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  1. Well, that price is what I pay for an ink cartridge. I haven't printed anything out at Staples yet.


    As soon as I do, I'll post it. I'll probably be sometime later this week.

  2. Thanks for the Staples info, that's 1/4 of what they wanted elsewhere!

  3. Hi H.S.! I haven't been here much at all so I just saw your message! Happy New Year to you too! Hope all your celebrating and being with family ends well! Are you ready to get back to the books? I'm trying to get ready!

  4. Thank you SOOOO MUCH for writing this!!! :grouphug: I really needed to hear something like this....and DD14 really needed me to read it too! Thanks again!
  5. Merry Christmas! I'm thinking green boxes your way!

  6. You agree with me!!!! Awwwww :grouphug: ;)

  7. Just cross the border more frequently and we'll make you an honorary Texan!! :p I didn't learn to say "Howdy!" until I went to Texas A&M....they all say it!!


    And they lost horribly Thanksgiving night!!!!!:svengo:

  8. I want to be a Texan too!!! Give me a year or two and I'll be able to say howdy!!

  9. Hey there! How ARE ya? Just dropping in on long-lost friends from "THE" thread! Hope all is well with you dahlin'! :)

  10. Hi Myrtle!!! Glad you're back!! We've missed you! :grouphug:

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