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  1. I just saw your post, Kari, I am so sorry. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
  2. Thanks for all of the replies. I'm sure her dd has had some grammar but has not done any diagramming. We just finished R&S English 6 and that was hefty...can't wait for 7 ;). I think I'll have her look at 5, 6, and 7 and go from there. Thanks for the input!
  3. I have a friend who is beginning homeschooling her up and coming 7th grader. She wants to use R&S. Should she start with 5, 6, or 7?
  4. Just FYI, Dystocia means "difficult birth" so it can be applied to any abnormal presentation. I still wouldn't name my dd it :D.
  5. Didn't you ever see "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"? :lol:
  6. Background: DDturning12soon has been through all four years of Biblioplan and this year did her second trip through Ancients doing the readings and outlining Kingfisher...fairly monotonous. I added some History Pockets but the novelty wore off rapidly. I've looked at TOG, HO, and Omnibus and have decided to beef up Biblioplan instead for our upcoming Middle Ages/Ren./Ref. year. I'm adding Columbus and His Sons and Story of Mankind readings to the Biblioplan, as well as using the now available map/timeline figures. There are about 40 literature selections for dd to read during the yea
  7. A course that she will not have to worry about until college:D. I never took chemistry in high school.....shocker, I know. I would recommend taking biology, chem, and physics in high school, but if they miss something they can pick it up in college. There are still four years of college to conquer before getting into vet school. I don't remember anything I learned in high school, and I remember only some of what I learned in college. I remember approx. 20% of what I knew at the time of my national veterinary boards. Just make sure your kids are getting a good college prep education
  8. There is no "K" in Canada, America, or Mexico for a capital name therefore: Lansing, Michigan
  9. How about IEW? Institute for Excellence in Writing. We have used an IEW-like class for older two dc, including one who is a reluctant writer, and it was great. There is an online option by an IEW-trained teacher called Writing Foundations and the website is www.writingfoundations.com . It can be "mom intensive" the first year...you are the editor.
  10. There isn't an "X" capital that I can find. So: Yerevan, Armenia
  11. My dd11 is just finishing up R&S 6. I think it is thorough enough to not need any other grammar course. I have given her a "break" from exhaustive writing assignments as the last two years we did R&S as well as an IEW-like class. Adding more writing to R&S really depends on what your dc is able to handle. If you did all of the writing assignments it may be enough for some kids and not enough for others.
  12. Speaking as a vet here. My undergrad classes in college were exactly the same as the pre-med classes and that was after having only taken biology and physics in high school. I never had high school chemistry...shocker, I know. I would recommend that any high schooler thinking about medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, etc. should take biology, chemistry, and physics in high school. An anatomy and physiology course is a nice addition if you have the time. My point is this though: if you don't get it all done, your student will have so much science in undergrad that missing chemistry i
  13. I've been gone awhile and I'm wondering what happened over at the General Board? Was there an implosion of some kind?
  14. Or if you live in Minnesota ;). We'll be starting this some time in April!
  15. With that many issues, why haven't you pulled your dd yet? Just curious as to why she can't do school at home? It might mean a lot less stress for you and your family.
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