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  1. Does Anything To Annoy. (Can you tell my puppy is getting on my nerves today?!:glare:) Data Aiming To Achieve astrid
  2. :iagree: Yes. This. Jack Russell Terriers are programmed to give chase to prey. Thousands of generations of genetics make them do this. They are hard-wired. I have trained several Jacks, and IMHO, they could not ever be reliably trained to ignore prey scattered around the yard, pecking and making prey-type clucking noises. Nope. I wouldn't even try. You'll be asking them to do something that they just cannot do. astrid
  3. It looks like this, though this isn't mine. I"m in the process of knitting it. It's a HUGE project, heavily cabled, and I'll probably finish it by the time I'm retired but I fell in love with the pattern years ago and keep plugging along at it. It's designed by Alice Starmore, "Aran Knitting."
  4. Just did big shopping at Aeropostale for dd. She's been dying for a wool peacoat, and I scored one at Aero for $35, originally $99! astrid
  5. Yes. Several times. I've gotten so I don't even participate in any kind of parenting discussion IRL because in the past my comments have been met with what amounts to a patronizing little pat on the head, as if I"ve just been playing dolls for 13 years. As if I couldn't POSSIBLY have anything worthwhile to contribute or have ANY understanding whatsoever of the trials that "real" moms face since I "have it soooooo easy" with an only. Perhaps unwittingly, but I've discovered that moms can be really, really cruel to other moms. astrid
  6. I don't think that's the case in northern climes. Frost heaves decimate concrete road surfaces pretty quickly up here where the temps plummet for months at a time. I was told once that asphalt has a bit more "give" or "flexibility." Winter still wreaks havoc with our road surfaces, though. Maybe it's just the nature of the beast, being driven on by thousands of cars daily. astrid
  7. OH BABY don't get me started! Only one child here, and I cannot count the number of times I've heard this. It's the single most hurtful thing anyone's ever said to me. It boggles the mind. Hugs to you, Parrothead, from one "pretend parent" to another. astrid (apologies for hijacking, but it's a hot button for me!)
  8. I know you're being facetious, but I don't think metal detectors pick that up, do they? I mean I've been through metal detectors at airports and at schools when I give professional development workshops and my jewelry has never set them off. Granted, it's just necklace, earrings, wedding/engagement ring and occasionally a bracelet... astrid
  9. Kids talk, brag, etc. As a 7th grade teacher I learned WAAAAY more than I ever wanted to know about many of the kids just by fulfilling my hall and cafeteria monitoring duties. ;) astrid
  10. Well, yes.......but, to put this delicately, often the "hardware" and it's strategic placement is not visible to parents. They may not even be aware that their son/daughter is so adorned. ;) Then there's the case of tattoos--- not a simple matter of removing the hardware. astrid
  11. I'd wager that many teens who pierce their tongues (and other body parts) and get tattooed don't exactly ask for permission. I have many students who decide on a whim to have it done and arrive home to show their parents after it's a fait accompli. When this happens, approval and permission are moot points. astrid
  12. Agree, yet I love the thought of you wearing a butterfly pendant given to you by your MIL at her funeral. It's so fitting to the occasion, KWIM? Maybe bend the fashion rules to honor your MIL? Or let your dd wear the necklace? Just seems like it should be there too. So sorry for your loss. astrid
  13. :iagree: So what made Mother Theresa such an inspiration to Christians? The fact that she spent a lifetime ministering to the poor? Or the fact that she looked past outward appearances and saw the value of the human within? A little compassion goes a long, long way. astrid
  14. If there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's "Never Say Never....." I've read a lot of folks over the years on this board and in real life say things like, "My kid would NEVER ______________!" or "I would NEVER allow _______________ in my home." Children are not objects or animals whose every move/thought/desire/action we as parents can control, as much as we'd like to think we can. Some of those very same parents who believed that, for instance, their dd would NEVER have premarital s*x have become early grandparents, no doubt. I've read about that very situati
  15. .....but aren't Christians supposed to live according to Christ's teachings? Are we not supposed to treat others as Jesus would? astrid
  16. Neither would mine, but every day I think fewer and fewer know the one I know. Either that or I"m the one whose been voted off the island. astrid
  17. Heck yeah....I have a whole lot less facial hair than my avatar! And my eyes are blue, not brown. No piercings though, except for a whole in each ear but I hate wearing earrings so I'm sure they're closed by now. But wait...wouldn't that make me LESS holey? :D astrid
  18. So, I"m guessing THIS PASTOR would be a no-go, then, eh? Too bad, though...he seems like a decent guy. And he's a friend of Ree's. But wait--- if you scroll down a bit HERE, you'll see that his tattoos are BIBLE VERSES!!! Does that earn him extra points? Astrid
  19. I heart you too. I might get a tattoo with your name on it! :D Oh. Wait. Bad choice. :-) To the OP: I do apologize if it seems I"m making light of your dear son's troubles. I am filled with sympathy, and to be honest, downright ANGER that he's being treated this way by Christians. Some of the posts in this thread just strike me as so ridiculous I have to laugh. Inside, though, I"m seething with outrage on your behalf. :confused: astrid
  20. Welllll......I wrote that before I read your post further down in which you admitted to the nose ring and tatts, so, um, I take it back. Now stop talking to me. I'm not supposed to associate with your kind, or those who make choices such as yours. :D:D JUST KIDDING!!! I couldn't resist! :lol: I mean every word! astrid
  21. Thank you, Nakia. You never fail to renew my faith in the good. You are a kind spirit indeed. astrid
  22. Just come out and say it------ Protecting him from <gasp!> those who are not Christians. "Ended up with secular friends." Like it's shameful. :001_huh: Wow. astrid
  23. Mmmm.....great recipes! :001_smile: I've bookmarked it and will be checking back. ALL the recipes sound like ones my family would love! astrid
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