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  1. I know I am very late to this thread as I have been away for quite awhile. That said, it is an issue very fresh on my mind. 3 years ago we moved our children to a lovely village town where dh aunt was the elem and middle school principal. There is approximately one classroom per grade. We have loved it! Many of the perks to homeschooling as well as the perks of PS found in one place. Then some of the down sides crept in. There was a massive lack in electives, clubs, and strict (unwritten) rules not allowing them to dual sport in the same season. Further there wasn't a foreign language option
  2. I just discovered this series and am really hooked! I love learning about the medical discoveries and practices in history. Highly recommend, but it is a bit graphic and true to the era. http://www.amazon.com/Episode-1/dp/B003UPMK1Y/ref=sr_1_1?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1335930606&sr=1-1
  3. This was very helpful to me at a similiar questioning place. :grouphug: Not a book, but rather lengthy. http://orthodoxinfo.com/inquirers/whichcamefirst.aspx
  4. I have just spent a week with my mother and grandmother and have a couple thoughts. It was really interesting to see how much my grandmother has started to live in her past. My mother anchors her and helps to keep her present. It is barely noticable, but hwen Grandma is on her own she quickly falls into the past. So, how is she aging? Mentally? I also wonder if your dh provided more guidance in selecting photos for the other quilts. As she ages it is really normal for her to get more lost in the past and confused. I am sorry, I know things like this hurt. :grouphug:
  5. Can someone explain how these work? Tomorrow's looks really interesting, but I am not sure what this entails. Help? http://us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=8b0600c50a6edcfcf9aea65d5&id=1d7e95acd6
  6. C. diff. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clostridium_difficile Nasty stuff!
  7. Thank you! This is my plan B if I still feel uncomfortable, after I block all the people I need to. :D
  8. Yes, this is something I have thought about as well. It is troubling. I am often at war within myself. Part of the problem lies in how much I am willing to share IRL (so to speak) You see we started as the children's pastors, then absorbed the youth dept, and finally absorbed everthing young adult and down. I have "kids" (now in their late teens early twenties) who want to be FB friends. I love them dearly and cherish the time spent as a Pastor's wife in their lives. Thankfully, they were young enough or fringe enough to not have been drastically affected by what happened. Basically, I do
  9. Yes, I went ahead and did this this morning. The reason I had not done it before was that I had a lot of dupliciate people in my life connected to him. Monitoring the mutual friends allowed me to see who he had recruited as spies. I know sounds crazy, but people will do things for their "pastor" that they normally would not. Especially, if they think they are protecting him from the enemy (me :tongue_smilie:). Now, it is clear that I have someone in the role and he is more than happy to oblige, afterall he could have just blocked me..like his wife did. Ugh! This thing is so nasty!
  10. Many of you know I went trough a traumatic experience at a church dh and I were staff pastors. This involved a Sr. Pastor who has major control and other issues. It involved spyware on my old computer and a lot of horrid things I really do not want to go into. Because this was a huge church I always had quite a few friends on fb. Because of security issues I had created a system where I did not accept friend requests from anyone who was mutual friends with this man. Someone has alerted him to this. I can now see that we have mutual friends, but he has found a way to block my being able to
  11. Hmmmm, maybe poke your head in and say, "are there any finals today?" That should be all the reminder he needs. ;) does he respond better to loss of privledges or physical labor.
  12. Wow! I have been out of the loop. I just caught up on the Jack Chick and Julie Bogart/Brave writer situation. The Jack Chick situation I understand as an oversight and I can give that GHC. But when I take this combined with the JB/BW I am once again left with that icky feeling. I had considered flying to a GHC convention this year, but could not find enough speakers I wanted to hear to make it worth while. Here is what I just cannot understand...why, after the whole Ken Ham fiasco, would they backtrack in such a way? The die had been cast. Their identity as a more "inclusive" ho
  13. You have all been really helpful! It is so good to read your stories about how this is playing out in your homes! The bolded is brilliant! I had read something similar before, but completely forgot about it until you mentioned it. I remember thinking about how gentle of a mother I would be if I remembered that......then I forgot! :tongue_smilie:
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