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  1. LOL! It's one of his favorite movies of all time! I just love you, Angie (and I am still convinced your dd and my ds are supposed to get married ;) ) One year for HIS birthday, dh bought Pride & Prejudice for me. I'm talking the real version with the real Mr. Darcy, thankyouverymuch. A six-hour chick flick for his own birthday, just to make me happy. He loves it! And between the two of us, he's the one who has actually read Austen. I, sadly, have not. Yet :D
  2. I can't tell you how much I love this (even though I have a tattoo). It sounds like something my mother would have said :)
  3. I love reading all of your stories! When I was 17 and desperate for attention from my divorced parents (and hanging out with a motorcycle gang), I wanted a tattoo. You know, the obligatory rose on my shoulder or a skull with a rose coming out of its eye or some such thing. My parents wouldn't give permission, and none of the tattoo artists I knew would break the law to give me one (even though they were Warlocks and broke the law all the time with their drug use, etc.). Anyhooo.....I grew up without a tattoo, and I was very glad that I didn't have the one my 17 year old self would hav

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    All items are in very good to excellent condition except where noted. All prices are ppd. within the 48 contiguous states. I accept non-credit card paypal or money orders. Please inbox me with any questions. :) Route 66 Bible Study (http://positiveactio...roducts#smkr730) Includes Teacher's Manual on CD and 1 student book (with some writing) $20.00 ppd. (Extra student book also with some writing available for $10) What Your 5th Grader Needs to Know, current edition Excellent condition $8.00 ppd. Spelling Power, 4th Edition Excellent Condition $35.00 ppd. Jump In! Includes TM and student book (some writing in pencil) $18.00 ppd. for the set BJU Reading 6 Includes Teacher's Manuals for reader and TM for workbook, used condition $50.00 ppd. Apologia Biology, 2nd Edition Excellent Condition I have the student text, Sonlight schedule, Multimedia Companion CD, and MP3-CD $45.00 ppd. Tell Me More (Auralog) Italian, 5 Levels Excellent Condition $175.00 ppd. Life of Fred Beginning Algebra Student Text and Home Companion Excellent Condition $30.00 ppd. - PENDING Writers Express Excellent Condition $10.00 ppd. Write Away Excellent Condition $10.00 ppd. MUS Stewardship Includes Teacher's Manual, DVD, Devotional, Student Text, and Tests) Excellent Condition (minimal writing in pencil) $60.00 ppd.


  5. Wow! This thread just keeps getting better and better. This is very helpful and wise! Thank you!
  6. Hi Deb!! :tongue_smilie: ;) I hadn't said hi in a while so I thought I'd leave a message on your page. :D Hope you are doing well!!

  7. I just wanted to say that I miss you. We all do.

  8. I'm sorry, I didn't realize my box was full. I really do hope all is well. :D

  9. Happy Birthday, girl. (HUGS) hope you have a beautiful day!

  10. Yep, you're there now! Thanks for the add... AGAIN. lol

  11. Hey girl, how did you fall off my friend list? Add me back, if you will.



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