish by what would normally be the end of junior year. He will take the SAT, standardized CAT-E (as per NY regs), and TASC (NYs new GED) in the spring and early summer 2018 (thankfully he has an early birthday so he qualifies). So, his major subjects will mostly revolve around what is on those tests. In lieu of college, he plans on going to an intense coding "bootcamp", with plans to become a software developer/engineer. Here's what'
  9. I am definitely more conservative than my parents were. My parents were hippies. Mom was a Beatle-chasing, pot smoking, still-mad-she-couldn't-go-to-Woodstock-since-she-was-8-months-preg-with-me, party at our house every weekend, very laid back with us type of mom. I was never home and always had the latest curfew of all my friends since I was 6. Nothing was ever researched - just done because everyone else did it like that. I figured everything out myself. I raised my kids subconsciously (maybe consciously) doing almost everything my parents didn't.
  10. Tons of non-white homeschoolers here in NYC. All races, all religions. It's great.
  11. We live in a big city and love it. Homeschooling has been amazing - the field trips alone have been such a huge part of my kids' education. Even now, my 15 y/o ds can take the bus and subway anywhere, do our restaurant adventure, and take so many co-op homeschool classes in Manhattan (plus he's going to Comic Con tomorrow and Gotham was filming literally right outside his job last week). My oldest dd is a hairdresser who just worked NY Fashion Week, and my youngest dd is working with a big choreographer, assisting, doing video projects with him, and getting a good amount of dance and acting
  12. I found this on religioustolerance.com. I don't think the website has ties to any particular religion. It states who founded each of these religions/denominations and when. Bowing out of this conversation now... Listed below are the founder, starting date and starting location of a number of Christian faith groups and traditions. They are organized in chronological order. In some cases, the data is under dispute. Faith Group or tradition Founder Date (CE) Location Roman Catholic Jesus, Peter 1 Circa 30 1 Judea Orthodox churches Jesus, Peter 2 Circa 30 2 Judea Lutheranism Martin Lu
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