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  1. Haven't been here in a while and just wanted to check in. It's great to see the hs community thriving and doing well!

  2. Selling curriculum, but not buying any this year. Weird!


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    Introduction to Formal Logic by Classical Academic Press. This set includes the Teacher's Edition and student text. Purchased BRAND new last year and used by one student/teacher. Student text has some minimal erased pencil on some pages of the first three chapters from light pencil writing, but over 95% of the book is completely unused. TE has very slight wear on front cover. This is a very good deal on excellent curriculum. Price includes USPS Media Rate postage



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    Nice condition. Algebra I Homeschool Packet. This set was purchased one year ago brand new and has been gently used by one student. Includes student text, answer key and test forms. Price also includes USPS Media Rate postage. E-mail or PM if interested.



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    Nice condition. Instructional dvd set titled ''Mastering Algebra John Saxon's Way'' - taught by Art Reed. Purchased new and used by one student. Excellent teaching for Saxon Algebra. Price includes USPS Media Rate postage. Send PM or e-mail if interested.


  6. Packing away 8th grade records. Our hs journey is over and I feel so conflicted...

    1. amyco


      I hear you. In the same boat here.

    2. Tress


      Hugs for you both!

  7. Packing up and moving after 10 years in the house. Ugh - what a lot of work!

    1. PollyOR


      I can't even imagine. The thought makes me shudder.

    2. gingersmom


      We are packing up after 11 years in the house. I am loving it!! I am so beyond excited to be moving!


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    Apologia Exploring Creation W/ General Science 2nd Edition, written by Dr. Jay Wile Purchased brand new last year and was gently used by one student in a non-smoking home. No writing, tears or stains. Still like new. Set includes student text, solutions and test manual, plus multi-media cd. - $58 via PayPal only THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD!!


  9. HSMom2One

    Lots Of Art & Music

    I've sent you a pm about the Artistic Pursuits books. Blessings, Lucinda

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    Well-stewarded books from a non-smoking home. PayPal payments ONLY please Offered at discounted, firm prices. Packaged carefully. Payment Flat rate $3 for 1-6 books. 6 or more books ship FREE Shipped promptly after receiving payment May be extra shipping costs if mailing outside the continental U.S. Hakim's A History of US - Vol 8, Age of Extremes Very nice condition. Vol 8 of 11 - $10 Mapping the World by Heart An innovative approach to learning geography, by David Smith This is a brand new, never used set that we were unable to fit in this year as planned. ISBN 9781891405 - $50 SOLD The Fallacy Detective by Nathaniel & Hans Bluedorn Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning. This book is in near perfect condition. Purchased brand new and gently used by one student. - $12 SOLD The Thinking Toolbox by Nathaniel & Hans Bluedorn Thirty-Five Lessons That Will Build Your Reasoning Skills. This book is in perfect condition, and has never been used. - $15 SOLD Apologia Exploring Creation w/ General Science 2nd Edition, written by Dr. Jay Wile Bought brand new last year and it was gently used by one student. Set includes student text, solutions and test manual and multi-media cd. - $58


  11. Sunny in the Pacific NW yesterday and today. Welcome, spring!

  12. Trying to decide on blog choices. Hmmmmm....

  13. the combination of working and homeschooling is challenging, but doable.

    1. lovemykids
    2. 3peasinapod
    3. brehon


      I completely agree. And poor attitudes don't help (either the parental units' or the learners' attitudes)

  14. Oh Christmas break, oh Christmas break - how very much I love you!

  15. We're halfway through our last year of hs'ing! How bittersweet...

    1. mom31257


      Awww, that will be!

  16. Hmmmmm....checking out the new site and it looks lovely!

  17. Thank you Michelle. I also want to help others, and always hope that at least someone gains from the things I share. Like you, I'll continue to post. :~)




  18. We have used TT6 and TT7, and I have to say that my dd has made a phenomenal turn-around. We tried Saxon and MUS before landing on TT, and it is here that we will stay. The only supplement we use is LOF once per week just for fun and variety. It isn't needed particularly, I'm just hoping to add even more fun to the weekly math schedule, per TWTM recommendation. Blessings, Lucinda
  19. I wrote the info down after reading this post during the summer, and I ran across my note this week. I had decided to watch the movie in the fall when we finish our unit on Rome and the timing is perfect. We did watch it this evening, and it was pretty good. I would give a heads up though, as there is a reference to masters sleeping with slaves that some children may or may not even catch, yet it is there. I would not recommend this for young children anyway due to the scary nature of the whole event, but for Logic and Rhetoric stage it is very interesting. Blessings, Lucinda
  20. This is perfect! I've tried to find book recommendations through Amazon, but could never get these types of results! Thanks so much for sharing the link. You made my day! Blessings, Lucinda
  21. Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions, fellow Hive members! I will head over to Amazon and take a peak. We have the entire Thoene collection and both dh and my mom have read every single one. They LOVE these books. I will have to read them myself, but I think I'll hold off until winter. Blessings to all, Lucinda
  22. We'll give these a try. Thank you! I'm scratching my head over the idea of Hank H. (The Bible Answer Man) being an author of historical novels because he is such a character, but what the hay. :D Blessings, Lucinda
  23. We love, love, love TOG at our house, so that covers history, literature and composition. I cannot believe how much my dd learned last year!! It has been amazing for us both because I'm enjoying learning with her, and found it such a joy to watch her download so much information and be interested in it. As for math, it has to be TT, hands down. What a lifesaver for my dd and our family. Blessings, Lucinda
  24. Anybody read these books and know the authors enough to make a recommendation? Thanks, Lucinda
  25. The authors are a married couple by the names of Brock and Bodie Thoene (pronounced Tay-nee). Here is a link to their website with a list of all the books. They are just amazing stories, and like I said, very accurate in their account of history. The question is for my husband, not my dd. I'm looking for good books suggestions for him. Thanks! Blessings, Lucinda
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