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  1. I agree. It's an amusement park with a little sea life thrown in.
  2. We call them funeral potatoes. Yes, hash browns, cream of whatever, sour cream, cheese and corn flakes on top. Yum!
  3. I read that "at a cabin IN the sea". That would make for one of those days pretty quick! LOL
  4. My youngest DD has anxiety disorder. There are days when school is just not going to be successful. I have had more hours of agonizing over her than the other 3 combined. I have been certain that she would never read well. She now chooses to read for fun. I was certain she would never succeed at math. She is now wrapping up Singapore 5B and doesn't need me sitting beside her every second. I was certain she would never write a paragraph on her own, now she chooses to do her writing lessons first. I really wish I had relaxed and enjoyed the days when all we did was read books together
  5. I'm crying just reading about these. Steel Magnolias, Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List - pretty much any movie that has a sad scene has me bawling.
  6. We are doing the same thing. No activities except school until June. We've dropped cheer, gymnastics, and violin. I'm beat and we have to finish school before August (we aren't really that behind, but with all the junk it feels like we'll never get done). I love the peaceful, quiet mornings with no rushing around to get to the next thing!
  7. This isn't freezable, but it is soooo delicious. Strawberry Salsa 1 carton strawberries, chopped 1 carton grape tomatoes, chopped, 1/4. cup cilantro, chopped 4 tbsp. olive oil 2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar (start there, add more to taste) salt and pepper to taste Combine all ingredients and refrigerate 1 hour. Serve with tortilla chips. This is a summer staple at our house. If strawberries are less than $2/carton, we have this at least once a week.
  8. Shoot! I've always been anemic but I finally got to see the numbers this last January. My ferritin was at 2 in January and is up to 4.7. My iron saturation was at 2 as well. No wonder I felt like dog doo. I didn't realize how out of whack my numbers were!
  9. ^wss. The worst part of being pregnant for me. And it never went away.
  10. Cheese enchiladas from the homesicktexan blog. I double the chili gravy and make as many enchiladas as I need - usually about 30. Prep takes a little time but can be done ahead of time and they are sooooo good. And cheap. Spanish rice and black beans for the side. Cheesecake sopapilla cake or Texas sheet cake for dessert.
  11. Preach it! The wind makes me crazy. I'm grumpy and mean when it is windy. And I live in El Paso - the only weather we have is wind.
  12. My dh loves his job. He did give up a really great civilian job to serve active duty full time. I enjoy parts of it. Parts of it I could do without. I wouldn't hesitate to encourage my kids to join if they were truly interested. I have 2 that are thinking about it. One of my girls just wants to make sure she marries someone in the army do she can see more of the world.
  13. We saw it Saturday and the kids loved it. I wanted to punch Penny in the face repeatedly. She's a horrible brat who never takes responsibility for her own stupid actions and just cries when she gets in trouble. What a brat. Dh laughed at me but I really detested that stupid character.
  14. I had a friend whose son hated meat. She would cook up a pound of beans - whatever flavor - and he would eat plain beans all.the.time. For his snacks he had plain pintos, black beans, whatever. My kids eat pb whenever they don't want whatever meat I'm offering.
  15. Best thing ever - lavender scented Epsom salt bath. The magnesium, heat and scent all work together to relax you. That's my drug of choice, every single night.
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