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  1. I'm updating my resume in order to apply for a new job. I'm a hospital based pharmacist and that's the only kind of pharmacy I've ever done. While there have been updates in technology, my actual day to day chores have changed somewhat, it's all just about the same. So my resume is 3 pages long! And at each job listed, the same duties are listed. So it's very repetitious - and 3 pages long! Is there a proper way to condense it? Can I condense the older (1990s) jobs by saying something like "typical hospital pharmacist duties including but not limited to...." 3 pages is just too long and boring IMO. Oh, and how do I header subsequent pages especially if the page breaks inside one position (ie, the job duties continue on the next page)?
  2. I got this to review for my grands and nephews. It's formatted for use with various age groups. I haven't delved into it deeply yet, but from what I see, it looks good. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/194257228X/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. I'm wondering if he could still claim to be a college student if he signs up for a few online classes....he does want to finish out an economics major (he got it as a minor). He will also have time on his hands to do class work while he looks for a job.
  4. This one just graduated so isn't in college anymore...which seems to be where the issue comes in. His older brother is in grad school so we retain him on our plan. Unfortunately, the one that is moving is the youngest and won't be 22 until April. So his rate will go WAYY up. Right now we have excellent rates. In fact I called yesterday to see how much of an increase in rate we would expect if we got him a certain new car. The lady at the insurance company was astonished by the rates we are getting for our boys. We are paying $460 per year for full coverage (high limits) on a Honda Accord for son #2. She said that was far less than she usually sees. Due to dh's profession we also carry an umbrella policy which we will continue to carry...so even moving ds#4 off the plan we wouldn't save enough to offset the increase he will see if he has his own policy.
  5. This is how we've done things up to this point. #2 is still a student, but out of state, and we purchased the car he is driving and he is on our insurance plan. So much cheaper that way. However, he will be 25 next month so we anticipate when he finishes his masters this spring and moves to a job (which will likely be out of state) we will sign the title over to him and let him get his own insurance.
  6. They were not very helpful when I spoke with them. The gal didn't know what the time limit was, whether it had to be titled in his name, etc. I'm going to have this same issue with son #3 in another semester. Son #2 will be 25 shortly and it won't be as big of a deal. The problem is that I'm paying for the insurance until such time as they get jobs.
  7. How do you all handle car insurance when your adult kids move out of state? My youngest has graduated and will be moving out of state. He will, hopefully, get a job once there. He has a promise of employment at his previous internship site, but that's not the career he's looking for. So I do not view this as a permanent move yet. If he doesn't find something in 6 months, he'll be back home or enrolled in graduate school. I've been told that once he moves, he must license/tag the car in the new state and get his own insurance there. However, the car he will have is still registered in my name. It's not really his, he's just taking it because it is newer and more reliable than the one he's driving at home. Has anyone navigated these waters recently? He will be 22 in April so his insurance will be expensive.
  8. Any favorites you've found today on the sale? Looking for myself and adult sons (sons enjoy sci fi and humor of the Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy type). Suggestions?
  9. Looking at the sale on Kindle books. My 23 yo son enjoys sci fi and humor (Hitchhiker's Guide series type). Any suggestions?
  10. My niece just got a 48 inch DCS all gas this past week. I went over there tonight to see it in action. Both dh and I have issue with the control knobs. There is the light up circle that starts out orange...but we had a hard time reading the dials. The knobs are stainless steel and the lettering is in some sort of reddish brown with very small font. We both thought that perhaps they are supposed to be lit from the inside of the knob but my niece assured me that they are not. She hasn't been home to use it since it was installed Wednesday. Do you have a problem seeing the lettering?
  11. Well I'd certainly grab one for half off lol! DCS is offering $1000 rebate and Thermador is giving a bonus dishwasher. All in all the Thermador comes out about $500 cheaper with that dishwasher. Now I don't need a dishwasher...have a lovely Bosch, but I have rental properties so...maybe I'd get the new dishwasher and a rental would get my bosch which anyone would love. But I'm hearing that Thermador is having problems with the coating of the grates chipping. So the search continues
  12. I haven't heard of that one. I'll check it out. Thanks
  13. I thought about this and think it's a great idea. However, we remodeled the kitchen in 2006 and I don't have a place for a wall oven :( It would take a lot of work to put in a wall oven...my kitchen is such that I don't have a lot of wall space lol. We have lovely open windows and doorways in the kitchen. There is only one place I could put it, but I would lose my pantry... We are on a "5 year" plan. I want to be able to put the house on the market in 5 years. So hopefully my aging back will hold out that long lol. That blue range is gorgeous. I have seen those at Williams Sonoma and drooled over them.
