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  1. Thanks! We will look into both those options.
  2. I am guessing near union station.
  3. Not entirely sure....we are taking a train to New Orleans? 😜
  4. Last time I travelled on amtrack finding parking was a relatively easy affair. This time not so much. We will be gone for about a week and need to find a place. Ideas?
  5. I think this is completely child specific. Mine are slow to physically mature (some of this is related to athletics), public schooled, and we have had minimal drama or need to fit in issues. I only just convinced dd15 to wear a bra and that was primarily due to the mount of running she does and having to wear skin tight XC uniforms. ;) A couple years ago she did ask me why she was the only one in her class (8th grade) who hadn't started her cycle, but has since made peace with it and is happy she does not have to deal with that right now.
  6. Perfect! It has been awhile since homeschooling I somehow missed that Khan now had chemistry videos. :)
  7. I know I am very late to this thread as I have been away for quite awhile. That said, it is an issue very fresh on my mind. 3 years ago we moved our children to a lovely village town where dh aunt was the elem and middle school principal. There is approximately one classroom per grade. We have loved it! Many of the perks to homeschooling as well as the perks of PS found in one place. Then some of the down sides crept in. There was a massive lack in electives, clubs, and strict (unwritten) rules not allowing them to dual sport in the same season. Further there wasn't a foreign language option for middle school. The excuse was that they just didn't have the funds or enough kids to allow these things. We discovered that in our state, by law, the school has to cover up to two online courses of the students choice per year. So, we enrolled our middle schooler in a foreign language instead of art (which I could do at home). I was a bit taken aback at the push back we received from the high school principal (not the middle school one). In fact, right before school started he wrote a massive letter that was posted to the main web page of the schools site explaining that while they did have to provide this opportunity he strongly discourages it. That the school would provide no help and most students fail. That failing would be permanent on their grades so please be VERY cautious about enrolling your child in online courses. Dd got an A, but true to threat, she was given no support at school and it was our history of homeschooling that allowed us to help her. Then next year (9th grade) we enrolled her in 2 online classes. Biology and Latin allowing her to take Spanish 2 with the 10th graders. Again we were met with massive resistance. Spanish teacher said she would fail doing two languages and there was serious tension between the biology teacher and our family. She again received A's in all classes while playing varsity level sports all 3 seasons and going to state as freshman in XC. I did notice that as dd was successful more and more of her peers started taking online classes. Finally, at the end of last year as we sat with her school counselor discussing this coming year (10th grade) he finally admitted that he didn't think their was anything she couldn't handle and what did we want to do. The 10th grade science option (same lackluster biology teacher) was going to be Physical Science and I just about lost it. We decided on online Anatomy and physiology and Medical terminology through a local college as her elective. Over the summer things changed for us. It was subtle, but I found I was frustrated with the constant uphill battle of trying to provide and excellent education for my children. I was also frustrated that my dd was forbidden from doing both XC and equestrian team at the same time and that her brothers could not do soccer and XC at the same time when the village school 5 miles down the road could. Also, I cannot say they were being bullied, but there was a definite attitude of "do well, but don't do so well that you make others look bad by default." As a result, some students would find opportunities to drag them down to their level. We made the decision to enroll them via school of choice at a larger high school and middle school 45 min away. They offer everything. AP classes, a variety of electives, dual sporting if the child can handle it. Most of all they are not threatened by our children's desire to succeed and push themselves. I feel that homeschooling allowed us to both support our children in a unique way, but it also gave us a higher standard of education and provided us with the strength to seek out better options. Ultimately, I feel bad for our village school, I work with a lot of young doctors and they ask me about moving to the area (torch lake, mi is stunning) but these are people who will not settle for their children's educational options. They are losing families who genuinely support their children's education and are not attractive to this next generation of parent that is accustom to having options.
  8. Dd15 is going to be taking AP chemistry as a sophomore at a new high school. I wanted to see if I could find a quick introduction to it for her, before classes start as i fear she will be dealing with a bunch of NEW all at once. She doesn't need a full course, but we underwhelmed her last high school (hence the move) and last year she took Biology online with no challenge. Her knew school believes her to need more of an academic challenge, but as her mother I know her anxiety levels and feel that she needs something to give her a tad bit of confidence going in. Thanks so much....and long time no see ;)
  9. My situation is a bit different in that dd was completing her 2nd year of high school Spanish on campus while doing her 1st year of high school Latin (online) as a freshman. Her Spanish 2 teacher was convinced she couldn't handle the two simultaneously. She ended up with A's in both, but mentioned that she didn't feel that either language helped her with the other. I think if she had had more of a foundation in Latin (we hadn't picked it up since early elementary) it may have been different. Still, she was successful in both.
  10. It was great and I find myself energized for today. What was so interesting to me was the amount of conversation we had. Granted, my crew is still youngish (5th, 4th, 4th and 1st), but in asking more "should...." questions I was surprised by how opinionated they were :D. In math we ran into another situation where they were taught a shortcut by a ps teacher. I explained that while they could use the shortcut, it would not be good in the long run and here was why. It was math with character study ;) None of this was distinctly "classical," but it was implementing some principles that had spoken to me at the beginning of this thread. Mainly, reading good literature together (not necessarily historical fiction) and bringing the pursuit of virtue, beauty, and wisdom back into our homeschool.
  11. Today was the first day I attempted to implement some of the very basic things I have learned from this thread. It was amazing! We accomplished so much, but it was restful and holistic. I am still in a bit of shock that it worked. We still spent over an hour on Maths and another hour on science. We did grammar, writing, two (lit and history) read alouds with discussion. I cheated a bit and connected their spelling work to their writing. (ds6 and I also managed to get in all of his phonics, reading, and handwriting) Then they all decided to work on some elective type materials. Dd chose to read up on Greek Gods and Goddesses (she's on a mythology kick), the twins built a 3D model of a cathedral and my little guy went and ran around with the chickens. We also took a lengthy break to run outside and see if we could see Venus during the daytime. I didn't get to our foreign languages or geography, but I am just starting to get back into a grove. I am sure that we will have less idyllic days to come, but today was so NICE!!!! ;) (It was the twins birthday, so dh brought home dinner. I am sure that helped!) ;)
  12. Ugh, this is how I am feeling as well. I am struggling a bit with post-modern blinders and feel stunted. I remember talking with a psychologist, friend of the family, in my teen-angst years. I mentioned that I wanted to learn as much as I could, gain as much knowledge as possible, so I could never be taken advantage of and would have the upper-hand. He looked at me and said, "Think of knowledge as a huge Redwood and wisdom as a pyramid. Ask yourself which one you would rather be during the storms of life." It was pivotal moment for me as a teen. It gave me direction...purpose. It allowed me to pursue something huge, beautiful, mysterious. At the same time it released me from a very myopic view towards self-preservation. I have never been able to find another key quite lack that, to inspire my mothering and homeschooling journey. This discussion on "virtue" and "wisdom" reminds a bit of that conversation with the psychologist. If only my brain was as quick as it was back then! :tongue_smilie: I still feel a little lost, but it is a hopeful lost. :D
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