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  1. The Carpenter's Gift by David Rubel is excellent. So is Christmas in the Trenches by John McCutcheon.
  2. We made seven pies today (one for each member of the family)...pumpkin, pecan, caramel apple, cranberry apple, peanut butter brownie, butterscotch, and s'mores. My house smells like a bakery!
  3. I've done a standing rib roast, Beef Wellington, and a crown roast for Christmas Days of the past. I've also done the more traditional ham or turkey. (We do a big appetizer dinner on Christmas Eve every year, or we'd probably have done that, too!) If it's something that we don't usually have, I'll consider it. This year, I'm thinking about doing lamb chops, but I haven't really figured it out yet.
  4. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, green beans with almonds, roast Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, and rolls. Plus seven pies for for each member of the family. That's my favorite Thanksgiving tradition!
  5. This is my favorite recipe. I have to at least double it every time I make it because everyone in my family loves it so much!
  6. I'm not sure it counts as a motto, but probably the most often-uttered phrase around here is "It's nice to be nice!"
  7. My older son LOVES it, and surprisingly, my younger son, who is on the spectrum and doesn't really enjoy games like that, is really interested in it, too. My husband has only gotten to play it with us once or twice, but he also enjoyed it.
  8. There is an expansion for Sagrada, which makes it for 5-6 players (there are seven in our family, so we notice stuff like that). I think we've only played it once that way, and it was a lot of fun!
  9. Sagrada is a new favorite here. They're releasing some new expansions, which is fun. We also love all of the Ticket to Ride Games, Mystery of the Abbey, and classics like Yahtzee.
  10. Yes! At the beginning of the commercial, I was all like "he better do something nice for his mom." And by the end, I was crying. And now, whenever it comes on, my children think they need to warn me about it...except, I know my oldest two daughters were crying, too. I guess they get it from me!
  11. Cranberry-apple pie is my personal favorite. If you're looking for a dessert other than pie, pumpkin tiramisu is excellent!
  12. I put our main tree up earlier this week. My younger son's birthday is today, and he really wanted it up on his birthday. And I really wanted to have it up, too! I love the lights...they make everything so cozy and happy!!!
  13. I think the secret to any good chili is adding a bottle of beer to it. The recipe I make always receives tons of compliments,,,it's pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! 🙂
  14. Meet Me in St. Louis has a pretty long Halloween scene, and the rest of the movie is good, too!
  15. My girls and I saw it last night. It was exactly what we wanted it to be, and we loved it. It was so nice to visit Downton again!
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