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  1. I would do this. And if you are a praying person, I would start praying that God would remove him from her life. You can remove yourself from him. If your daughter marries him she will have a big set of problems.
  2. Thanks for posting this. My son and I have been watching them and adding it to our math rotation. He eats it up. Between that and challenging word problems, math is hands-down his favorite. He had fun with the tower and wall videos. He is in 2nd so he is a little above those, math-skill wise, but they were good to bring him back into all things cuisinare. We use them randomly as needed but have a tendency to just do the next worksheet page in Singapore. If I could go back, I would do much more of this with all of my older kids.
  3. I was you last year. We are doing Derek Owen and loving it!! I will add that He is doing the parent-grading course. They have a lot of practice problems that the student checks on their own, but the homework and tests that I grade are pretty painless to grade. There are usually 2-3 homework pages per week and he gives a screen shot of the page with the answers on them for the parent to grade by. That makes it super quick. The whole thing is so painless on my part. It helps so much to have that time for my younger kids.
  4. Love this!! I grew up in a Christian home and always have believed. I went through a VERY wild phase and the Lord drew me back. After I came back to Him, I could look backwards and see all of the ways He had worked to bring people into my path, to let me hear what I needed to hear and see what I needed to see. One time, we had no money because my husband owned his own business and times were hard. Our washing machine broke. I prayed and we came home and there was one on our porch. I don't think I told anyone the need but friends prayed and felt led to give it. I used to say I loved our time of struggle because I saw God move in ways that could never be taken and never be excused away. â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ Our church has a ministry that helps addicts become free through Christ then get back on their feet, training them in job skills, helping them start a savings account and buy a vehicle, guiding them in going back and reconciling with loved ones they had hurt. Listening to these men and seeing what Christ has done in them is amazing!! Their gratitude to Him is humbling!!
  5. I agree. We all loved it. And I was happy that the acting was good. Then we found out he is on staff at a church about 30 minutes away and we didn't even know. Haha
  6. Did you get the teachers guide too? That was what seemed high to me. I think it is $45 for each year. Of course, over a school year the videos would be around $40. But once you memorize Them, they are there. 😊
  7. Have you seen "A Case for Christ"? I watched it this weekend. Lee Strobel's (sp) story reminds me of yours.
  8. Hits: Math Everything math is a hit here! All 3 of these younger boys of mine have math brains. 8th grader: Derek Owens Algebra 1 - this one is huge for us!! 6th grader: dolciani pre-algebra - another awesome one 2nd grader: challenging word problems (now that I've learned to schedule it into our day!! ) The cuisinaire rod instruction videos while he plays with the rods - he loves these!!! Singapore math- constant source of positive, for years now I've finally hit a groove with the youngest for math that includes drill, mental math, CWP and manipulatives. We spend about 40 minutes 4x per week but it is time well spent Language arts: EIW for 6th and 8th. I needed this breather from me always teaching. It has been a good fit!! Prima Latina - we are enjoying just snuggling up and drilling this together. I do a lot of the writing. It is amazing how fun and painless this is when we treat it like a joy. 😊 Tapestry of grace - I am owning this and doing it my way, and this is another constant source of truth and joy for us. Apologia science - elementary levels and physical science. I have tried so many curricula for science. I kept avoiding this one but it is perfect for us. They are getting so much science knowledge these past two years! Kay Arthur New Inductive Study on Revelation - we are loving this. I tried the kids' version of John last year and we didn't like it. I print their own bible worksheets so they can mark key words, and we discuss as we go, looking up info in commentaries and In the Greek. SCM art portfolios - the boys don't love them but they are painless and we are learning new artists. Fallacy Detective/Thinking Toolbox - this gets the job done, they like it, and it is painless for me. Twice a week during lunch I ask the questions from the book. Meh: Spelling workout - I've used it since the first day my oldest started 1st grade, 16 years ago. I don't love it but it gets the job done Cottage Press - I may love it later. We don't yet. Second form Latin - we used to love Latin but the older boys are tired of it. Their lives are busy and they would like me to toss this. We don't have anything we hate.
  9. This looks really good! About how long does it take per day? I like that it would line up with the 4-year cycle!! My only issue is it seems pricey for memory work.
  10. Ideas: Can you line up a string of 30 minutes of alone work that your 7yo could do while you read to the 4yo? Online math drill (xtramath or something) copy work, let him read to himself on his level. I have a 7yo so I know that age. I have mine do the above. He also plays app learning games. Maybe if you could do a teaching time and then leave him with some alone work to be responsible for? I don't use any of the same curriculum for that age so I can't tell how it works for solo work. Can you start your day earlier? Can you alternate a few of the things you do with the older girls? Maybe put them in a loop? Like don't do the Greek/Latin or the read-aloud daily but alternate. Can you shorten your lunch/circle time? I've learned to eat while I prep lunch for the others so that I can read aloud to them while they eat their lunch. I have 5 but 2 are in college now. When it was all of us, I was exhausted. I HAD to have 30 minutes to myself every afternoon (still do).
  11. We are using cp and doing it at our own pace. We do like it but don't love it. What I like: How thorough the teachers book is Having art and nature study scheduled The copy work is quality literature and poetry. I like the art study instructions and space to draw What I'm underwhelmed by: I was hoping for more from the nature study. I think the copywork/dictation pieces are entirely too long for the age level they are geared toward. There is not enough space to copy the long pieces. I may need to re-read the teachers manual to get more from how to lead our time together. I'm just used to FLL/R&S type curriculum.
