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    , Kentucky - US

  9. When do you count working a part-time job as a work co-op?
  10. I know this is an older post, but wanted to see if anyone has any other suggestions...internet safe sites you recommend, etc.
  11. We are Christians, but I am interested in finding a comparative religion course. Does anyone have a suggestion? Alison
  12. Thank you so very much Lolly! That was greatly encouraging and full of some great nuggets. I really appreciate all of your suggestions. Alison
  13. Does anyone have a suggestion for an Algebra 2 course? I know I'm leaping here, but I do plan on buying a program and using it with whatever time I have. We are working okay through the Tabletclass pre-algebra course. If I continue with their Algebra 1, there will be some overlap between the pre-algebra and algebra 1. I could try their Algebra 2 also, but I wasn't sure if there was something out there I was missing. I really like the looks of Power Basics for geometry, but I see they do not have Algebra 2. Also, I found edX and their intro to geometry looks great for my needs. I bought a used Lial's Algebra for college students, but I'm thinking I bought the wrong book. This is reading a little wordy and not so simple for my tired brain.
  14. I've written down all of the above suggestions of curriculum, etc. Thank you all. Honestly, I really wasn't looking for suggestions as much as I was looking for some in the same situation to discuss our situation and the handling of it. And success stories, I really was hoping to hear of success stories :). All that being said, I still do appreciate the suggestions. I had the wonderful opportunity yesterday to speak with a local public school guidance and career counselor. She was able to enlighten me on some of the confusion I had. Bottom line is that right now in my state (KY) all kids are required to graduate with algebra 1, 2, and geometry. I couldn't believe it, and I asked for clarification. Every kid. Now again, being a private school, I do not have to necessarily live by that. However, I would not want to look that different in a transcript because of what my kids have an interest in, which is attending college. I asked her how it's possible for all kids to pass those classes and be able to graduate, and she said it doesn't happen (me reading between the lines here I'm thinking they just don't flunk a kid out for math grades). She said that often they will take algebra 1 stretched over 2 years, then do geometry and algebra 2. Also, they will tutor, offer extra credit, etc. I do not know what textbooks they use in this school. This is an adjacent county with a smaller population and many farming families. I can't tell you what a relief it is having that conversation with her. I mean, I totally think it's crazy having all kids meet that requirement (and she agreed lol), but I now understand that they are obviously helping kids all across this state get through the math. So some of these kids are having teachers give credit, opportunities, etc. I feel totally better about sitting down with my son and reviewing a math test where he's missed many problems from little inattentive mistakes and walking through the problems with his understanding, then moving on. Back 35 years or so ago when I was in public school we had a separation of classes from high, medium, and low. Those kids doing great were high, and the strugglers were we basically have low math going on here. She was also able to clarify the getting into college grades/scores for me. If my son can meet the overall ACT score of 18, then he's in (at least the 2 closest colleges). However, if he doesn't meet that benchmark math score on ACT then they will have him in a lower level math class. I'm great with that, I just needed to hear he could get in. For dual credit, with his current math scores, I believe he just would not be able to take a math class, but could do social sciences, English, etc. I feel like a weight is lifted, just from talking to her and reading between the lines. I'm not saying it's going to be easy for him, but it will be doable. We are going to keep working through the math daily, with some added nighttime homework. We will learn as much algebra and geometry as possible for him between now and college. BTW, any suggestions for an easy going geometry? We're using Tabletclass for Algebra (well, actually pre-algebra, but several topics overlap). I've found the edX geometry and will use that for a start. Alison
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