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  1. Eliana, I saved a copy of your FLL post, but it was the 2003 version. Oh, how I wish I had saved your poetry post! If it turns up, will you share it again? :001_smile:
  2. Huh. I liked looking like Groucho Marx, doggone it! :tongue_smilie: Sorry for the Crazy, SWB. I hope it has more bark than bite.
  3. I'd say the initial sound of univalve is that of consonant /y/, so the article "a" is correct. I believe that the rule of "an" applies to the vowel sounds themselves, not simply their placement at the beginning of a word. I'm no grammarian, but does that help? :001_smile:
  4. I would store it in a cool place, probably the refrigerator. I don't think that the nutrients are damaged by the cold, but they could certainly deteriorate if exposed to heat. The fats in that supplement are perfectly wonderful for the body, as are cleanly-, naturally-raised animal fats, and healthy pressed oils, such as coconut, avocado, olive, and walnut. Adding good fats and kicking out processed foods, grains, and sugar is rarely a recipe for anything but health and vitality. :001_smile: As to the glycerin, it is not a concern for me. I purchase fluoride-free toothpaste and use very little. As long as I am not eating sugar and flour regularly, I hardly have to brush my teeth at all.
  5. I have it in my high schooler's stack purely for reference, but your idea sounds like a good one. :001_smile:
  6. No advice, Colleen, but I wanted to say hello! :001_smile: I hope you and yours are doing well.
  7. It's VCT (vinyl composite tile), which is solid all the way through. It wears very well and can simply be stripped of old wax and re-waxed to bring up the shine. I can't speak to asbestos content. You can certainly have it tested, but encapsulating it and laying a different material over it is also an option, should you dislike the look of it. (I'm a fan of mid-century design, so mine stays.) :001_smile:
  8. Thinking of and praying for your family, Julie. :grouphug: I have followed your family's story for some time. What a remarkable inspiration you are to these boards. I earnestly wish peace upon you all.
  9. The next Texas swing is mid-July, I believe; deliveries are bimonthly. Email carnivore@paidom.com to get on the email list and to ask any questions you may have. Alan and his family are terrific, and I won't purchase beef, pork, or lamb anywhere else. :001_smile:
  10. I have no advice at all on Saxon...I just wanted to say HELLO, CAMY! You were on my mind recently, and I'm glad to "see" you here. :001_smile: :grouphug:
  11. There are some great things in Beaumont and environs, including the Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum, the McFaddin-Ward and John Jay French homes, Shangri-La Botanic Gardens (in Orange), and the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. There are a number of regional festivals and cultural events throughout the year, as well. I can't speak to activities especially for little people, but perhaps others will chime in. :001_smile:
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