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My horse was killed this morning.

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Well, every day one more thing.

Only I have to say - today is the worst.


We woke up this morning and the dog was in the front yard. So we ran over to the gate - sure enough it was open.

Then we went looking for her. Each of us in our own direction. The neighborhood kids as well.


So I went back where I just rode rode last Sunday. No horse.

Went to the main road and and drove - no horse.

Turned down a side road and went through a HUGE puddle of blood. Saw horse poop and knew.


So then I went to the neighbor's house to use their phone - he's a sheriff and was on the phone already with animal control.


She was following the dog - crossed a main road - wandered around a bit - and on the return trip home she got hit by a van - van driver is ok.

But Missy had a broken leg and they to shoot her.


I am completely devastated.


We drove around all morning and finally found someone with a backhoe and a farm to bury her on.

So - I am planning my horse's funeral.


Oddly enough - this morning (before I knew she was gone) I saw her ghost in the back yard. I looked out the kitchen window - saw her - but then the image faded. So I just thought I was seeing things - until later when I knew she had passed.


Her body is at the pound - we have a tow truck bringing her to the farm. The tow truck people are doing it for free. And my friend who I babysat for when she was a kid works at a feed and tack store - she told someone what happened, how we are both unemployed, pregnant, and broke. And this guy gave her $100 so we could pay for the first tow truck who picked her up from the scene at about 3am.


The original tow truck secretary however is a nasty nasty girl! When I was on the phone with her - she said, "Someone needs to come down here this morning and pay the $118 for the tow!" HELLO! I am planning my horse's funeral! I swear I would knock her out had I been there in person!


But - the rest of the community has really supported us and I am feeling love from them. I just don't know how I am going to wake up every morning and see this big empty backyard. She was the best horse in the world and I was her cowgirl. And I feel so bad because she got out and it's our fault the gate wasn't better locked.


This is one of the worst days ever in my life. I loved that horse. She was sweet and gentle, and she loved me back. She knew I loved her.

And I loved her more than the dog, cats, and turtle combined. She was the easiest of all our pets.


Melissa Lily - Missy for short.


So in honor of my horse, a poem I wrote in January:


Melissa Lily


Loving a horse

means never again

lounging around all day in pajamas.


It also means

there is a soul

who will listen to you completely.


It means all of your "extra"

money, time, and energy....

are spent!


It also means

if you are really lucky

that she understands

a whispered, "Let's run."


Being loved by a horse

is extraordinary.

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Oh Karen, I'm in tears. I'm so, so sorry. My sil had to put her horse (Nina) down the day after Christmas last year. We all loved Nina so much, all 4 of my munchkins rode safely on her back many times. I completely understand how devastated you are. :grouphug:

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Horses must touch your soul like no other animal I think. I've never owned one, but as much as I love my own pets I can only imagine the love I'd have for a horse. You must truly be heartbroken.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences. I will remember you in my prayers today.




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Karen, I am truly sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel right now, I lost my best friend, RJ, in a very tragic incident. That was 17 years ago and I can still remember that day like it was yesterday.


Many hugs to you.:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:


From one ponyhead to another.

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