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  1. Eliana, I saved a copy of your FLL post, but it was the 2003 version. Oh, how I wish I had saved your poetry post! If it turns up, will you share it again? :001_smile:
  2. Huh. I liked looking like Groucho Marx, doggone it! :tongue_smilie: Sorry for the Crazy, SWB. I hope it has more bark than bite.
  3. I am so sorry to read this. Hers is definitely a voice that will be missed by this old boardie. Adieu et s'amuse bien sur votre voyage dans la lune, Moira.
  4. :) I agree with Kelli that you actually looked cute and candid. But as a shunner of Photos For Which I Do Not Purposely Pose, I understand.

  5. I was going to post something like, "thank you for being a friend," in response to the Facebook slug photos pictures, but then the Golden Girls theme came on in my head. So I thought I'd post something like, "Thanks for being cool and being there," but that doesn't sound right either. So then I thought I'd post a long, self-conscious message that implies gratitude but isn't directly about that, and typed, "let me know if that worked for you," but that was totally not right at all! So I just gave up and clicked the post button.

  6. Popping by to say how much I adore Living Memory. It will serve us well. Great job! :)

  7. Love all your cute pics! :)

  8. Hi Stephanie! Happy 2009! :)

  9. Happy Christmas to you and yours, too! :)

  10. ~****Happy Christmas****~

  11. LOL Thanks, Stacey. I hope yours was wonderful, too. :)

  12. Hi Deb. Happy Sunday. :)

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