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  1. My husband was supposed to travel to Thailand for work next week, but yesterday his company decided to cancel the conference. While I'm not excessively worried about the virus, I am kind of relieved that he won't be cooped up on a plane for a long haul flight right now.
  2. I grew up going to two different churches that both encouraged name tag use (permanent, pin-on name tags were made for church members), and I was never a fan. Here's why. Both of my parents were blind, and I know they felt like it was Just One More Thing they couldn't participate in, even though it was expected that they would wear their names tags despite the fact that they couldn't see and read anyone else's. Which is kind of ridiculous when you think about it, because in general, once you meet the blind couple, you don't forget them. Anyway, as a confessional Lutheran, I can see both sides of this conversation. The Divine Service is about receiving God's gifts of Word and Sacrament, so there's no socializing going on, and people's focus tends to be on the service. There is socializing going on after the service though (coffee and donuts, anyone?), so that would be an appropriate time for name tags, I suppose. Our church doesn't use them, though, so it's not a personal issue for me. In general, I still don't really like them, but for a much more vain reason...a name tag just does't go with my outfit! 😉
  3. I get taller when I'm angry.
  4. Like I said, I'm not saying they are in an abusive relationship. And I don't really follow the tabloids, so I don't know what they're saying. But I think that there is a good place here for a discussion about isolation, especially given that Harry has talked about mental-health struggles in the past.
  5. I think most people in healthy families, before making a bombshell announcement that is going to have ramifications for the entire family, give an elderly relative who is in charge of the whole deal a heads-up. And if she specifically asks them to wait before saying anything publicly, I think that's also worth considering. You don't just make a huge change that effects your employer behind his back, and this should be a much closer relationship, and by all reports, always has been.
  6. Here's what I think. If they want to step away from royal life, fine. I actually think it's a good decision, because they don't seem suited to it. But if it's true that they made their announcement without the Queen's knowledge, or worse, against her wishes, I think that's horrible, both from the standpoint of doing that to your elderly grandmother, not to mention to your Queen. Have a little respect. I also think that if things were reversed, and we were hearing that Harry had encouraged her to drop hobbies she had enjoyed her entire life, had separated her from long-time friends, and possibly even family, that we would at least be having a conversation about possible abuse. I'm not saying they are in an abusive relationship, but I really don't understand why the question isn't being raised, just because he's a man.
  7. We always watch Apollo 13 on NYE. We also have a hot chocolate bar, with different flavors of cocoa and whipped cream, plus different kinds of sprinkles for the top, and different stirring "sticks," like candy canes or those Pirouette cookies.
  8. Christmas Eve dinner (actually, it's lunch these days, because of our choir schedule in the evening at church), is what my children used to call "the dinner where you pick what you eat" when they were small (now we just just call it the "pick out dinner"). It's an appetizer/finger food kind of thing, where everyone gets to make one request in addition to the standard fare I always put out...summer sausage and crackers, a cheese board, buffalo Chex mix, and jalapeño popper dip. Some family members always, always choose the same item, and some like to mix it up from year to year. We all enjoy having the opportunity to sample whatever we want!
  9. The Carpenter's Gift by David Rubel is excellent. So is Christmas in the Trenches by John McCutcheon.
  10. We made seven pies today (one for each member of the family)...pumpkin, pecan, caramel apple, cranberry apple, peanut butter brownie, butterscotch, and s'mores. My house smells like a bakery!
  11. I've done a standing rib roast, Beef Wellington, and a crown roast for Christmas Days of the past. I've also done the more traditional ham or turkey. (We do a big appetizer dinner on Christmas Eve every year, or we'd probably have done that, too!) If it's something that we don't usually have, I'll consider it. This year, I'm thinking about doing lamb chops, but I haven't really figured it out yet.
  12. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, green beans with almonds, roast Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, and rolls. Plus seven pies for for each member of the family. That's my favorite Thanksgiving tradition!
  13. This is my favorite recipe. I have to at least double it every time I make it because everyone in my family loves it so much!
  14. I'm not sure it counts as a motto, but probably the most often-uttered phrase around here is "It's nice to be nice!"
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