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    I have a goofy but loving husband, a wonderful 10yo stepson and a 3yo terror/love of my life..
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  1. Yes, with 3k we could both school and also visit each other.

  2. What up, dog? 3k for school, we could split that and still have left over.

  3. Ugh. I'm sorry that it's not working out for you as you'd hoped. That stinks. :( Have you found anything he likes better? Miquon, perhaps? We're going to be starting C in the fall. I'll be doing it along with SM2a/b.


    Start back up already? Hell........ no. Nope, nope, nope. I'm not even thinking of starting up again until September. November, if I could. lol


    I'm enjoying this time off!! Lots of snuggles and cuddles and time at the beach. Bliss. :) Besides, I'm too busy watching Lost in the evenings with dh (neither of us had ever seen the show before) to have time to look at what to order for next year. :001_huh: :lol:

  4. Hey, Jane!!! Well.... he responds well to the methods, but he can't stand the lessons. I wish it was easier to combine lessons to move faster. I've done so, but it takes lots of work on my part. For now, we've stopped and I'll continue to use the methods but not the full program. He does arithmetic for fun, so I don't want to kill that natural love and curiosity.


    I'm bummed... I thought it would be perfect. :(


    How are you guys doing? Have you started your new year?

  5. Hey, you're finally using RS, huh? Was the wait worth it? Does little Rocker-tot-dude love it as much as you'd hoped he would? :)

  6. Change your location, woman. The wait is over!! :hurray:

  7. ...Sounds like you have to work on your aim... :D



  8. Are you able to log in yet?

  9. So are Plaid Dad's. I see nothing. I hear nothing. I know nothing.

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