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    In great condition. Includes Hewitt Homeschool Health Syllabus and Tests, Total Health Book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye Book. Non-smoking. ppd



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    8th Grade set includes Grammar & Composition student book and teacher book. Also Vocabulary, Poetry & Spelling II student book and teacher book. Just first 18 pages of student book used. Non-smoking. ppd



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    Includes Student soft back book, Home Teacher Edition, & Home Teacher Package. Non-smoking home. Great condition. ppd.



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    Set includes Student hard back book, Teacher's Edition of 2 books. Non-smoking home. ppd. No longer home educating so I am selling various items.



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    Student hard back book, Homeschool Packet, Tests. 2nd edition. $12 ppd. Non-smoking home.



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    Great Condition. Includes Student Book, Both Teacher's Edition, Tests with Answers. Non-smoking home. ppd.


  7. Thanks so much. This was another one I saw highly recommended. Is the link below your siggy the business blog? I like the look of it. Maybe blogging would be superior for my site.
  8. I have used site builders and html mainly to change things on my blogs. GoDaddy has templates for sites and you get five pages for $4+ per month. It also includes hosting. I don't anticipate needing tons of space at this time so I think the basic will be fine. Just wondering as I saw some recs for places like ipages, etc.
  9. I am a CPA and plan to build my own business website. I own the domain through GoDaddy. I have built sites on Freewebs.com, Weebly.com and manage our church website. I also have several blogs as well. All this to say, I am probably an intermediate level at web site building. Any recommendations for hosting a website. I see GoDaddy has a deal for a little over $4 per month. I don't think I will need tons of pages or bandwidth so should I go with them? Should I use Weebly? Help from the Hive please!!
  10. Wow, great information. I agreed that 40 per meal did not seem very low carb to me. I found this site which looks sufficient. South Beach Looks like I will just use SB induction and go from there. The person I was speaking to about raw fruits and raw veggies was also having some major hormone issues. I think she did this to avoid any meat that could potentially have hormones and now she only eats hormone free chicken and other meat.
  11. I have several people within my church that have lost weight and they all say the same thing, "I just started eating low carb, no sugar and it just came off." None of them did a "diet" so to speak so I am wondering, what would you consider a low carb number for the day? One man told me his doctor advised about 30 to 40 carbs per meal. Another said they aimed for about 40 per day. I think this is really my problem because I crave carbs. Just wondering where to start. I also was considering doing a two week reset. I am planning on eating raw fruits and veggies for two weeks. I may
  12. I personally love my Chemex. You can get them in different sizes. I actually have the 6 cup one. You need the filters as well. Basically, you heat water separately. Then, you put the filter in the top and put coffee in the filter. You pour the water over the grounds to dampen them first. When that runs through, you continue to pour the water over the grounds until you get the capacity of your Chemex. The coffee is extremely smooth tasting. Love mine!!
  13. Not sure if it is an option, but when mine were that age I bought a school type table with adjustable legs at Kaplan in the scratched and dented area. I paid much less than the one I linked and I would think you could find them at a school sale, yard sale, etc. Mine had a small scratch but the adjustable legs made it perfect for them. I bought four stackable chairs to go with it and kept moving the legs up as they grew. What I liked was that it was heavy enough not to tip. They make the white foldable tables with three level of adjustment but they are easy to tip at your children's age
  14. What a great role model for my guys!! My ds just finished his book and we all pull for him. Great family, great testimony! I heard an announcer this morning say on Fox News that Tebow has done for other people through his mission work and other benefits by his early twenties than most people will do in their entire life.
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