  12. I love this! 2 years ago we had a year pass to the state parks. We had what we called state park school every other Friday. We would hike and take pictures, draw, take things home. It was great!! Now I have an 8th grader and it feels stressful trying to get everything done.
  13. Never mind. I don't have time to argue so I'm not.
  14. I wonder why Tim Tebow got so much flack for bowing the knee but this is ok? I don't care for football and I think there are way worse problems in our nation than some spoiled, wealthy football player protesting. I also think too much is being made of this but it shows our perverse worship, as a nation, of all things football. It's also weird to me to use an act of submission, kneeling, to protest? Praise God for our real heroes, the soldiers who fight for our rights. 🇱🇷
  15. Each of my older kids have done at least 3 years of R&S. I've been hopping around a lot lately because the CM approach has appealed to me so much. I switched my 6th and 8th grade boys to EIW this year, just to lighten my load. We really like it. But I see how having all of that grammar behind them makes it a breeze for them. I'm presently doing Cottage Press with my 2nd grader, and I will likely go back to R&S for 3rd and up. I may start alternating with FLL since I own it. We can do copy work and dictation and just use R&S. It's just my bent and I have to own it. Lol. What was so alluring about CP was that it incorporated picture study and nature study. I already do picture study, and the nature study is so basic I can easily do that too.
  16. I just spent a small fortune on Beauty Counter products. I have a sweet, young married friend who is selling it. This is out of my norm because I despise MLM but wanted to support her. I really do like the products so far but I don't know that I will do them again due to cost. I'm really interested in that Trader Joe's/oil of Olay combo. I have not used that particular oil of Olay product. I'm really wanting a good eye cream that is reasonable. The one I just bought seems good but it is expensive!!
  17. 8th grade son used Saxon when he did pre-algebra. It was thorough but we didn't like it. I do, however, really appreciate the drill sheets for 8/7. 6th grade son is using dolciani. I prefer it. He uses the Saxon drill sheets with it. Dolciani seems to just make things clear, and I like that they have those C level problems. It is more than enough work to get the point across. If he seems to grasp a concept, I will cut back on the number of problems he does. Also, we used Singapore from essentials through 5b then skimmed quickly through Saxon 7/6 to make sure he was ready for pre-A
  18. Tapestry of grace? We really enjoy our co-op. Our group requires speeches, the kids have Socratic discussions, and we also memorize a history timeline. There are moms who do not have tons of extra money laying around. We all do it on a budget, utilizing the library and the internet. I am one of the few who purchase most of the books. I looked at cc once. I'm old school homeschool and it just did not appeal. I like to steer our ship too much. I have never been a co-op person. It always felt like a day of wasted time, me having different goals than others. I'm happy to have found something we enjoy, is challenging, but also doesn't involve a ton of fluff and frills. I don't have time for that. Maybe you could find a group? They are usually free. You pay for the curriculum but once you get past the initial outlay of money, it is worth the cost in a huge way!! There is so much there!!!
  19. My 2nd grader: Morning time - 30 minutes: Prayer Bible Memory work or art appreciation as we have time Math - 30 minutes Math/drill/challenging word problems Language arts 1.5 hours broken up with breaks: Spelling workout Cottage Press, which covers copywork, fables, narration, vocabulary, dictation, picture study, nature study, not all the same day. Prima Latina - mostly oral Literature He reads to me He reads to self History or science - 20 minutes Awana/Bible - 15 minutes We always have a read-aloud at lunch too,, most often it is aimed at my older boys If I broke that up, it would be: Math, bible, language arts, spelling, Latin, literature, history, science, vocabulary, with nature study and art thrown in once per week.
  20. I love our co-op and I really never thought I would feel that way about co-op. I was actually quite against them for us a few years ago. Ours is simple and strictly covers tapestey history (just history and maybe some geography, not lit or church history) and apologia science. We are low-key about it, meet twice per month, and we don't do a lot of extra frills.
  21. I too believe in Christ's return and am not dangerous. Interesting choice of words. 🙄
  22. I'm in agreement with you. I'm a Christian who believes in Bible prophecy and who definitely believes we won't know the day or hour. I don't even pretend to know...could be tomorrow or 100 years from now. My parents, my mother-in-law, my husband, all of my children, my brother and sister and their families as well as the bulk of my friends are all committed Biblical Christians. None of them are preppers and neither am I. I don't know any conspiracy theorist preppers. I do think I need to work harder on food storage though, just because. And I would totally pretend to be a nutty prepper, just to mess with someone who stereotyped me because I'm a Christian. 😂
  23. I agree. I have many friends who adopt and it doesn't represent, well, anyone I've come in contact with. Quite unkind.
  24. I remember taking a bus from my town to my grandmother's town when I was 8. My mom packed me some snacks, I was introduced to the bus driver, And I sat behind him on the way. It was a greyhound. I wouldn't let any of my kids do that now. It has nothing to do with feeling they couldn't handle it but everything to do with feeing distrust for others.
  25. My youngest is 7. I have some of the same thoughts. I'm pretty protective and shelter a lot through the younger years but we have land and trees and woods nearby that I do allow them to have freedom in. I tend to be one who also lets the leash out slowly, liberty and responsibility going hand in hand. It has worked well. I do NOT want to be told how to parent and wouldn't tend to listen if I was. I also don't think the government has any business in that area of our lives, particularly not in the type of government we have in the US.
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