  14. Looking to get a new dual fuel professional type range. We have a 36 inch Five Star which has given us great service for over 25 years, but I'm having issues with it and finding it difficult to buy parts. So I'm looking for a replacement. Here's what I want: Freestanding (prefer on legs to show floor beneath) Super low simmer High heat burner Gas top/electric oven Easily serviced Sealed burners self cleaning oven I've looked at Thermador, Viking, Miele, Blue Star, DCS - would love recommendations from users of these and other brand recommendations. Thanks!
  15. We are considering a ski trip somewhere in Idaho, basically because it's a state we've never been to, and have heard it's beautiful :) My adult sons, daughter in law, grandkids, my parents (76 and 80 yo) and aunt (67) will be going. All the younger adults ski, I ski (but not as vigorously), and my grandson could probably do kiddie ski school (3 yo). So, where would you recommend for a place that has good skiing plus other things to do for the older folks. They are usually happy to just sit in a pretty place and read or chat. We will get a vacation rental (VRBO type) for all of us. I have heard that Coeur d'Alene is beautiful. We aren't looking for an exotic place; just one to relax, get away, and enjoy some winter sports. Recommendations? We will be flying from Tulsa and the others from Lubbock, TX. We have ski equipment...but may decide to just rent. Oh, we are thinking about going shortly after Christmas. I know that will be more expensive, but it works for everyone's schedules.
  16. Oh, yeah, totally out of place to do that to an unsuspecting new patient. Some of those medical folks don't have good filters lol. My favorite OB/GYN passed away a few years ago. He had practiced for many years in Canada (he still had a great French accent) and worked with us for probably 20 years before he passed away. He could find something funny where no one else would even think to find something funny. But, yes, in your case it was most inappropriate. It's one thing to say something to a colleague who knows you; it's another to say something to a patient. I was both patient and colleague so I tended to hear a lot of things :)
  17. :lol: :lol: :lol: Working with physicians, I can say that the OB/GYNS have the *best* (funniest) sense of humor. Seriously, this is so funny and I'm sure he meant it in that way (based on my experience with that profession).
  18. This is so sad. But I know that this is not uncommon.
  19. These were early injuries...one as a young child and one as a young teen. Hard to know because I wasn't around at that time.
  20. I'm particularly interested in possible behavioral changes many years after the incident. Could it be related or is the person just being a jerk. There have been some antisocial behaviors for many years...aggressive talk, not getting along with others, "not a team player"..basically could be called just obnoxious...but appears unable to be controlled. It seems much worse recently and this person has had some anxiety at the same time. Unfortunately they won't seek help which makes it difficult for those of us who have to deal with it. The person truly doesn't see the problem.
  21. I'm coming here first rather than just Googling because I know many of you have already weeded through the Google sites and know which ones are reputable and which are not. I'm looking for basic injury related behavioral outcomes (emotional, mental, academic, etc.), treatment, and a good forum in which to ask more personal questions. Thank you.
  22. Pharmacist I'm a pharmacist who re-entered the workforce. I earn, working part time, what many people earn working full time. My DIL graduated from pharmacy school when she was 6 months pregnant. She has the sweetest job working 2 days a week and an occasional Saturday. My grandson goes to Moms Day Out for 1 of those days and the other works such that my son can take care of him. She is expecting another child in July and will keep the same schedule. The pharmacy manager was thrilled when he found out she would still be working. I'm not sure I would encourage someone who already has children and who has no college background to go back for this degree because it is 6 years and a lot of hard work, but for a young lady planning college, it's an excellent field that allows flexibility when one decides to start a family. Much of the success, too, may be varied based on geographic area and need for pharmacists. My DIL is in a very needy area.
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