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  1. Susan, I hate that something like this is causing such upheaval for you all. I do hope it is settled quickly! And a waving hello! Twas informed via floo network ;-)
  2. Hey there! I miss you too. Just trying to focus on me, kids, dh, and house right now. Kind of got too sucked in and need to back off.

  3. :svengo: <--- How I feel about Christmas being this week. I decided to visit all my WTM Friends instead of doing something I should be... :D

  4. Thanks for the friendship. :D It was the Lego lesson planning flair I sent you, wasn't it?

  5. Thank you! I am happy to have finally finished them. And they are for me for a change.

  6. Thanks! I am nowhere close to selling. I have just started making them. To date, I have 2 pairs for my feet, one for my older ds, and am working on one for younger ds. I will make things for me and for gifts here and there. Plus, it would be a very expensive pair of socks given the cost of sock yarn plus the amount of time it takes me to make them. I need about 2 weeks of hard work for one pair. I am just not that fast yet.

  7. Yes! I finally got them finished. I love them!

  8. Love the blue, have you ever tried selling them, they are so nice, I love socks and sock slippers.

  9. Hey, you changed your socks!

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