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  1. Please critique my 7 year olds summary paragraph of her day. She decided to write this on her own so I thought it would be a good time to ask the hive how she is doing
  2. We are using cle LA2, Evan Moore daily language review 2nd grade, a reading comprehension sheet 2tines a week, I'll be adding cursive when I find a book i like, lots of free reading
  3. I brought my son home from ps K 3 weeks ago. He was not reading but like you said guessing words. We use opgtr and ass. I'm waiting for our ETC book to arrive. HE CAN READ now. Alotnof times he isn't sounding out anymore. And he is beyond CVC words. All in 3 weeks :)
  4. Well I'm using 1 for my 5 year old. Just math He is flying through the first light unit but I love it I'm at 205 with my 7 year old in math Nd finally we are seeing New concepts For la we are in 202 , and goin right through beautifully We are cle alot
  5. omg it seems so perfect and in my dream it was. honestly i was pissed when i woke up and realized im still short the 400.00 plus to buy it! lmao
  6. in my dream last night :) you know you have issues when you DREAM that you have enough money to buy what you want! ARG! but it was everything i ever wanted :)
  7. okay so after researching all weekend I really like the look of Early American History for my 2nd grader through Beautiful feet. So do I need to just get the the Study Guide and then get as many books as I can from the Library? Is it all laid out for me in order? tells me what book when ect? I saw that I can get some of the used Guides for 5.00 ..... so if thats all I need to get it would be perfect for a nice early intro to US history, i would htink anyone NOT like the program?
  8. I really like the of elemental history.....
  9. http://lavidabuenaschool.blogspot.com/ mine is up :)
  10. so im wondering what you use for american history. we are doing some SOTW but for some reason my older girl grade 2 wants to keep asking about AMERICAN HISTOY! she seems totally uninterested in SOTW no matter what i do. so im thinking of doing american history the rest of the year and pick up SOTW in the fall..... so that being said, what do you use for american history? my 5 year old K boy wants to get out of EVERYTHING! lol
  11. would love to see some of these completed lapbook
  12. although we are using sotw for history I wanna do some American girl learning lapbook etc with my daughter to cover more American history in a fun way. other than girls of America are their any other American girl study units?
  13. i just got a fairly decent one for 7.97 at walmart and its magnetic! you can see it on my blog
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