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  1. We had 2 spinster sisters as neighbors growing up. They gave me these frilly, ruffly, lacey sets of twin sheets and qualified them as "for my hope chest." Who gives twin sheets for a hope chest? Not very hopeful imo. . .
  2. The national organizations seem to have many more checks and balances going on for this stuff not to happen. My girls always receive unanimous superior ratings at the national competitions, but once auditioned for a local music festival, and even though they were chosen to perform, I felt like the audition judges were unfairly critical-- like their criteria and standards were so much higher than the adjudcators who are certified by national oranizations. Puleezz! I feel for you.
  3. is 20 year old and the binding is in perfect condition. I got a smaller personal sized Bible to take to church 3 years ago and it has already fallen apart. They are just not made with the quality they used to be. Sad, but true nonetheless.
  4. We are the only district in the county with an 8/1 cut off. Schools just down the road have a 9/30 cut off. I have 3 girls with 8/13, 8/26, 9/10 birthdays. All are young for their grades. So here, said child would have be in 5th, but down the road, he would be in 6th.
  5. sometimes come in under SOFA as well, but not always. GS status will allow SOFA benefits, but not all private contractors come over under SOFA so they send their kids to DOD schools. There was a private Christian school at the church we attended- an International Baptist Church, so there are some English speaking options as well.
  6. made in Germany. Do not, I say, do not buy pencils made in China or the US. They are Cr&p. German made penicils are made of high quality materials. My kids have used their Faber Castells all week without even having to sharpen them. Totally worth the money.
  7. though one I answered because it was what I thought they were looking for, not what I thought to be true. I am thinking that can not be representative of what we are producing in the world, can it? Seriously?
  8. we just got back from Germany and the Kindergarten visited the park next to us each week. They were totally laid back with the children. We would see them all over the village walking. We saw young children walking everywhere by themselves or in pairs. Our neighbor was in grade 1 and walked home (2 kilometers) from school each day. They teach them early to be very independent. In Grade 5, the children take the train 8 km each day to the middle school. It is TOTALLY different. Not all good, not all bad.
  9. it seems like it moves quickly, and it does, but there is a method to the madness. They are working on present tense conjugations for a good half of the book, so don't worry. The chants prepare them for what is coming in the teaching down the road. So when they can chant amo, amas, amat. . . like there is no tomorrow, in a few chapters, they will put it to use. I agree with a slower pace. Latin doesn't have to be fast and furious. Take two weeks, play some games on their website, do flash cards, listen to the cd in the van. It will stick.
  10. mine have lately been dogs, but over the summer in Germany they were tigers at the park. Our neighbor, an American, was quite impressed that our older girls, 12 and 10, still played like this rather than sat texting their friends.
  11. I would think Frieberg or the one South of Munich or the one in Dresden. It is EXPENSIVE to live here, I will not lie. Our grocery budget went up 50% and we have access to military commissaries. The dollor does not go far here- 10 euros is almost 15 dollars as an example, so tings seem reasonable until you do the math. It is a lovely, safe country for the most part, but be realistic. Hope she has a great time. We have.
  12. to fire herself. We have a beginning/intermediate teacher and an advanced teacher. Beginning teacher fired herself with two of mine-- "I can teach them no more. Call so and so, she will get them where they are heading." It takes humility, something that doesn't come naturally with many. Inappropriate topics would not be tolerated either. Sounds like you shouldn't be feeling too badly IMHO.
  13. yes all 7 of them. We are getting ready to return in two weeks- without dh. I have also traveled from Northern CA to Southern CA by myself with then 4 kids, and took five when we moved from CA to OH on a plane, though we did pick up my mom in Phoenix, but since they didn't know her very well at the time, it wasn't much help. It must be the military wife in me, but it is just part of the deal. I am sure Mrs. Mungo and Battlemaiden, AF Wife Claire and others know what I am talking about. I am not saying necessarily that it was fun to fly abroad alone, but when it must be done, you sort of ri
  14. and are selective. No chicken pox or Hep B, though we've been traveling abroad all summer and our very conservative Ped suggested it would be good to get it because of the prevelence, so we did get the ones who didn't have it. The reason they do Hep B's at birth is because a mom can pass it to baby and if they are Vaccinated within the 1st 24 hours they are less likely to contract it. If you get prenatal care, they test you for it when they do the Prenatal panel. If you are negative, you are supposed to be given the option to wait til 2 months. HPV is still up in the air. A
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