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  1. Here are two examples: Are you going to have to say I made it but just barely Could you look at me and say there's poor Tim he's dead Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. I need a medicinal dose for a horse, so I can't just run down to Whole Foods for some capsules. Do you have a favorite place to purchase from online? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a transcription business. When people are talking, they are not as precise as when they are writing. I just have to do the best I can with punctuation.
  4. Yeah. I can't rewrite them. I just have to work with what I have.
  5. How would you punctuate these sentences? The point here is is that what you want What we're about to get to is don't be like him. The whole point of this book is I want to move you on to maturity. ------------ If you don't think they're very good sentences, that doesn't matter. I'm only transcribing, not composing. Thanks in advance.
  6. Oh, he did. He got a lot of laughs and attention for this "brilliant" board. It was very different from the others. He was very pleased with it.
  7. It's a small group, and his grandparents are going to be there. Oh, and, yes, there will be a table with his name on it. (We don't supply the table, so we can't "forget.") I LOVE your idea of "This space intentionally left blank"!! Ha ha ha! Maybe he can work with that.
  8. Y'all are great. So many good ideas. Thanks. I love the idea of making a comic of him doing something. Love the t-shirt idea. He actually has a t-shirt bleaching hobby and has many made up, so that's very doable. The chess set seems like a no-brainer. Also, he does have a retro Atari-like playstation that he made himself. Maybe he'd like to set that up. I'll let him read this thread.
  9. Love that idea, Purple Owl. I also love purple.
  10. UTD (University of Texas at Dallas).
  11. No, he's going to have to do one. Nobody wants to be the only kid who doesn't do one. His dad will want him to do one.
  12. Can you give me some ideas for a senior display table? I've seen plenty of them. They're all cheerful, accomplished, artistic, social, and adorable. My son is not any of those things. He is private, introspective, sarcastic, and pessimistic. Also, the folks attending the event have not known him since childhood, so he doesn't feel obliged to show them cute baby pictures. And, he figures they already know what he looks like now. :) I've looked online and can't find any display ideas for these kinds of kids. Some things to work with: His favorite color is red. He is going to college next year. He plays chess and has mad computer skills. He would love to share an ironic saying that would leave people scratching their heads. He has favorite online characters and an adored dog and cat; but doesn't see any point in *introducing* them to people at his graduation. He can make origami things and stuffed animal characters, but again, he sees no point in *introducing* those things at this point. He definitely wants something minimalist but something that doesn't scream "loser." Help!
  13. Happy Thanksgiving!


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