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  1. This is my new favorite soup. It's delicious and looks really pretty!
  2. Most years, our Thanksgiving is just the people in our house (there are seven of us). I always do a full Thanksgiving dinner, plus every member of our family gets to a pick a pie for me to make. Having so much pie means we always have pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving! We play parade bingo (not exactly sure what that will look like this year, but we're still going to try), and watch the National Dog Show and Holiday Inn. Oh, and the children make hand and footprint turkeys, which is my favorite annual craft. It's one of my favorite holidays!
  3. You know you've committed yourself to sharing more puppy pictures so the rest of us can live vicariously, right? She's adorable!!!
  4. Does the whole movie have to be about Halloween? I love watching Meet Me in St. Louis at this time of year...it's divided into seasons, and the fall section of the movie is all Halloween.
  5. Being within an hour or so from Lake Michigan.
  6. The Hamilton soundtrack.
  7. I'm sitting here guessing, and I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track, but if anyone wants to let me know just in case I'm making stuff up in my head I'd appreciate it!
  8. Six, not including college moves. Once as a child (I barely remember it), and five times as an adult.
  9. If I was a zillionaire or won the lottery or something, I'd live in the northern suburbs of Chicago (Evanston-ish) near Lake Michigan. And the house would have at least five bedrooms and three full baths, if not more. It's never going to happen, but it's fun to dream!
  10. I agree that there should be more options, but they did have a free with purchase of a pair of hot pink legwarmers for their rewards members!
  11. I thought it was just me! When I went grocery shopping two weeks ago, I was hoping to grab a few cans so I could do some fall baking, but they didn't have a single can in any size or brand! There wasn't even any pumpkin pie filling (which I wouldn't have bought anyway, but adds to my concern about finding it before Thanksgiving). I'm going to look again when I shop tomorrow, and now I know that if I find it, I should grab a few extra cans to get me through fall and the holidays.
  12. My 16-year-old still loves hers...she has a half dozen of them! Of course, I also love mine...the one I got when I was 10 or 11, and the one my children gave me for my birthday a few years ago. And I'm sure I'll also love Courtney, who I ordered this evening because I need to relive my childhood. 🙂
  13. We got the Soda Stream One Touch, and like it a lot. My in-laws tried the one that doesn't require electricity and weren't happy with it at all, so I'm glad we went with the upgrade.
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